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October 1, 2006 October 1, 2006

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Game Two Bluefish PR: The second game of the 2006 Atlantic League Championship series began much like the first: with a Lancaster Barnstormer barrage. The visitors erupted for eight runs in the first two innings off Bluefish starter Mike Porzio.

Unlike Friday night, the hometown Blues fought back. The ‘Fish firemen shut down the ‘Stormers over the next 5 innings, while the “o” broke out their own sticks. After Bryant Nelson scored in the first via a Willis Otanez safety, Damian Rolls and Norm Hutchins notched runs in the fifth. Three Park City Blues scores in the sixth made the count 8-6. The rally was sparked by a monster bases-clearing triple from Rolls.

But despite the offensive thrust of the home nine, they fell just short in a 4-hour, 43-minute, 12-inning marathon as Lancaster eked out a 9-8 win to go up 2-0 in the best-of-five series.

The Bluefish squandered an excellent opportunity in the sixth, leaving the sacks juiced with no runs to show for the effort.

Yet the goose eggs piled up in the upper half of the scoreboard at the Ballpark at Harbor Yard, as Matt Beech, Matt Anderson and Jason Simontacchi kept the Barnstormers at bay through the eighth.

P. J. Rose led off the home eighth with his fourth single of the night. After Barry Wesson was hit by a pitch, Steve Hine moved both runners over with a nifty sacrifice bunt. Centerfielder Norm Hutchins came to bat and smacked a 1-1 pitch right at first baseman Jeremy Todd … and the horsehide took an erratic hop and skipped out to right field for a single and two ribbies, tying the game.

Jimmy Journell came in to set down the Pennsy squad in the ninth, but the ‘Fish bats couldn’t finish it in regular frames, as Angel Espada hit into a twin killing that ended the ninth.

The Bluefish were robbed of the gamer in the bottom of the 11th as Deivi Cruz, with Norm Hutchins on second base, launched a blue darter seemingly over the head of Reggie Taylor in center field, only to have him snag the ball in a game-saving over-the-shoulder catch.

After being shut down for nine innings, the Barnstormers finally put the deciding run on the board in the top of the 12th when Norm Hutchins couldn’t hold onto a two-out fly ball from the bat of Eric Crozier, enabling Jeremy Todd to score from first. A Willis Otanez single and Angel Espada sacrifice couldn’t revive the ‘Fish as Steve Hine struck out to end the game.

The Bluefish outhit the opposition 20-15, but stranded 16 in a losing effort. Jimmy Journell suffered the hard-luck loss.

The teams now travel to Lancaster, where the Barnstormers need win only one of three to capture their first Atlantic League crown.



1. Anonymous - October 1, 2006

Kyle Goldwater’s Road Warriors game worn hat is for sale on eBay. More game worn Road Warrior hats to be for sale on eBay in the next few days.

2. Amy - October 1, 2006

Boosterbabe sure is taking a beating these past few days!!! You go girl! To the person who asked if her cooking did them in…I am fairly sure she has been doing this for awhile for them… they lost because of what happened ON THE FIELD not because of some darn brownies!!! HAHA. Norm fumbled the ball….that’s it! It should be an awesome game tonight….I know that i am heading over there in a few minutes to see the players as they arrive!!!

3. AtlanticLeagueBaseball.com - October 1, 2006


If anyone wants Goldy’s hat, there’s your link. My “tryout-worn” hat will remain in my house.


4. sharkgirltoo - October 1, 2006

Boosterbabe..I know what you are feeling…been there..when the Ducks swept the Riversharks in the 2004 championship series in some high scoring games where error/s cost them the game. I was heartbroken and had a good cry but good news for you is that there is still hope. They’re in a difficult spot and will have to fight to the finish. I’m sorry you didn’t get a chance to send them off to Lancaster with a win. You can listen to the webcast by going to the Barnstormer website and click on “listen live”.

Amy..I know Lancaster draws well so the place should be rocking! Hopefully today’s game will be a close one and well played..keep us posted. I’m going through baseball withdrawal right now and soon will be counting down the days to when the season starts.
Maybe I’ll get to meet you and Boosterbabe next year. Our family did go to Lancaster in July and of course I worked in a game when the Stormers were taking on the Sharks. We sat behind the Stormer dugout and met some nice Barnstormer fans. Funny moment when one of the employees grabbed my daughter by the hand to dance with him on the dugout and then realized she was wearing a Rivershark/Richie Barrett Tshirt and said..ahhh, oh well. They were polite and got a good laugh. We plan on coming back next year.

5. Anonymous - October 1, 2006

Cesar Herrera’s, Sheldon Fulse’s, Bernie Gonzalez’s and Manny Mejia’s hats are now up on eBay. One hat is yet to go up but I don’t know which players it is.

6. AtlanticLeagueBaseball.com - October 1, 2006

Can’t find those…



7. Roadwarriorfan - October 1, 2006
8. SharkGirl - October 2, 2006

Congratulations Lancaster!

9. BoosterBabe - October 2, 2006

Amy, Steve, all the other Lancaster fans….you guys deserve congratulations. The Bluefish were simply outmatched. They played as well as they could and the Barnstormers played better. Can’t help but wonder though….if LaPoint had taken Porzio out after the 3 runs he gave up before the 2nd out of the game, rather than let him stay and give up 5 more runs…would last night have ended differently? Would we have still scored 8 runs? Might we have won 8-3 in 9 innings? Maybe. Maybe not. We’ll never know.

I’m near tears. Thinking about going down to the stadium in about 4 hours to meet the bus but they might not want to see fans.

Anyway, Congrats Barnstormers!

