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September 30, 2006 September 30, 2006

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Playoff PR Parade: The Bridgeport Bluefish, primed for the lid-lifter in the 2006 Atlantic League Championship Series, were defeated by the Lancaster Barnstormers 13-4 here Friday night before a crowd of 2436.

Starter Brian Boehringer, in his first game since returning to the Bluefish from a summer in organized ball, didn’t get out of the third inning, as the ‘Stormers touched him up for five runs, two coming on a Justin Hileman single.

Eddie Ramos came on in relief and retired eight of the nine batters he faced, but the visitors unloaded their lumber again in the sixth, scoring another eight runs, including three-run homers by Jeremy Todd and Chris Van Rossum.

The Bluefish answered with a solo run in the third as P. J. Rose drove in Deivi Cruz, and a three-run eighth including a two-RBI single by Norm Hutchins.

Barnstormer starter Brian Whitaker notched the win, working six innings, giving up just four hits and one run.

The two teams meet again on Saturday at 6:05 at the Ballpark at Harbor Yard, with Mike Porzio on the hill for the Bluefish against Scott Sobkowiak going for the ‘Stormers.


1. fishyfan - October 1, 2006

Fish starting pitcher Mike Porzio was in one of his erratic times and Lancaster scored 6 in the first and 2 in the second… the Fish would eventually tie at 8 but the Barnstormers won in the 12th by the score of 9 to 8.. I think there were 35 hits in the game between the teams.. game started at 6:05 over at almost 11 PM.. very long and stressful.. hope to see the Fish play in Lancaster tomorrow the way they played in Long Island a few days ago..

2. Anonymous - October 1, 2006

unwatchable baseball.the league might have to think about moving the divisional playoffs up so the teams can get the rotations back in order.you cant have game 1 and 2 being pitched by 4th and 5th starters.i sat next to 2 guys who asked “is this really the best 2 teams”.last night a 4 hr game tonight a 5 hr game.

b-fish fan

3. Anonymous - October 1, 2006

about fri nights game 1 if there were 2436 people in attn.they must have counted everyone twice.please bluefish mgmt.if you are going to lie about attn.dont make it so obvious.

b-fish fan

4. sharkgirltoo - October 1, 2006

Tough loss for the Bluefish esp coming back from a big deficit. Hang in there Bluefish fans! I would be disappointed too not to have a packed house rooting for the home team for a championship game. Why do certain teams fill the stands like LI while Bridgeport and AC draw small crowds? Would expect Lancaster to have good attendance next game esp if they have a chance to win it all. Who will be the starting pitchers tomorrow…?Harriger and ?
sharkgirl…no that wasn’t me, you have the wrong “sharkgirl” in mind. Didn’t make it to that game. (BTW, congrats on your win). I’m usually there with my son and daughter and sit in sections 204 or 205. We went to 5 out of the last 9 home games while they were making their playoff run. Was surprised to see that most of the players walked right through the tunnel after the final home game and not stay out and thank the fans for supporting them all year. A few did sign autographs for some kids.

5. BoosterBabe - October 1, 2006

Shoot, I posted this on the wrong page, so I added it here, too.

I’m heartbroken!!!! What a game! To come back from 8-0 and tie it, only to lose on an error in the 12th–words can’t express all the different emotions I’m feeling right now.

I spoke to Matt Beech (Who pitched fantastically tonight!) after the game and I put my head on his chest (cuz I couldn’t reach his shoulder!!!) and told him I was ready to cry and he said (in his Texan drawl that absolutely destroys me!!!) “Darlin….it’s 3 out of 5, not 2 out of 5. We’re not over yet!” And I really needed to hear that– it gave me hope. He also said “We just wanted it to go 5 games so we get paid for a couple more days!” It brought a smile to my face when he said that because it told me they DO want to win. And he was carrying his duffel bag from the Booster Club! When I heard they scarfed down every brownie and every chocolate chip bar that I had made today and sent back to the clubhouse, and one of the coaches never actually got any…well, I felt bad for the particular coach but that also brought a smile to my face. They love my baking and I love baking for them!

So, I have mixed feelings tonight. I’m incredibly sad that they go into this series 2 games down. But I’ve also seen this before…2 years ago. Remember I’m also a Red Sox fan. So if the Sox can come back against the Yankees IN Yucky Stadium….then I think the Bluefish can burn down the Barnstormers in their house the next couple of days! I asked Jimmy Journell, who also pitched incredibly tonight, and I told him so, too!–if you Fry the Ducks and Skin the Bears….what do you do the Barnstormers? And his answer was “burn them down!” so guys…BURN DOWN THE BARNSTORMERS!

I stayed in the parking lot until most of them left, and I had originally planned to see the bus drive off, but after hugging Espada and Kuilan goodbye, probably forever, as they are both retiring when this season is over…I realized I was near tears for real and I just couldn’t bring myself to watch them pull out of that parking lot. That would have done me in for sure.

It was great meeting and hanging out with Amy, Steve and the rest of the Barnstormers Fans out in Left Field tonight. Great people and hey, congrats on your team playing good baseball the last 2 nights.

This blog has been a lot of fun, with one notable exception. 🙂 I got to meet a handful of TERRIFIC Atlantic League fans from LI, Camden, AC (RIP Surf) and of course, Lancaster. I got paged in Newark, because of this blog… lots of good things this summer.

Does Lancaster webcast the games? THat’s going to be my lifeline the next few days.


6. Amy - October 1, 2006

boosterbabe…we all enjoyed meeting you and it was great to talk to you and Peg. thanks for making us feel welcome. we actually left before the top of the twelth because we were just needing to get on the road because Steve has to work at 6am sunday… We were about 20 minutes out when our friends daughter called and told us that we had won. (We couldn’t believe it!!) Anyone that knows me knows that I have to be practically dead to leave a ballgame before the final out so it was pretty hard but we just needed to get going. We never expected the kind of games we saw the last 2 nights but it was fun! I know how you feel about the players leaving….I am going to be a mess whenever this season is over!!! Thanks fortalking baseball with me…it was fun. As far as webcasts…go to http://www.sportsjuice.com and you will see the game listed…click on that and you will hear the game!!! Go Barnstormers…let’s rock the house!

7. Anonymous - October 1, 2006

Boosterbabe-Did you ever think that your baking was what did the Bluefish in?

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