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October 5, 2006 October 5, 2006

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Bear Trap: Jeff Ball might not be available to the Bears because the Surf might not be available to the Can-Am League. The latest indications are that Atlantic City may actually be staying in the league after all, and Ball would likely stay with the team if that were the case.

The logical progression would take you then to Wayne Krenchicki, but I will again reiterate that the Bears have not contacted anyone regarding the position yet. Honestly, it almost seems too obvious for it to happen, if that makes any sense.

It will also be curious to see how the dominoes fall in Camden, I’d assume Brad Strauss might be under some consideration for the position, but he also maintains a role in the front office as well, so I’m not sure he’d be willing to manage.

Fans around the league seem to want some new blood — some names that aren’t associated with the AL — to be considered for these spots. That all depends on what you have in house, I think. Someone brought up Terry McGriff’s name, and I think that would be an excellent choice…talk about a guy who’s paid his dues.

But, also keep in mind that as silly as it sounds, having a big name at the manager position helps a LOT. Looking at it strictly from a marketing standpoint, having Sparky Lyle at the helm of the Patriots has been very beneficial for Somerset. If the Bears were able to get someone of Lyle’s stature to manage the team — and I think Joe Torre’s occasional appearances with the team should not be overlooked from a connections standpoint — it might be the best thing the franchise has done in years.

As an example, and this is absolutely just throwing names out there and nothing else…but can you imagine the publicity and interest in seeing Jose and Ozzie Canseco coaching the Bears? It would be an unqualified circus, sure…but it would generate an incredible amount of national interest in the team. Now, granted, that *cough* John Rocker *cough* doesn’t always work out for the best, because they have to be able to perform as well.

If the Canseco’s packed the house but Newark still finished last in their division, I don’t think you could call that a success.

My point is, is that I’ll be really curious to see how each team approaches their new hires. Will the Bears go with someone like Chick…a guy with a proven track record in the AL? Or will they bring in a big name, possibly a Yankee.

Will Camden look at someone like Terry McGriff, an “AL lifer” who’s well-respected around the league, or will they bring in a former Phillie to lead the team.

And…well, nobody knows what York will do. However, if Jeff Scott wanted a position with the team, I’d love to see that happen. Ryan Minor’s name has been thrown around a lot, but I continue to think he’ll be in Maryland in 2008 and wouldn’t manage a team for just one year.

However, if Lancaster’s position opens up, as many suspect it might (including Jason Guarente of The Lancaster New Era) Minor’s been rumored for that position as well. Certainly doesn’t suck to be Ryan Minor right now, I will say that.

Doesn’t suck to be an Atlantic League fan now, either. Looks like we’re in line for eight home teams, a 140 game schedule and the most interesting off-season in league history. – Mike Ashmore

Stay tuned for our yearly contest for a Somerset Patriots team signed baseball…coming real soon to ALB.com


1. Sumosid - October 5, 2006

I agree. A “Sparky Lyle-type” for the Bears would be a big boost.
But who of that ilk would be available, willing and affordable?

I am trying to think of names and I can’t really think of one.

Anybody have any suggestions…

2. Anonymous - October 5, 2006

First off I want to say what an awesome year it has been as a Barnstormers fan. The quality of play this year was absolutely worth the price.

I’ve been so caught up in the Stormers playoff drive- did I miss an announcement that the league is bumping the number of games up to 140 for next year? That would be just fine with me.

The Barnstormers are my team of choice BUT as a Philly resident I’ve been following the AL since day one with trips to AC, then Camden & now Lancaster. I’ve been to all of the ballparks in the league numerous times over the years & one of my favorite places is Newark. I’ve never understood all the bashing that goes on. Granted the product of the field has slipped signifigantly in recent years but the Bears are still a good experience for the buck. With the exception of the embarrassing dump in AC the AL parks are all pretty good spots!

I live 15 minutes from Camden but immidiately switched allegiances to Lancaster after attending their innaugural game. I now travel a solid hour for the better product. Crazy that Camden & Lancaster are owned by the same group because the overall fan experience is night & day. The game day staff in Camden are generally rude, dumb, unenthusiastic, unclean & uninterested while I’ve yet to have an experience at a Barnstormers game that has been anything but great. Maybe I’m the only one but I go where I’m treated the best. The saddest part of that is that NO minor league ballpark will ever come close to matching the amazing skyline view in Camden. Before anyone says that Lancaster is new & will eventually level off to be like Camden you have to have been at both parks to understand the scope of the gap between the two. While AC has the worst park, Camden clearly has the worst game day staff.


