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October 2, 2006 October 2, 2006

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Barnstormers Are The 2006 Champions: Congratulations to the Lancaster Barnstormers for winning their first championship in only their second season. Here’s the press release:

It was a special night at Clipper Magazine Stadium, but above all, the night belonged to Denny Harriger.

It was rough at the beginning, but with some help from his infield in the early innings, the Barnstormers’ All-Star starter settled down and pitched Lancaster to the Atlantic League pennant with a 5-2 win over the Bridgeport Bluefish in front of 6,558 screaming fans at Clipper Magazine Stadium.

Harriger went the distance for the fifth time in 2006, holding the Bluefish to nine hits. He walked one and struck out five in the route going performance. But, it was a struggle early.

The veteran right-hander walked Bryant Nelson on five pitches to start the game, then needed a terrific double play started by third baseman Jose Ortiz to get him out of trouble before P.J. Rose drilled a double into the right center field alley.

Playoff MVP Jeremy Todd banged a two-out double to left center in the bottom of the first and rode home on a single to right by Ortiz for an early 1-0 lead.

Lancaster used three homers off T.J. Mathews (1-1) to the picnic deck in right in the third inning to produce all of its remaining offense. Lance Burkhart knocked a fly ball into the canopy to a 2-0 lead. Reggie Taylor followed with a line drive into the picnic pavilion. After Jason Bowers singled and moved to second on a passed ball, Todd smoked the third homer of the inning for a 5-0 lead.

For the second straight night, Bridgeport’s deep and experienced bullpen shut down the Barnstormers attack. Harriger was a rock with the lead and would not allow the Bluefish to wipe out the lead.

Bridgeport did answer with solo homers by Willis Otanez and Steve Hine in the fourth. Harriger, as was his tendency during the regular season and certainly into the playoffs, got tougher. He allowed two singles in the fifth but struck out the always-dangerous Otanez to get out of the threat. From there, the Bluefish never put a runner into scoring position again as Harriger set down 13 of the final 15 batters he faced.

He struck out pinch hitter Tony Mota looking for the final out. Lancaster had its pennant. Clipper Magazine Stadium erupted into pandemonium. And Harriger had his ride on the shoulder of his teammates, the club he had bolstered all year. It was a fitting end to an incredible run, both for Harriger and for the Barnstormers.

Re-Traded: Change around a few letters and…well, you get it.

American Association

LINCOLN SALTDOGS-Acquired INF Luis Lopez from Camden to complete an earlier trade.

PENSACOLA PELICANS-Acquired RHP Tony Pierce from Atlantic City to complete an earlier trade.

SHREVEPORT SPORTS-Acquired INF Enohel Polanco from Atlantic City to complete an earlier trade.

Can-Am League

BROCKTON ROX-Traded INF Jeff LaRue to Long Beach to complete an earlier trade.

NASHUA PRIDE-Acquired C Tommy Rojas and INF Elliot Ayala from Somerset to complete an earlier trade. Acquired RHP Josh Stevens from Lancaster to complete an earlier trade. – MA



1. Tom from Long Island - October 2, 2006

Congratulations Lancaster and their fans!! What a turnout(6500+) compared to the 1200-1400 (actual attendance) at Bridgeport. That’s true fan support. It must have been a sea of red.

2. Anonymous - October 2, 2006

It was a very special night to be a Barnstormer fan.
with the 9th inning came the chant Denny.. Denny.. Denny
it was the greatest thing to see
it will be hard to top this next year

3. Amy - October 2, 2006

I can tell you it
was a sea of red!!! An absolute fantastic game by the Barnstormers…Denny Harriger was incredible to pitch a complete game in the finals and Jeremy Todd just was on fire all of the playoffs. I have never experienced the emotion and frenzy of a crowd like that…..it just was amazing. I still can’t believe it! From my husband standing down in the front row when the players took the trophy and did a victory lap around the field …the players were holding the trophy out for us to touch and the rest of them were running behind slapping hands with the fans. Then we went to the local “watering hole” near the stadium and the players were in there celebrating along with the fans!!! It was fantastic…as we were all there drinking and celebrating the local news came on the tv and the lead story was the Barnstormers and everyone was just going crazy!!!! Then the front office staff came in a few minutes later holding the championship flag and the GM was carrying the trophy!!!! Hugs and handshakes everywhere you looked!!! I was flabbergasted when the GM Joe Pinto kissed my hand. Now that’s a very classy move on his part! You couldn’t even move in the place it was so packed. What a year! There were a couple Bridgeport fans there too and it was good to talk to them and thank them for coming down! boosterbabe , your players were beaten but they are a great bunch of guys and they have absolutely nothing to be ashamed of….they played their hearts out. Its just I don’t see how any visiting team can come into a scene like that being down two games and facing the pitcher they did (/Denny) and the crowd they were looking at in rea and waving those white rally towels!! It was a scene like you could never imagine! The place was just rocking! I am still afraid that this is a dream and who would want to wake up from this!!! Congrats to the Bluefish as well. I hope to meet up with you again Sheryl and I will be sure to keep on bloggin!!!!!

