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September 27, 2006 September 27, 2006

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UPDATES: I have placed calls to the Atlantic City Surf front office and the Can-Am League commissioner, and will also be contacting Atlantic League officials shortly.

10:30 AM — A source with knowledge of the situation reports that the Can-Am League may hold a meeting as early as today regarding the situation, although it could not be confirmed that the Surf would be jumping ship.

I also briefly spoke with Joe Klein, Executive Director of the Atlantic League, and he said he had no knowledge of the situation.

11:15 AM — I spoke to Frank Boulton regarding the situation.

“Honestly, nothing’s been done yet,” he said.

Boulton stated that there had been “ongoing” discussions on what’s best for the Surf and the Atlantic League, and that any announcement regarding the status of the Surf’s membership in the league would come in mid to late October, when the league releases their schedule.

Surf’s Up? Surf’s Out: Two separate sources are reporting that the Atlantic City Surf will not be returning to the Atlantic League next season, despite talk that they would earlier in the season.

Not only this is awful news, it’s awful timing as well, as the Surf take on the Barnstormers in what may ultimately be their last Atlantic League game tonight in Lancaster.

Word out of Atlantic City is that the Surf will be heading to the Can-Am League, a league which one Can-Am League player told me was comparable to rookie ball, a statement I did not disagree with having taken in a game.

The thought process is that a shorter season will draw more fans, despite the fact the quality of play on the field would take a drastic nosedive.

The Surf were the first champions in AL history, and it wouldn’t be right if they weren’t around to take part in any 10th anniversary celebrations or festivities the league might have planned next year.

I’ll be working on this story throughout the day, and I hope to have some news to report later on this afternoon.

Nashua Pride manager Butch Hobson watches his team get introduced during the 2005 Atlantic League playoffs. It was the last time the Pride would set foot on an AL field. The Surf may follow Hobson to the Can-Am League.

Playoff Press Release Circus: The Lancaster Barnstormers defeated the Atlantic City Surf 8-3 Tuesday night at Bernie Robbins Stadium to take a 1-0 lead series lead in the best-of-three Atlantic League South Division playoffs.

Lancaster was led by first baseman Jeremy Todd, who was 3-for-5 with four RBI on a single, a double and a homer.

Jose Ortiz also had a two-run homer for the Barnstormers, who defeated Atlantic City ace Lincoln Mikkelsen. Mikkelsen worked six innings and allowed seven hits and six runs, five of which were earned.

Denny Harriger got the victory for Lancaster, holding the Surf to three runs on five hits in seven innings of work.

The scene now shifts to Clipper Magazine Stadium in Lancaster where game two will be played at 7:05 p.m.

Atlantic City struck first and took a 1-0 lead on a solo home run by Ozzie Timmons in the first inning. But Lancaster scored three in the third on wild pitch from Mikkelsen and a two-run homer from Todd to right.

Atlantic City tied the game at three with two runs in the fourth via a two-RBI double from Dario Delgado.

But Lancaster took the lead right back in the fifth. Jason Bowers reached second on a throwing error by Surf third baseman Joe Jiannetti and then scored on Todd’s single to left.

Ortiz then followed with a two-run homer to left field and the Barnstormers were never headed again.

Lancaster scored two more runs in the ninth inning thanks to a two-base error by Enohel Polanco.

Atlantic City’s Andy High, 7-7, will face Lancaster’s Josh Stevens, 2-0, in game two Wednesday night at Clipper Magazine Stadium at 7:05 p.m. Surf fans can follow the action on WLFR 91.7 FM.

(AC Surf)


T.J. Mathews and the Bluefish took down the Long Island Ducks 6-0 in game one of the North Division Championship Series at the Ballpark at Harbor Yard on Tuesday night. Mathews threw nine complete innings of shutout baseball giving up just six hits while the Bluefish combined for eight hits and six runs.

Mathews proved he had his game in the top of the second when Henry Rodriguez led off with a single just out of the reach of a diving P.J. Rose. With the runner on Mathews began to bear down on Duck batters, striking out Jayson Bass and Kevin Haverbusch and forcing Greg Connors to pop out.

Steve Hine got himself into scoring position with no outs in the bottom of the third inning after a ball was mishandled by Duck first baseman Henry Rodriguez. Jamie Pogue laid down a sac bunt to move Hine to second and Angel Espada ripped a ground rule double to bring him home. Deivi Cruz came up next and singled home Espada to give the Bluefish a 2-0 lead.

Rose walked to lead off the bottom of the fourth and Damian Rolls followed with a rip down the left-field line. Ahearne then walked Hine to get to Pogue who singled to left field, scoring Rolls and Rose.

Almonte recorded his second single of the day in the top of the sixth. He then stole second base to get into scoring position.

Norm Hutchins ripped a single up the middle in the bottom of the seventh inning and scored when Bryant Nelson dropped a double down in front of the Ducks’ left fielder, Jayson Bass. Later in the inning Willis Otanez poked a ball through the right side to score Nelson and move Cruz to second. The final would be 6-0 Bluefish.