3. Anonymous - October 5, 2006

I agree that the league needs more “names” to draw and retain interest from a less hard-core fan base. Remeber the days of Mitch, Helms, Evans, etc….?

As a side question, do the Amish attend the games in Lancaster at all? Just wondering….I doubt that would be within the scope of their lifestyle….serious question.

Have a good day, all.

4. number1surffan John - October 5, 2006

Dave – I find your comments rather surprising. While it may seem that I would automatically defend my local team – I admit clearly that the Surf office has NOT been able to keep that place anything close to tidy. This year I was able to attend every Surf series in Camden, and I found their numerous intern game staff extremely pleasant and hospitable. I was particularly impressed when nary a one of them complained during a rain delay and every one pitched in with shovels and worked hard to get the field into game shape, then had to change into “transit camera” or mascot, etc. roles. From the batboys on everyone was very friendly – perhaps second only to the reception I received in 8 games in Somerset this year (I’ve been attending the Surf games there for years). Somerset’s promotions seem a tad “too” smooth for my liking – the fans participating are rarely the focus, and the down to the second timing of each makes it too generic in my opinion. Bridgeport (all of one 3 game series) had the 2nd lowest attendance I’d ever seen (Labor Day weekend, and regardless of what was printed they drew less than 1,000 combined), with the exception of a double header in Camden where the 1st game had barely 80 fans in the stands, and 2nd game MAYBE 600-700 (of course the “sold” seats must have included 2000 season ticket/box holders as they printed well over 2,000).

side note – yeah, Mitch, Bull Luzinski, etc. DREW fans, but were nothing otherwise to the team. The “batting coach” showed up to 3 or 4 games, and left after the national anthem each time. The Wild Thing would likely have no problem acknowledging that the paperwork and office duties weren’t his strength. Allegedly people skills weren’t either.

5. Anonymous - October 5, 2006

I’ve Been to over 35 games in Lacaster this year and can say i’ve Never Seen Any Amish at the Games..

6. Amy - October 5, 2006

Been to every Barnstormers game this year (home) and most of last years games too. I have seen a few groups of Amish boys at some of the games….but nothing major. I would say they were about 13 14 or 15 ish. Must have taken the bus to the games because their were no buggies in the parking lot!

7. Amy - October 5, 2006

dave…gotta agree with you on the staff at Lancaster. From the GM the whole way up and down the list of staffers, everyone is truly a class act and first rate. Everyone there has been super in all aspects of running this ballclub and bringing people out to the ballpark on a consistant basis. Hats off and a standing ovation to the Lancaster staff!

8. Anonymous - October 5, 2006

You see Menonites at the games…not Amish

9. NotHoldingBackToday - October 5, 2006

Yes! A big name is what Newark needs. Finally, someone besides me gets it. I’d rather have Pete Rose managing the Bears and bringing in all the hoopla than going with another ATL alum. We need the hoopla in Newark to get attention, and any attention is good at this point. It sells tickets and puts fannies in the seats.

10. Sharks52 - October 5, 2006

Why is it felt the Surf will be back in the Atlantic Leigue? Their website says they’ll be returning in May of 2007. This seems like a strange annoucment if they’re staying put. The Atlantic League starts in April.

11. dcpolak - October 5, 2006


What about Rickey Henderson as Newark manager? He’s a former Bear and Yankee. Supposedly, he did well as a base-running mentor to Jose Reyes this year while working for the Mets.

There would be no shortage of notable quotes for reporters.

12. Anonymous - October 5, 2006

hype has nothing to do with ticket sales in minor league baseball.the people go to games when they can go.3/4 of the people at a minor league game couldnt tell you 5 players on the team much less name the mgr.a.c.,newark,camden,bpt dont draw because the cities they are in high crime,high poverty,minority dominated urban areas.it has nothing to do with hype.next time you go to a ball game in one of the cities i mentioned look around the park and see if the stands represent the racial make up of the community the park is in.i have said it before the guy living 15 miles away from the park cant go every night.you need the guy who live 5 minutes from the park to go every night.

b-fish fan

13. Amy - October 5, 2006

Nope they are Amish.