4. BoosterBabe - October 2, 2006

Congrats on a well deserved victory!

5. sharkgirltoo - October 2, 2006

Amy..thanks for writing in; I was looking forward to your blog about what it was like last night at Clipper Magazine Stadium playing at home with a full house, your best pitcher throwing, and that winning moment. Wow, that must have been something to have witnessed!! That’s great to see the players celebrating with the fans. You still must be on cloud nine. Last night’s memory I’m sure will be one you’ll never forget.
Congratulations again to the Barnstormers.

6. Anonymous - October 2, 2006

the barnstormers would also like to thank dave lapoint and the pitching staff for gagging it up.

b-fish fan

7. Anonymous - October 2, 2006

b-fish fan, it’s time to get over it and move on. Show some sportsmanship.

8. BoosterBabe - October 2, 2006

Adversity does tend to bring out people’s true colors, now, doesn’t it? 🙂

9. BoosterBabe - October 2, 2006

I LOVE IT! Just clicked on the Bluefish website and this is what I found:

“Only 213 days, 6 hours, 19 minutes, 0 seconds until the 2007 Season”

Now if that isn ‘t looking at the glass as half-full, I don’t know what is!

10. Anonymous - October 2, 2006

Congrats to the Barnstormers. They played flawlessly and the Lancaster fans who came to Bridgeport were a great group.

Not sure what happened to the Fish, but we’ll see you next year.

Sorry your celebration will be lost in the news. Our prayers are with you.

#10 Fish Fan

11. Anonymous - October 2, 2006

does the bluefish website also have a clock on how many days,hrs,minutes until charlie dowd is fired.unjustly by the way.

b-fish fan

12. don't fear the reaper - October 2, 2006

time’s up clue-less fan, by the way.

13. Amy - October 2, 2006

boosterbabe, sharkgirltoo and #10 Fish fan….thanks for the kind words and looking forward to seeing you all again next year. Bfish fan…stop being a poor sport!

14. Anonymous - October 2, 2006

It was absolutely amazing last night. It is crazy how everything rallyed around the efforts of the players and the front office staff. Almost 6,600 people on a sunday night during football season on a school night. I think this truly shows the passion and enthusiasism of the Barnstormer fans!!!

15. BoosterBabe - October 2, 2006

Oh my god, get over yourself, b-fish.
I pity anyone who has to interact with you in person, you must be the most miserable, negative creature on god’s green earth!
Can’t you let the Barnstormer fans have their moment of joy?

Their team fought hard and they won. And they are wonderful people. Let them enjoy. Stop being such a negative, awful, miserable person. And if you can’t stop, at least keep it to yourself.

Do you have anything kind to say about anything or anyone?

16. Anonymous - October 2, 2006

Is that watering hole called The Brickyard???

17. Amy - October 2, 2006

Yes it is ! Were you there?

18. Surf Voice - October 2, 2006

Add my congratulations to the Lancaster Barnstormers and their tremendous fans and front office! They woituout a doubt have been a class act all season and their fans are second to none. Intelligent, classy and rabid..everything you’d want in support, they deserve this and it was well earned. A 5 game sweep over probably the 2 toughest teams that they’d face all year, and they should enjoy it. They beat Mikkelsen AND Matthews and that’s not an easy feat. COINGRATS AGAIN TO LANCASTER!

19. Anonymous - October 2, 2006

Bryant Nelson’s and Sean Fesh’s game worn hats are for sale on eBay as well as some Road Warriors game worn hats. Go and bid on them now.

