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September 24, 2006 September 24, 2006

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Playoff Match-up: Here’s a look at the pitching match-ups between the Atlantic City Surf and Lancaster Barnstormers for Round 1 of the playoffs.

Tuesday @ A.C. – Mikkelsen vs. Harriger
Wednesday @ Lancaster – High vs, Stevens
Thursday @ Lancaster (if necc.) Persails vs. Whitaker or Bowker

Make your predictions for the playoffs! Post it!- Scott Stanchak



1. Anonymous - September 24, 2006

Barnstormers in 3 games!

2. john from Long Island - September 24, 2006

ducks over bluefish in three
lancaster over ac in two
ducks over barnstormers in five

of course I am biased

3. Anonymous - September 24, 2006

Ya mean the Bears didn’t make the playoffs??????

4. BoosterBabe - September 24, 2006

I have to agree with John. There’s no way in hell anyone in this league will allow the Fish to win the division. Including our mgr, I’m afraid.

5. Don't Ask - September 24, 2006

Lancaser in two??


I actuallly see the Surf in three in this one, with those pitching matchups.

6. Chuckerd58 - September 24, 2006

The Ducks in three[On talent,not any ridiculous conspiricy theory.]The Stormers in two. The Stormers in 5 in the final.

7. Ghost of JC - September 24, 2006

Where you playing those games, the grassy knoll? The only people holding the Fish back are usually the Fish.

8. Lem - September 24, 2006

AC has enough pitching to win one and maybe the series so I will say AC in 3.

Ducks in 3 hard fought games.

Ducks in 4 in the final.

9. Amy - September 25, 2006

Barnstormers in 3.
Bridgeport in 3.
Barnstormers in 4!!!

10. sharkgirltoo - September 25, 2006

I’m going with the Barnstormers all the way…Barnstormers in 3 over AC; great pitching match up first game. Bluefish in 3 over Ducks.
Barnstormers in 5.

Mike, I’m looking forward to reading your next article on the Road Warriors.

11. Anonymous - September 25, 2006

bluefish in 2-0 over the ducks.
surf 2-1 over stormers.
bluefish 3-1 over the surf.

b-fish fan

12. Tom from Long Island - September 25, 2006

-Ducks in 3 over the Fish
-Lancaster in 3 over Surf (although
I’m rooting for AC because I’d
rather spend a few days in AC
for the finals)
-Ducks in 4 over Lancaster
-Series MVP – Erick Almonte

13. a curious mind - September 25, 2006

Game 1 – north LI over BB
south – Mikelson NO HITTER vs. LB

Game 2 – LB beat AC
BB come from behind to narrowly defeat LI

Game 3 – north – LI over BB
south – extra inning win for LB

Championship Series
Game 1 LI over LB
Game 2 LB over LI
Game 3 LB over LI
Game 4 LI over LB
Game 5 and NEW CHAMPS – LI

14. dcpolak - September 25, 2006


Today’s Courier-News mentions that Sparkly Lyle had a “mid-game exit” yesterday and that his two coaches shared managerial duties for the remainder of the game.

There was no reference in the story to an ejection. Anyone know what happened?

15. Anonymous - September 25, 2006

LI over BP in 3
AC over LAN in 3

LI over AC in 3

16. Anonymous - September 25, 2006

Sparky leaves in the middle of the game all the time. If he feels the game is decided (usually with the Patriots losing) then he will leave and head home. It is not uncommon at all.

17. Anonymous - September 25, 2006

What is surprising is that the paper wrote that he left early. I think his mismanagement of the personnel he had might have been noticed this year. However, it doesnt surprise me to hear that he will be back. One manager I would bet against is Chris Jones in Newark. His team in the first half should have been as good as anyone. The first half lineup had no weakness, and the second half lineup was pretty good too.

18. Anonymous - September 25, 2006

I agree about Chris Jones and the Bears….The team should have been better and I think Chris was too slow in giving pitchers the hook…God knows the pitchers on the Bears needed many hooks. The lineup was decent but the pitchers didn’t cut it and it was a frustrating year for Bears fans….as have the last 3 or 4 years been for Bears fans..

19. Anonymous - September 25, 2006

BRG over LI in 3
AC over LAN in 3

BRG over AC in 5
Bluefish party at Sandcastle (oops…I mean Bernie Robbins Stadium)

20. Roadwarriorfan - September 25, 2006

LI over BP in 3
LAN over AC in 3
LI over LAN in 4

Can’t wait for the Road Warriors article, Mike.

21. john from Long Island - September 25, 2006

Is the booster table open tommorrow?
I hear the port jeff ferry can not keep up with the requests for reservations from this side of the Long Island Sound.
Will stop by and say hello if the table is there.

22. quackers - September 26, 2006

Not sure if Hodges of the Bluefish was ever in the bigs but the other five scheduled starters in this series all have ML experience- still would love to see the Harriger vs. Mikkleson matchup- think it’s the best one of the opening round- but I’ll be among the many Ducks fans crossing the Long Island Sound rooting our team on to victory.
Ducks in 3 – Lancaster in 2
Ducks in 5 over Lancaster

23. Amy - September 26, 2006

I myself am traveling to AC tomorrow night for the Harriger Mikkelson matchup. For the Surf fans on here…I will be the one wearing the pink Barnstormers #23 Ross Peeples jersey and my husband will be the one in the tie dyed Barnstormers #1 Frank Klebe jersey…sitting in row one behind the Barnstormers dugout….come say hi and talk some trash haha!

24. BoosterBabe - September 26, 2006

No Booster Table for the post season. Anyone who normally staffs the table wanted to just sit and watch the game. Very likely the last one we play at home.
We’ll probably be outnumbered….

Not sure what time I’ll even get there. They don’t seem to care whether Bpt fans who work in the Norwalk/Stamford area (which is most people) can get there for the beginning of the game or not, just as long as the Ducks fans can get there and get that last ferry home. It disgusts me that the start time of this game was changed to accomodate the VISITING fans but that’s the reality of the Frank Boulton league.

To tell the truth, I don’t even care what happens. I’ll just be glad when this season is finally over.

25. number1surffan John - September 26, 2006

Amy – I’ll have my Purple AC Surf “FAN CLUB” T-shirt on, just between the Surf dugout and on-deck circle. I’ll stop by to say hi, and offer you some tissues for later in the game (haha). Seriously, welcome. REALLY hoping Boosterbabe is wrong about her team losing, so she can reconsider coming down to AC for the last 1 (or 2, or 3) championship game(s).

26. 7th inning stretch - September 26, 2006

With that attitude, no wonder your date couldn’t go nine innings.

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