14. Anonymous - October 5, 2006

I live 5 minutes from Bears stadium and I’m there alot….It’s the people in cities like Newark that don’t go…except when the city buys the school kids tickets in the summer program or the cops buy the city residents tickets. You’re right about the cities you mentioned…Whether it’s true or not but people don’t want to venture into cities like Newark when they here about gang violence and murders..That said, I’ve been going to Bears games since day one and never had a problem there…No one lives around there and the cops are always there…What Newark needs down there are a restaurant or a sports bar and the demolition of that old hotel across the street. Perhaps a small park or something in that location would help? Something to keep the people in the city a few hours after work as opposed to the 5PM exodus you see there every night. Not an easy problem to solve…

15. Anonymous - October 5, 2006

You’re right about the guys in the suburbs of the cities…That’s who I would concentrate on trying to get to games in places like Newark..but I think that market is also a hard nut to crack. I know the Bears have done some marketing in the suburbs but I don’t know to what extent. To me, it’s a great family entertainment package. I’d like to say a winner would make a difference but I was there when the Bears won in 2002 and the attendance was the same..I think the attendance at a finals game on a Sunday afternoon was what finally convinced Mr. Cerone to sell the team….Bu who knows…

16. simple mind - October 5, 2006

b-fish fan. Amazing then, isn’t it, that the New Freaking York Yankees are in the biggest slum of the largest crime infested cess pool of the country, but still sell out every single game. Kind of blows your idea out the water, now.

Bridgeport neighborhood is horrible, Long Island is nice, Somerset isn’teven in Somerset – it’s in Bridgewater which was a dying town until the shopping megaplaza and stadium. Camden is the filtiest town, but nicest stadium. Nashua wasn’t a bad place, but they couldn’t draw. Aberdeen Arsenal were in a good section, nobody. Lehigh Valley should have flourished based on your idea

17. Anonymous - October 5, 2006

So you’re comparing the Bridgeport Bluefish to the NY Yankees???? I kinda think that analogy is way off base when you’re comparing minor leagues and major leagues..And especially a storied franchise…People will make an effort to go to a bad area to the Yankees…But wiil they go to a bad area to see the Bluefish or the Bears???? I think your analogy is way off the mark.

18. NotHoldingBackToday - October 5, 2006

b-fish fan you don’t know what you’re talking about when it comes to Newark. I live 20 minutes away from the Den, in a more expensive town, and I’ve been going to all the games for 6 seasons. I’ve never had a problem with safety or how I’ve been treated. Most of the fans that go are from outside of Newark. The city does not support it’s own stadium, we from the suburbs do. And sorry, the hype has helped. It’s been proven in Newark in the past as was referenced earlier with the Cansecos as an example and with some of the team’s more colorful promotions this past season. As for your racist remark, the “minority dominated” areas can attract enough of all kinds of good people who want to be entertained. Thank God we’re not all as ignorant as you are. And who is the minority nowadays anyway? The ignorant are the true minority as you’ve proven to us who read this blog.

19. Anonymous - October 5, 2006

I don’t think Bluefish fan is implying anything but the fact that the fans in these inner city teams are from the suburbs…I live right across the river from Newark and I can tell you people just don’t want to venture into Newark…I do all the time and I have no problems as you say…But it’s the perception thats out there and that’s something these teams in inner cities have to fight…ANd in Newark’s case it’s a hop, skip and a jump into NYC with 2 major league teams and so much to do in NYC…Teams like Bridgeport and Newark are fighting the perception that’s out there…I agree with you in the fact that there is no problems at Bears stadium….In fact, I love going to games there….But the perception among those who have never gone is based on what they read about Newark from the papers..I continually tell people I know that going to a Bears game is a great experience….But they don’t come..You tell me why?? And I’ve been going since day one when I bought a hat from a construction trailer in what is not the field…

20. Anonymous - October 5, 2006

notholdingback are you for real.it is not a racist remark.it is fact.the main season tix holders are white males/corporations with disposable income.how many black or latin males do you see at newark or camden or ac or bpt.games that are season tix holders.these cities are a majority black and latino but the customers/fan base are a majority white.jeez i wonder why?i have been to games in newark,a.c and bpt i have never felt unsafe being there,but i think a majority of whites and suburban blacks dont feel that way.

b-fish fan

21. Anonymous - October 5, 2006

Bridgeport cleans house days ago, you think they would update the website, note you of the changes. Of course not…….I’ve seen little league’s that are run better