20. Anonymous - October 2, 2006

Amy no i was not at the brickyard but was at the game.i’m a season ticket holder as well in section 18 row g


21. fishyfan - October 2, 2006

wow.. just got home from Lancaster.. the Barnstormers certainly outplayed our Fish .. many congrats to the team and especially Denny.. I was one of the few in Blue in that incredible sea of Red.. with the white rally towels going.. it was an amazing experience (an inkling of how the Ducks fans felt at Bridgeport maybe).. all the Lancaster fans I met were so helpful and friendly.. I thank them for their graciousness.. I enjoyed the drive through the Amish country yesterday and today.. and am saddened to get home and hear about the school shooting.. how tragic – I’ll be looking forward to the Atlantic League season next year.. at least there is still major league baseball for a few more weeks so I won’t go into total withdrawal

22. Anonymous - October 2, 2006

Sounds like you have a chip on your shoulder, b-fish “fan”. Give credit (to the Barnstormers) where credit is due. They outplayed Bridgeport, although the Fish did take that hard luck loss. The Fish played hard nonetheless and should be appreciated for the outstanding year that they had. Just want to say congrats to the Stormers and their fans…how about you b-fish?

23. Anonymous - October 2, 2006

Surf shift to Can-Am League still possible
When the Atlantic City Surf season ends, questions about the franchise’s future come to the forefront.
This year, speculation was strong that the Surf’s departure from the Atlantic League was imminent, and a move to the Canadian-American League remains possible.

“Negotiations are still ongoing. I would think without a doubt some sort of official announcement either way would be made by middle of the next week,” Surf vice-president Mario Perrucci said Friday. “Certainly decisions have to be made and right now we are playing in the Atlantic League. If that changes, it would have to be done within the next three weeks.”

Atlantic City was rumored to be joining the Can-Am League throughout the season and discussions heated up as the season ended. However, no deal has been struck. Schedules for both leagues have to be finalized within the next couple of weeks to prepare for the 2007 season.

“It looks like (the Can-Am League) will be set with the same eight teams as last year,” Can-Am League commissioner Miles Wolff said Friday in a phone interview from North Carolina. “Atlantic City is still part of the Atlantic League, and we aren’t going to mess with another league’s team.”

The Can-Am’s shorter season — it plays 92 rather than the Atlantic League’s 126 — could be attractive to the Surf. The Can-Am runs from Memorial Day to Labor Day and, historically, those are the dates when the Surf draw most of their fans.
On the field, the Surf has been successful. Atlantic City won the first Atlantic League championship in 1998 and has made the playoffs five times, including the past three seasons.

But since 1998, the Surf’s announced attendance numbers has dropped at a constant rate. They were at an all-time low this season when they drew under 2,000 fans for the time in their nine-year history. Atlantic City averaged 1,984 fans for 68 dates and drew even less than that for the first game of the Game 1 of its Division Series playoff game (1,208).

Numerous factors are in play when it comes to changing leagues, and in the case of the Surf there are extra considerations. Atlantic City is still owned by league founder Frank Boulton, who leased the team to Mark Schuster for the 2006 season with an option to buy. Schuster has publicly stated he would like to exercise that option.

Boulton has said that as long as he owns the team, it will not move out of the Atlantic League.

“We have an agreement with Schuster’s company and the option needs to be exercised for the team to move,” Boulton said Friday. “The Can-Am League and Atlantic League have been in discussions, but nothing is finalized. If they buy the team, its up to them to do what they want and what’s best for the Atlantic City Surf.”

Atlantic City would have been the ninth team in the Can-Am League and to maintain an even number of teams, the league would have started a traveling road team, such as the Atlantic League’s Road Warriors. Except the Can-Am road team would have to travel as far south as Atlantic City and as far north as Quebec.

The York (Pa.) Revolution is slated to begin playing in the Atlantic League next season. If the Surf remains in the league, the Road Warriors would be disbanded to keep the league at eight teams.

Atlantic City wouldn’t be the first team to jump to the Can-Am League. The Nashua Pride, another charter member of the Atlantic League, made the switch this season. The New Jersey Jackals in Little Falls and the Sussex Skyhawks are two other New Jersey teams in the Can-Am League. The other teams are: Quebec Capitals, New Haven County Cutters, Worcester Tornadoes, Brockton Sox and North Shore Spirit.

24. Anonymous - October 3, 2006

breaking news the lancaster barnstormers just scored 3 more runs off bluefish pitching.
if anyone cares checking ebay i just found the bluefish pitching made a bid on some heart.lapoint was just out bid on a brain.

b-fish fan

25. AtlanticLeagueBaseball.com - October 3, 2006

A) Try to just post a link instead of the entire article

B) Regardless, give credit where it’s due — that was from the Press of AC.


