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October 4, 2006 October 4, 2006

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Bears Manager Search: The search for a new Newark Bears manager is on. I spoke to Bears Assistant GM Jim Cerny a little while ago, and he said that the team has not spoken to anyone yet regarding the position – despite what has been rumored to have happened.

The team is putting an emphasis on past coaching or managerial experience, and intends to talk to candidates from the Atlantic League, affiliated ball and independent ball.

The Bears did not contact any manager who was under contract during the season, and did not contact anyone while their own manager, Chris Jones, was under contract, although it was widely assumed that he’d be on his way out after the 2006 season.

Wayne Krenchicki would be an interesting choice for the team, as would Jeff Ball if he became available. However, the team hasn’t contacted either and is compiling a list of candidates they’ll consider for the position. I would assume that both would be on the list, however nobody is sure of Ball’s status or the status of the Surf in the Atlantic League, so his name is only pure speculation at this point, as is Krenchicki’s for that matter.

No idea when any sort of announcement will come from the Bears, but I’ll keep working on this one. – Mike Ashmore


1. Anonymous - October 4, 2006

I think the change was needed with the Bears, but I also know that you can’t win with a pitching staff like they had. And I’m sure the manager didn’t pick all the pitchers. You can’t make filet mignon out of chopped meat. I do think Chris Jones was too late to give pitchers the hook but it seems that all the Bears pitchers needed early hooks. Overall it’s been a long 4 years since the Bears have done anything good…but I’m still a diehard Bears fan.

2. KenD - October 4, 2006

I liked Chris, but this team did not respond to him. The hitting was weak. Santora hit .174 for the season! It is hard to say that he left pitchers in too long when you had nothing but gasoline warming up in the bullpen.

I think it might be harder to draw big names to this team than in the past. As a fan I am worried about the long term viability of this franchise.

3. Anonymous - October 4, 2006

You mentioned one weak hitter…What about Brunson, Hernandez, Sanders???? They hit well…Pitching was at the heart of the problem for this team…And he left pitchers in way too long when they were getting shelled. There was gasoline in the bullpen but did he put that gasoline there? You play with the cards you are dealt but I do think Chris had to go. I agree in that I worry about the long term viability of the Bears too….but what will they use the stadium for if not the Bears???

4. Anonymous - October 4, 2006

your assumptions are right on santora did hit low this year but he also was one of the best defensive infielders in the league. if the bears had the same players that they had this year and went out and got some good pitching i would bet they would have a great chance to get to the playoffs and santora has proven he can hit in the league i would be willing to bet he would come back with a good year. and brunson and rodgriquez back along with others like hernandez, benjamin, etc watch out

5. Chuckerd58 - October 5, 2006

It’s sad to see the mess in Newark. Hopefully they can hire someone who will get them going in the right direction. And,hopefully,Santora can bounce back next season,if he is brought back.

6. Anonymous - October 5, 2006

why not will pennyfeather as bears coach

7. Anonymous - October 5, 2006

Offensively, the Bears lineup was better in the first half. Defensively, the Bears lineup was better in the first half. Jones had a major hand in all transcations the bears made after the season began. As far as the pitching staff goes, what ALL of you are forgetting is that in the first half alone the Bears used 7, count them 7 catchers. Vic Valencia, John Nathans, Jonathan Thomas, Jeremy Booth, Marcos Sanchez, Chris Torres, and Alexis Hernandez. Sanchez was awful both offensively and defensively, Hernandez was put at first base and left there, Torres, Thomas was primarily used to catch Joe Gannon who throws a knuckleball, Nathans was released in favor of signing Booth, and Torres replaced Booth when he was traded to Somerset. Valencia was supposed to be the everyday catcher when the season began but he was hurt in spring training and was really a one dimensional player (power). Their best overall catcher was probably Booth ( at least the staff threw the best when he caught, and he hit) and Jones traded him. Ask any pitcher and they will tell you that having 7 catchers destroys the trust because they will never be able to get comfortable. Jones mismanaged that situation and the staff never got going. Between Carlos Mirabal, Pat Daneker, David Shepard, and Joe Gannon they had enough. They also had any number of guys to spot start in the number 5 role. The bullpen was lights out with Jeremy Hill, Joey Cole, Silivio Censale, and Travis Wade the fixtures. The problem is nobody wanted to play for Jones.

8. Ashmore - October 5, 2006

To address the comment about Pennyfeather managing the Bears, I doubt that happens for anywhere from one to two reasons.

The big reason is that it was emphasized to me that managerial experience is key to the Bears in their search for their new manager.

Secondly, with Will working at Zoned, I’m not sure he’d want to miss out on any income from there considering that he likely wouldn’t receive much of (if any) a financial upgrade if he were to be hired on the coaching side of things.

I think he wants to stay in the game, but I’m not sure it would be with the Bears – especially as manager.


9. KenD - October 5, 2006

I have to agree with all your comments. I didn’t mean to pick on Jack. He is actually my favorite player on the team. Your analysis on the catching and its effect on the pitchers was spot on. In general this team underacheived. Not sure they ever had playoff potential but they certainly should have been a contender. Chris had to go. Like to see him catch on as a coach in the minors someplace and get some experience.

10. Anonymous - October 5, 2006

i wonder if the fish are interested in brandt.he started in bpt.

b-fish fan

11. Anonymous - October 5, 2006

If the Bears want to make a splash, why not hire Pete Rose to manage? He would put fannies in the seats, lord knows the Bears need them, and he has major league managerial experience. Not to mention, he has benn watching his son perform in the AL playoffs, so he’s certainly familiar with the league. This is the New York market. It’s time for the Bears to tap into it, and what better way to do it than to hire a controversial figure such as Rose, as well as a rightful hall of famer.

12. AtlanticLeagueBaseball.com - October 5, 2006

They might be interested in JB, but he isn’t going anywhere.

I actually juuuuuuust touched on the big name thing for the Bears in the 10/5 post.

Saying this half-jokingly, he does have previous managerial experience, so maybe his name would get mentioned.

But I suspect that’s it. Honestly, the Atlantic League needs Pete Rose a LOT more than Rose needs the AL.

To speak in real terms, Newark would have to shell out F.U. money to Rose to even get him to consider it, and even with the anticipated boost in ticket sales, it wouldn’t be worth it.


13. sharkgirltoo - October 5, 2006

Was happy with Brandt when he was GM for the Sharks then he took on the position for the Bears. Just wondering if Krenchicki (and Foucault) will follow Brandt up there. The Bears also had Victor Torres as their hitting coach this year, formerly of the Sharks. Where would that leave Camden? I guess I assumed he would be back. (Mike, I know you mentioned that Krenchicki as a candidate is just speculation at this point.) Time will tell.

14. Anonymous - October 5, 2006

I disagree with your assesment that the AL needs Pete Rose more than Rose needs the AL. He needs a platform to advance his cause, and while Newark may not draw at the box office, they do get plenty of publicity. Besides, to augment his salary, the Bears could set up a table on the concourse, where Pete could sign baseball cards for money, like he does every year at the hall of Fame. Except at the Den, he could do it every day!

15. AtlanticLeagueBaseball.com - October 7, 2006

As far as Krenchicki goes, he’s certainly available…

If Rose were to come to the AL just so he could make money by signing cards…then he can take his signature elsewhere. The manager of your team should be accessible to the fans and not charge the people who’re paying to see his team play to sign autographs.

Sparky Lyle is a CY YOUNG AWARD WINNER and signs for free.


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