22. Riggzy - October 5, 2006

I Think at least in Bridgeport you have 3 reasons why they don’t sell tickets well. 1)like most of you have been saying..lots of people in towns outside of bridgeport don’t want to travel into bridgeport for “security reason”
which i think is lame because
because I go to 20-30 games a year
and around the stadium is well secured..the only thing I don’t like is that the parking lots at night are a little dark but there is still lots of cops around….
I think people just need to take off there skirts and get tough..
2)Just in general people in bridgeport are not into baseball
i coach baseball in bridgeport
13-16 babe ruth…last here out of almost 3000 kids in the city at that age we could only get 80 kids to sign up!!!!! 80 kids!!!!its pathetic..then you talk to the kids and they don’t even watch baseball. i have to explain and teach the most basic things in baseball that a 9 year or 10 year old should know about the game and these kids are lost..if the bluefish were here 20 years ago they would sell out every game..the majority of bridgeport could care less about baseball in general unless you give them front row seats to yankee stadium and even then I don’t think they would even care…
3)Bridgeport in general has a hard time supporting anything..even the soundtigers(AHL)islanders minor league don’t draw well i was there for game 6 for the playoffs last year and there was 2000 people in a 10,000 seat arena and half of those fans were from the scranton (the team they were playing)..it was sad.. i was embarrased..a beautiful arena brand new to the hilt and the end result is a big turd…my opinion on bridgeport fans is that they suck!!!.there also the first one’s to complain
that “there’s nothin in bridgeport”
“this city is boring”..the only reason why its that way is because most of them wouldn’t know a good time if it bit them in there face.
the bottom line is this” PEOPLE OF BRIDGEPORT SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF THEMSELVES..”they should be lucky someone bought the team and is trying to keep it here,but the people of bridgeport are too stupid to figure that out,or they just don’t care…someone was telling me at a game one night..
“that the yankees or mets would love to re-locate one of there minor league teams here in bpt if the bluefish don’t succeed this time around”i laughed and said”that move would be a disaster
because it doesn’t matter what comes here, people from bridgeport
don’t know how to support anything…they just don’t how..
there too stupid”

23. BoosterBabe - October 6, 2006

You guys have been speculating about Pete Rose managing an AL team. One question though:

If he’s banned from Baseball….does that include non-affiliated minor leagues?

Just wondering where the ban starts and ends. Obviously some feel it includes the Hall of Fame.


24. Amy - October 6, 2006

boosterbabe…I am fairly sure that the ban only includes the affiliated teams…not indy . as far as him managing in the Atlantic league ..well he would be wanting alot of money to do that. Money that I am sure no team in this league will be able to come up with! Now maybe if some team came up with some kind of promo where he manages for a day or so they would bring in enough money to actually pay his appearance fees…well that’s a whole other story. I am sure that Pete would be interested in the deal…but i doubt there would be enough money for him to do it! He makes more money doing signings and appearances and things of that nature than he would ever get in this league.!!!!!(Unfortunately) We all know that Pete is only in anything for Pete….and money talks to Pete!!!

25. Anonymous - October 6, 2006

Boosterbabe–The ban on Pete Rose is for any affiliate of major league baseball. This does not include the independent leagues since they have no major league affiliation. That is why Pete was allowed to sit in the dugout when he went to see his son, P.J., play ball.

Bridgeport (or any other Atlantic League team) would not be able to afford the salary that Pete would demand. Pete does ABSOLUTELY NOTHING unless he is paid for it. I don’t think you would want a manager who wouldn’t sign autographs for the fans unless the fans paid him for it.

26. KenD - October 6, 2006

While the ban only applies to affiliated ball, t is in the interest of the AtL to maintain cordial relations with affiliated baseball. Bringing in Pete would probably hurt the relationship…just speculating.

27. BoosterBabe - October 6, 2006

That’s what I figured….

28. Chuckerd58 - October 6, 2006

Glad to see all the AL. hot stove discussions. Between the A.C.situation,and all the managerial rumors,there is plenty to talk about. I certainly hope that Brad Strauss comes back to play for Camden instead of managing should Krenchicki take the Newark job.