26. Chuckerd58 - October 3, 2006

Sounds like an awesome night in Lancaster.I hope the Stormers put out a dvd of their season,and hopefully have some tape of the scene after the game.I know when the Ducks won game 2 of their series against Camden on a last inning hit,the place went crazy. I’m sure that’s how The Clip was on Sunday. Congratulations.

27. Anonymous - October 3, 2006

a short life in store for the can-am surf.a friend of mine who lives outside of a.c has told me the city is trying to re-zone the airfield next to the stadium so steve wynn can build a casino in a.c.part of the re-zoning will be demolishing the stadium.here is the tough part for surffan john.due to lack of fan support the city will not build a new stadium in the a.c. area.

b-fish fan

28. Anonymous - October 3, 2006

B-Fish, that’s not the entire story.

Bader Field closed on Saturday for a number of reasons, but the most being the it’s the last bit of prime gov’t-owned waterfront property in AC. The land in a few years will be rebuilt for either a mega-resort casino or high-rise luxury apt.

Steve Wynn is just a number of people interested in the land, but the owner of Harrah’s casinos, which numbers to four in AC, won’t allow Bader Field to go to Steve Wynn without other casinos big wigs getting a shot at the land. Wynn is also interested in other land near the Borgata.

Next year will most likely be AC’s last year at its current location. But they could move to another local area, but not within the Atlantic City limits.

29. sharkgirltoo - October 3, 2006

Amy..aside from the post game celebration which you were fortunate to be part of, will there be any parade/other celebration for the Barnstormers in downtown Lancaster?..or have the players headed home already.

30. Anonymous - October 3, 2006

Bridgeport and Long Island got a shout on Dave Letterman by Pete Rose.

31. Tom from Long Island - October 3, 2006

Pete Rose Sr. was on Letterman tonight (Monday). He meantioned being on Long Island a couple of weeks ago to see his son play for Bridgeport against the Long Island Ducks.

He told Letterman that there were “greenies” around baseball when he played but that they were diet pills and not anything that would improve your game. He said that back then players would not be in as good of shape as the players now a days are in spring training and that they (including himself) would take the “greenies” to lose 5-6 pounds in spring training.

He claimed to be the “best ambassador to baseball right now” and that the “fans are the most important thing”. He discussed the story of the baseballs that he signed “sorry I bet on baseball” and how on a day when all the heads of foreign countries were in New York at the UN, his picture was on the front page of a NY newspaper about the baseballs he signed.

32. Anonymous - October 3, 2006

Hey B-Job Fan,

Take your bitterness elsewhere and leave these fans alone. And as for LaPoint, there are several teams’ fans in the league who would take him off your hands in a heartbeat.
(Right LI? 🙂

Horace DeBussy Jones

33. number1surffan John - October 3, 2006

Seems things aren’t quite as “done” as previous indications. Future is still fare from bright and rosy – but here is the “hope”.

A new stadium to be built on the grounds of the Atlantic City Race Course, preferably with a clearer support system (i.e. if AC Is legally bound to improve traffic conditions, well, actually DO something about it other than a random traffic cop for staggered hours every 3rd fireworks game).

Staying in the Atlantic League is their only hope to rise up from the ashes like the Phoenix. Going to “rookie league” ball will doom them.

34. Lem - October 3, 2006

Congrats to Barnstormers and their very supportive fans. And congrats to the Atlantic League for putting a very nice product on the field, the best in independent baseball. Despite the Patriots not making the post-season, it was a fun year.

35. Anonymous - October 3, 2006

hey horace depussy jones i will drive lapoint there myself.

36. Amy - October 3, 2006

sharkgirltoo…not sure about that. I was over at the stadium yesterday afternoon and saw alot of players packing up their cars to leave. i talked to a few of them and they told me they were leaving Tuesday. There was something in the paper last nighy that the mayor wanted to do something for the team but he wasn’t sure about it since the layers were all scattering for home. He also said they were unprepared since “they swept it”. I hope there is something but it really looks like most of the players won’t be involved….I have to run over to the stadium today anyway so I will have to ask!

37. Anonymous - October 3, 2006

The Bears announced on their web site that Chris Jones is out as manager. This is not a shock. They need to get a name in there to attract some fans.

38. Anonymous - October 3, 2006

Horace Debeusy Jones (aka “Satch”)-Long Island will gladly take Dave LaPoint. We’ll give you Don McCormack, Juan Gonzalez and a hot dog and beer vendor of your choice for him

Muggs McGinnis

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