10. Anonymous - October 2, 2006

same ol bluefish.tonight when he is alone charlie dowd smiles to himself.the great dave lapoint the pitching and player personnel wizard gets bombed 3-0 and totally out managed.what a joke this organization is.

b-fish fan

11. BoosterBabe - October 2, 2006

Hey, b-fish fan–you have the NERVE to call ME a fair-weather fan???
To quote Crash Davis in “Bull Durham”:
“Sometimes you win.
Sometimes you lose.
And sometimes, it rains.”

Know what, b-fish fan? You’re a coward! I knew you wouldn’t show up last night and talk your trash about me to my face.

It’s simple, the Bluefish were outmatched.

Friday night, they got bombed. It can happen to any team and has happened to every team, major league and minor league.

Last night: the reason we lost last night can be summed up in one word: Porzio. (My opinion). Yeah, LaPoint left him in too long in my opinion and I was screaming at the top of the 2nd when I saw him run out to the mound. “Why is he still in the game?” To me, it wasn’t Hutchins bobbling the ball in the top of the 12th that lost that game for us. It wasn’t Steve Hine striking out for the 3rd out in the 12th. It was leaving Porzio in long enough to give up 8 runs instead of pulling him after the first 3. LaPoint mismanaged last night and it cost us.

Tonight: Let’s face it. Lancaster had the momentum and the psychological advantage. We had one of our best pitchers on the mound and they hit the hell outta him.
I would have rather have seen Hodges go today, in a do or die situation, but ya can’t argue with TJ’s experience. And besides, Mathews had 4 days’ rest, Hodges, only 3. Our bats weren’t near where they needed to be tonight and we lost, plain and simple.

I’m sad but I’m proud of my team and those guys did the best they could tonight. Lancaster just did more.

Baseball season is over for me. My Sox are finished and so are the Fish. It’s gonna be a lonnnng winter!

12. Anonymous - October 2, 2006

boosterbabe you are clueless!the bluefish went into this series a solid favorite to win.case closed.they werent overmatched they were destroyed in 3 straight.lapoint the pitching wizard ‘who sent 5+ pitchers to MLB affilated baseball by the way’well his pitching staff.the staff he put together got humilated on the biggest stage in the atlantic league.and as far as meeting you.no thanks.i have alot better things to do in my life.

b-fish fan

13. Anonymous - October 2, 2006

I wouldn’t be too hard on the Bluefish. They did, after all, win the northern division title. The game tonight was fun to watch and, if nothing else, they were as professional as any baseball team I’ve ever seen. Good luck next year!

14. Anonymous - October 2, 2006

bluefish win northern division.that and a 1.50 get you a small coffee at dunkin donuts.with the chips on the table the bluefish spit the bit.no doubt about it.you cant lose 3 straight games when 2 of your starting pitchers just came back from triple a.

b-fish fan

15. sharkgirltoo - October 2, 2006

Congratulations to the Barnstormers!! What a thrill this must have been for the players and fans and to win it at home..wow!! B-fish fan..no sour grapes please..I can under your disappointment but be proud of the Bluefish. They had a terrific year. The two best teams did get to the finals, just Lancaster played better. Give them credit for that..they do have many talented players on that team. Now for all of us AL fans it will be a long winter til the next season starts.

16. Anonymous - October 2, 2006

boosterbabe–Haven’t you figured out by now that Dave and Frank worked out a deal in which the Ducks let the Fish win providing that the Fish roll over to Lancaster. This way Lancaster can boast that they are the champs and that they have the All Star game for next season. Frank also told the ferry not to run a special deal for you like they did for Long Island fans.

17. BoosterBabe - October 2, 2006

Weak attempt at sarcasm….

18. Amy - October 2, 2006

bfish fan…what is your problem? This sour grapes thing is ridiculous! Your Bluefish….well i can’t really call them your Bluefish as you seem to be quite a fair weather fan….were outplayed and outmatched. Plain and simple realyy but it seems like you prefer to blame Dave la point for what happened. Brigeport was outplayed…that’s it. You seem to think that Lancaster was going to roll over and die…..we didn’t…because we have a talented bunch of ballplayers here who were supported by a very large crowd of supportive fans. Maybe you should have made the trip to Lancaster to see what fans are supposed to be like. Boosterbabe and others on here understand that. Everything boosterbabe has said is true….and you are the clueless one. Porzio should have been pulled earlier..LaPoint should have known that but its a normal manager’s reaction to keep a pitcher in the game. Your bullpen shut us down fairly well..it was your starters that just didn’t come thru and Lancaster outplayed Bridgeport. Lancaster was clearly NOT the favorite to win this…and alot of people underestimated us. Fans like boosterbabe understand this….a fair weather fan would not. Which are you?

19. BoosterBabe - October 2, 2006

Amy, You ROCK!

20. Anonymous - October 2, 2006

Heh…well some people are never happy with anything and will search for the cloud in every silver lining. Too bad, even the competition and their fans think more of the Bluefish than b-fish….um….fan apparently does. I don’t know anyone around here who thought Lancaster would actually win a post-season series, let alone sweep the whole thing. And yet 12000+ fans showed up for the two games played here. Real fans who expected to leave empty handed and yet still happy and proud of their team, just like last year when Lancaster finished at the bottom of the division, if not the league.

By the way, that was too bad about Norm bobbling the ball, I wish it hadn’t ended that way. He was a great player for Lancaster last year, a nice guy and a real blast to listen to on the radio. Every time Bridgeport played in Lancaster and Norm came to the play, you could hear people cheering him on. I even heard a few last night because how can you not like Norm?

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