29. Anonymous - October 6, 2006

riggzy i heard thats why the bpt city council gave the old owner a hard time re-doing the lease.those dopes believe affilated ball* which cant come to bpt without a waiver from mlb*would do better.i hope the bluefish just concentrate there marketing budget outside of bpt.10 yrs is long enough for a community to spit in the bluefish organizations face.move on to other cities and towns outside of bpt for fans.

b-fish fan

30. Anonymous - October 6, 2006

An Atl. League team should pick up Walter Young. Big guy (6’9″ 290 lbs). Quickly moved up the Orioles organization – made it to the major league roster, then played for AAA Portland (Padres)and AA Corpus Christi (Astros) last season. Very nice guy, power hitter – would likely become a fab favorite. Don’t know what his plans are for next year, but would be a good pick-up if he’s available.

31. Anonymous - October 6, 2006

I have seen at least one Mennonite person at every Barnstormers game (in Lancaster)I’ve been to over the past 2 years (approx 30 games). That said I usually see 3-4 people a game that I can clearly identify by their dress. I have seen AMISH boys on two occasions at Barnstormers games. The style of dress is very distinct & I went as far as asking them in a respectful manner if they were in fact Amish just to clarify.

I’m a 40 year old Italian-American guy from Philly. I travel to 99% of the games alone & I have NEVER felt unsafe in Camden, Newark or Bridgeport. The ballparks in Camden & Bridgeport aren’t even IN neighborhood areas. Newark has never fazed me either. In none of these blighted urban areas do you even venture INTO the city to get to the games. They’ve PURPOSELY built the ballparks right next to exit ramps for this very reason. The whole uninformed hysteria about these urban areas really pi$$es me off but I know that is the way it is.

It can’t be denied that the actual residents of these cities don’t support their teams in general. I can speak best to Camden because I’ve attended so many games there in saying that almost 90% of the people I’ve spoken to thru the years at Campbell’s field have been from the South Jersey suburbs.

Camden, Newark, Bridgeport, etc feel much more real to me & offer me a much better fan experience than bland, boring places like Aberdeen or Lakewood.

While I was bashing Camden yesterday I forgot to mention what a disgrace the shape of their actual playing field was in from day one this year. I desperately WANT things to turnaround in Camden because I am a passionate fan of the league.

Thanks for listening.


32. Anonymous - October 6, 2006

YO!!!!!! I’m curious- does anyone actually know of a fan who has been a crime victim enroute to a Riversharks, Bears or Bluefish game?

***I’m talking about a case where you personally know someone who was victimized & can validate that a crime did take place.

Last thing- I want to thank & give respect to EVERYONE who has been posting here. The fact that we’re all here posting as passionately as we are the week AFTER the season ended says something to me.


33. Anonymous - October 6, 2006

No-I’ve never heard of anyone being bothered at a Bears game. It’s a safe place to be-parking deck in right field, trains acoss the street, light rail in front on the stadium now. I always park on the strett behind the stadium. It’s just the perception that people assign to the area because of the perception of the city…

34. Anonymous - October 6, 2006

there was an incident during the All Star game where an individuals car was vandalized @ the team hotel parking garage in Bridgeport

35. Riggzy - October 6, 2006

I agree B-fish fan they need to concentrate outside the city(Bpt)..
because the people who live there now just don’t want anything to to do with the team…its sad,but its
true…i would say 70-80% of people at the games that I talk too
are not even from bridgeport…I’m orriginaly from bridgeport but i don’t live there now and i’m at 20-30 games a year..the big topic of conversation during the playoff games
before,durring,and after,all people talked about was the crappy the attendance was for the playoffs. they were selling championship tickets for $5.00 and NO ONE SHOWED…i knew they were in trouble because i was at the stadium for there last home stand
and they were practically begging you to buy tickets for the playoffs
between EVERY innning..I mean c’mon
people..people were talking about Rose comming to bpt????haaaa..you could bring Joe bleeping Torre here
and it wouldn’t matter.. like i said people in bpt don’t care about baseball..i got kids on my baberuth team that the only time they have EVER been to harbor yard
is when they go on a class trip were there pretty much forced to got to the game…I heard in the past “Bridgeport is a basketball town”…thats a pi$$ poor excuse too,because i’m lookin around all
summer and there’s NO hoops being played…i know thats not keeping the fans away from harbor yard..
ahhhhh i could go on for hours….
but why??? why waste my words on a bunch of people in a city as far as i’m concerned are a bunch of losers….
i know this is not the right blog page to mention this but…i’m watching sportscenter and i’m seeing that the phili 76’ers lost to barcelona in a game played in spain….HOW FAR HAVE WE DECENDED IN SPORTS IN GENERAL AS AMERICANS.?