(Bridgeport Bluefish)



1. KenD - September 27, 2006

If the Surf move to the Can Am league, can the Bears be far behind? Sad to see their attendance figures this year, especially given the quality of the facility and it’s proximity to transportation. Of course the team’s performance this year was abissmal, but the attendance was not a one year aberation.

2. Anonymous - September 27, 2006

You’re right….even when the Bears won the championship the attendance was bad…I just don’t think people want to go into Newark..Parking is so easy and the stadium is nice so it has to be Newark.

3. Amy - September 27, 2006

John…nice talking to you last night at the AC Lanc game….and thanks for the info about the situation in AC. Very intriguing. Tissues? Haha. I see you are the ones needing the tissues!!! No…tonight in Lancaster should be LOUD. Hopefully all the red in the stadim will have that place jumping! Any Surf fans brave enough to show up? Oh that’s right…there are not enough of them to care about the team!! Good luck!

4. Anonymous - September 27, 2006

amy why not drive back to a.c. and kick john in his balls while yer at it.the guy finds out he is losing his team and you decide to taunt him about it.nice you prick.

b-fish fan

5. john from Long Island - September 27, 2006

B-fish looked pretty good last night in Bridgeport. Ducks were flat.
Hoping Bill Pulsipher can get the job done tonight, he says if its up to him we will be going home by 9:30 tonight.
Wonder if Bridgeport will repair the video screen before next seasons opener.
Last and certainly not least, got to give a big round of applause to the Ducks on-field promtion team. In my humble opinion, they are second to none in the Atlantic League.

Lets go Ducks!

6. Anonymous - September 27, 2006

If the Bears and Surf go, that’ll leave the Bluefish with the worst attendance in the league. Its disappointing that we couldn’t even sell out last night for the championship game. Not sure why, its a great park, team is very friendly to fans, excellent players in the league and on the team, and easy to get into.

7. Anonymous - September 27, 2006

the screen has never worked right since it was installed.i think the ducks go bye bye tonight.hodges is tough pitcher to hit and i dont think the ducks are a good offensive team.

bish fan

8. Amy - September 27, 2006

anonymous…i talked to john last night…he was very cool…he gave me alot of info about things going on in AC….What I mean about the tissues is they are losing their team and that is sad for this league. I always enjoy going to AC and have supported that team since their very first season so i am sad about the turn of events there as well. A point that I am trying to make is that the Lancaster fans that chose to make the trip to AC to support their team is very unlike the Surf fans….there just aren’t enough Surf fans like John and his fan club. I am not taunting him… its just that I do feel bad for him losing his team. I don’t know why you are anonymously jumping on me for something that was said in jest. HAHA means HAHA! Funny you know, laugh? I don’t appreciate being called a prick either..if John feels that way about it…let him respond. He was cool enough to come and talk to me at the game and i admire that when he did Lancaster was winning . Why is this your problem?

9. Anonymous - September 27, 2006

I’m not sure why this is awful news or awful timing. The Surf just don’t draw. The atmosphere at the playoff game Tuesday night was pathetic. From what people say, it’s like that all season.

It’s a shame for the few diehard fans, but there aren’t enough of them. The Atlantic League as a whole will be much stronger with York and Southern Maryland.

10. Anonymous - September 27, 2006

?? Aren’t the Surf and Ducks owned by the same people??

11. number1surffan John - September 27, 2006

Southern Maryland??? Been there, done that. It failed. The future “planned” team hasn’t taken care of the political and building concerns to move forward.

As I’m under the impression, the Surf’s(as of now, could change of course) ownership will revert back to Frank Boulton (Schuster was ‘leasing’ for this year), however Schuster will run it next year – as part of the Can-Am league.

then 2008 hopes are the new Race Course property stadium will be up and ready.

Then 2009 they expect either Md, or another Northern Jersey team will be in Atl. League, and if Surf can still be in existence they will be (perhaps) able to rejoin the Atl. League.

LOTS of conjecture, but who knows.

Amy – it was nice meeting you and your husband. We hit your best for 3 runs. You hit our best for 6. Ouch. It’s not over…and I think there will be nice poetry in the Surf taking the championship before being dropped from the league.

there WILL be a number of Surf fans there tonight, alas I won’t be one of them. With just LI and Lancaster left for my stadium visits this season, work has to take priority. Heck, looks like I might want to bank my vacation time for next year. Road trip to Quebec?

12. Anonymous - September 27, 2006

Two sources??

Name names…..

13. dcpolak - September 27, 2006

With AC apparently leaving, Newark possibly following suit and poor attendance in Bridgeport, you have to wonder about the future of the Atlantic League.

What’s on the horizon? Will it be down to six legitimate teams or an 8-team league with 2 or 3 versions of the Road Warriors.

14. Anonymous - September 28, 2006

Surf will be leaving for the cam am league next year. the road warriors will be back again next season and no the bears are not leaving the atlantic league. also chris jones will not be back next year he was released on monday.