36. BoosterBabe - October 6, 2006

I think the problem with Bridgeport is that there is a perception that you need money to go to professional sports. And let’s face it, while there are Bridgeport citizens who are white, middle-class, somewhat-educated people,(I’m one of them) the predominance of Bridgeporters do not fall into that group. Look around the stands at any given game, your audience is at least 75% white and middle class to affluent, mostly from the surrounding towns. With so many of the players in our league being Latino, why don’t the Bluefish draw more from the vast Latino community in Bridgeport? Is it money? Is it lack of marketing to them? Radio Cumbre (spanish language radio station in Bpt) used to broadcast all Sunday afternoon games in Spanish. They haven’t in at least 2 years. Maybe 3. Who can keep track. Why did they stop? Probably because it wasn’t something they could sell to advertisers because it had no audience.

I don’t think the team cares where their audience comes from, as long as they show up. But they obviously want to attract people with money who can afford to buy the shirts and the beer and hot dogs once they get there. And that’s not necessarily season ticket holders, believe it or not.

Honestly, the Bluefish made very little profit off of me this season. I bought my tickets, sure. But I rarely eat there because when you attend 40-50 out of 65 home games, you can’t possibly eat “ballpark crap” that many nights in a row. You’ll gain weight and feel awful. (Did anyone see “Supersize Me”?) On Sat and Sundays, I typically ate at home before the game. Maybe I’d buy a diet soda. If I bought 10 beers all season, it was a lot. I’m trying to lose weight and eat healthy–even their “healthier options”, their salads and chicken caesar wraps, you can’t eat that crap every night. You just can’t. But the family from New Canaan who makes 2 pilgrimages with the kids 2-3 times a season…they are the profit centers for the team.

Don’t know what the answers are. And if I did know how to Market the team, I surely would not be giving my ideas away for free!

37. Lem - October 6, 2006

I have been to quite a few Newark games and can state that the area around the ballpark is probably the safest spot in Newark on game night given the police presence. However, I also feel just because of reputation there are a ton of people wrongly terrified of Newark (by the way, with Cory Booker in charge, bank on it that Newark will be the next boomtown ala Hoboken.).

38. Amy - October 6, 2006

yes Dave you are correct about the Mennonites and the Amish…so I do know which is which for whomever thought I saw Mennonites not Amish. Lived here all my life and know the difference. They certainly ARE at public events such as Barnstormers games!!!

39. john from Long Island - October 6, 2006

Just won a road warrior cap on ebay, but now it looks like they will not be a team, for next year anyway. I may still have to wear it to a game or two in 2007.

40. john from Long Island - October 6, 2006

ooops did not win yet, three hours to go

41. AtlanticLeagueBaseball.com - October 6, 2006

An Atl. League team should pick up Walter Young. Big guy (6’9″ 290 lbs). Quickly moved up the Orioles organization – made it to the major league roster, then played for AAA Portland (Padres)and AA Corpus Christi (Astros) last season. Very nice guy, power hitter – would likely become a fab favorite. Don’t know what his plans are for next year, but would be a good pick-up if he’s available.

Walter Young is a good guy, I know this from personal experience. He was one of the players I interviewed during the Orioles game I covered last season.

He would absolutely rip AL pitching to shreds and wouldn’t last a month in the league.


42. SharkGirl - October 7, 2006

Just to fill everyone in about Campbell’s Field for those who have never been…
I have been going to Camden for games for 5 years and am a season ticket holder. I have met many people throughout this time & have made many new friends. I have never met anyone who was the victim of a crime near the stadium. The police presence is wonderful before, and especially after a game. I go there night after night with my husband and 8 yr. old daughter and have never felt unsafe. It is on the waterfront with a beautiful view of the skyline of Philadelphia. I’m sure all cities have their problems (Camden is in fact the poorest and most crime ridden city in America!) But I have met wonderful people from Camden and its suburbs. And they all agree that it is a safe environment to bring your family or Little League team for a night out and enjoy so much for a reasonable cost. The Rivershark’s could lose every year (but let’s hope not!) and my family and I will still be in Sect. 116 and still be spreading the word about the great time families will have in Camden. The only field I have not visited is Bridgeport so I cannot speak about it. But I have been to all the others I can honestly say I never felt unsafe at any A.L. stadium and will continue to visit them as long as I can. Let’s just hope the rest of the fans keep coming out to support their respective teams.

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