15. Anonymous - September 28, 2006

bpt does not have poor attn.they have poor marketing .the people who go to fish games are from outside of bpt.the new ownership must make job one getting bpt residents into bluefish baseball.the fan who lives 10-15 miles away cant go to games every night.the fish need to get the people who lives 5 mins away to games every night.

b-fish fan

16. Anonymous - September 28, 2006

surffan john i have been to a few can am league games in new haven.good luck buddy.it is tough baseball to watch.there are no mikkelsons and marvals in the can am league.

b-fish fan

17. number1surffan John - September 28, 2006

yeah, I am seriously considering NOT renewing my season ticket. I figure I may get similar level playing @ the local high school field – for free.

Game Over.

congratulations Lancaster Barnstormers. Go BLUEFISH!

now I have to see if there is a blogspot for canam. Nah, still spinning on the rules that prevent proven players from dominating.


18. Cousin Jeffrey - September 28, 2006

Basing your opinions of the Can-Am League on one game involving a team in a 20-game losing streak and on what one player says really isn’t much to go on.

You’re a better journalist than that.

19. Anonymous - September 28, 2006

does anyone know the duck fish score im dying over here.the stupid wvof station keeps going off and on.

b-fish fan

20. Anonymous - September 28, 2006

bluefish-10 ducks-4 final.how sweep i mean sweet it is.lancaster youre next………..

b-fish fan

21. BoosterBabe - September 28, 2006

All I can say is, I’m glad I was wrong! 🙂
I was at Yankee Stadium tonight, but on the phone every 20 minutes with friends in LI at the game or home in Bpt listening to WLIE (540 AM).

The sweetest thing is, It’s Bridgeport vs. Lancaster. Gonna be some great baseball the next few days!!!!

As for AC, I’m sad for John and the diehard AC fans. And it’s a sad testament for the league, as well. But I’ll think about that next week. We’ve got a championship series to get through!!!

Yeah…all of a sudden…I care again. Funny how that works????!!!

22. Tom from Long Island - September 28, 2006

Congratulations to DAVE LaPOINT and the Bridgeport Bluefish. Their pitching was great and they managed to keep the Ducks off the bases in both games. In the two games played, their pitchers held the Ducks to 13 hits and 4 runs (two of which came on solo homeruns). I don’t understand how you Bluefish fans can criticize LaPoint when all he has done in his first year with you is to bring in quality pitching and take your team to the championship. Dave was a great pitching coach for the Ducks and his reputation drew quality pitchers to him and the team that he represented. We (Long Island) will gladly trade you our manager, Don McCormack, for Dave anytime. We’ll even throw in Juan Gonzalez.

I can’t believe that I am saying this, but I’m rooting for the Bluefish to win. This is for one reason and one reason only–DAVE LaPOINT. Good luck in the championship.

As for myself, I don’t know which is more depressing, the fact that the Ducks lost to the Bluefish or the fact that my rooting interests for football and hockey are the Jets and the Islanders.


Boosterbabe–this kinda blows your conspiracy theory to bits, doesn’t it? It’s amazing to see your dramatic turn around now that the Fish are in the finals.

23. AtlanticLeagueBaseball.com - September 28, 2006

A) My Can-Am League game was the worst experience of my four-year career, based more on how I was treated off the field than what went on during the game.

B) I consistently hear about how bad the Can-Am is compared to the Atlantic League from various fans and people up in Nashua as well.

I reference the player saying what he said and my own experiences because that’s the only on the record stuff I have.


24. AtlanticLeagueBaseball.com - September 28, 2006

You’re asking me to give up my sources. You know how crazy that is, yes?

Also, no namecalling here. Really.

25. clearasmud - September 28, 2006

Source names might not be a top issue. Reliability could be. Keep in mind that the main lip-flapper on that staff was the same guy who promised a boxer appearance and to blow up T.O. stuff. Neither happened. More like a promotional blowhard who is still living the glory of being a lifeguard 40 years ago and having a daddy who has famous friends.

26. AtlanticLeagueBaseball.com - September 28, 2006

The Press of AC acknowledged the Can-Am rumors in today’s paper as well, go ride their ass about where they got their stuff if it’s that important to you.

It’s obvious what you’re insinuating, and you’re incorrect.


27. Anonymous - September 28, 2006

They got the info from this web site and should have acknowledged that. Talk about bad journalism.

28. BoosterBabe - September 28, 2006

For once in my life (note the date, folks, this might never happen again!) I’m GLAD TO BE WRONG! Really, truly, sincerely, over the top THRILLED to be WRONG!

I’m not pleased with a lot of “politics” that occurred this season at Harbor Yard (which I will refrain from discussing in such a public forum) and it was starting to look like that was spilling over onto the Field. Glad it turned it out the way it did, that’s all I can say.
I was wrong.
There, I said it.
I was wrong, and I’m very happy I was!

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