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September 17, 2006 September 17, 2006

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Catch Him While You Can: I spoke to Newark Bears OF Will Pennyfeather last night, and he indicated that this would be his last season. Penny has told me this for at least two seasons now, but this seems to be the real deal. Will is going to have shoulder surgery in the off-season, and said it was unlikely he’d return for a tenth Atlantic League season.

Miffed: That’s what many people still were regarding Friday night’s decision to call the Patriots-Bears game due to unplayable field conditions. Despite the fact that the rain appeared to be letting up, the game was called.

This is particularly interesting, considering a game was played while there was standing water on the infield on the very same field earlier in the year. – Mike Ashmore



1. Anonymous - September 17, 2006

Pete Rose Sr was in the visitors dugout last night at the bridgeport vs ducks game.

2. qwackedup - September 18, 2006

Pete Rose makes many appearances at his son’s games. He sneaks in and out and is not accessible to fans or media. He is just a father watching his son play.

3. qwackedup - September 18, 2006

This post comes from a room with Frank Boulton present. Norm Hutchins strikes out looking in the fifth inning, the Bluefish trailing 15-7. He stands in the box, draws lines in the dirt, is ejected and stays in the box longer. Then he tosses his helmet, bat and shin guard down the first base line and as he finally walks towards the third base dugout, the fans are booing and he waves them on with both hands. A very unprofessional display. And the Bluefish blew three and four run leads in both games of the doubleheader.

4. BoosterBabe - September 18, 2006

Yeah, well….what’s up with leaving that Bluefish pitcher in the game for 7 innings when it was obvious from the first inning he didn’t have any control today? There is no way on this green earth that any manager should have left that pitcher in beyond the 4th inning. There was no one throwing in the bullpen until they brought Layfield in for the 8th, and by then, the game was over.

I smell something fishy….(pun intended). Not sure what…but something’s not right about this.

5. Anonymous - September 18, 2006

booster babe what does lapoint care if a pitcher is getting bomb.the bluefish are in the playoffs why wreck the pen.

b-fish fan

6. Anonymous - September 18, 2006

Pete Rose Sr. spent the first 4 innings of the first game on Long Island today in the Bluefish dugout. He spent the rest of the game in a luxury box watching the football games and he poked his head out when his son got up to bat.

7. Tom from Long Island - September 18, 2006

Boosterbabe – It was nice meeting you at Citibank Park today. Too bad the Bluefish lost both games today and couldn’t clinch the second half title. I hope your party on the ferry ride home went well. The first round of the playoffs between the Ducks and Bluefish should be a good one. Both of the teams are evenly matched. We split the season series 9-9 and we had identical home records of 6 wins and 3 loses. The Ducks scored 97 runs against the Bluefish while the Fish scored 95 runs against the Ducks for the season. You couldn’t ask for anything closer than that. They’ll be a boat load of us coming up for the first playoff game on Tuesday the 26th, so I’ll see you then.

8. Tom from Long Island - September 18, 2006

Hey Duck fans, come out and support your team when we go up to
Bridgeport for the first game of the division playoffs on Tuesday,
September 26th. The Port Jeff ferry is running a special deal for the game. You get a round trip walk on ferry ticket, a ticket to the game and $5 in Bluefish bucks all for just $31. You can contact the Port Jeff Ferry Tour Department at 631-473-5138 to make your reservations. The last ferry back will leave 30 minutes after the last out is made in the game and the team will be coming back on the ferry with us.

9. Anonymous - September 18, 2006

Whats the deal with Carlos Hernandez on the Ducks. Is he hurt?

10. Anonymous - September 18, 2006

Carlos hurt his ankle in Somerset on Sunday the 10th.

11. Anonymous - September 18, 2006

thanks. Any idea how long he will be out

12. Anonymous - September 18, 2006

Day to day. They’ll probably take their time in getting him back. Might as well rest him for the playoffs.

13. Anonymous - September 18, 2006

Any word on why Somerset’s Fernando Lunar left for season? Is this a ‘for good’ move?

14. Anonymous - September 18, 2006

lunar retired

15. Anonymous - September 19, 2006

The official version is that the game was called due to an “unplayable field” as a result of rain. The unofficial version is that the Bears players had had two earlier altercations with the umpires, resulting in ejections, that tensions remained high, and the umpires used the light rain to call the game because they didn’t want any more incidents.

16. Anonymous - September 19, 2006

if the last post is true.those umpires should be fired asap.and the front office of the bears should be fined for lack of player control.

b-fish fan

17. Anonymous - September 19, 2006

one question if anyone can answer.how is it that if the bluefish or ducks face the surf in the championship do the surf have home field advantage.

b-fish fan

18. AtlanticLeagueBaseball.com - September 19, 2006

It’s pre-determined which division will host each individual game of the ALCS.


19. Amy - September 19, 2006

Lancaster places pitcher Eric Ackerman on the inactive list in order to activate Cam Smith off the DL for tonights start vs Bridgeport. Eric has been attending classes at the Univ of Pitt and is basically available on weekends only.

20. Anonymous - September 19, 2006

Not only is Cam back, but Matt Knox is also back. Manny Santana has been placed on the DL and Ackerman is now inactive.

21. Anonymous - September 19, 2006

Long-time minor league baseball executive Matt O’Brien is now the York Revolution’s first general manager.

22. Anonymous - September 19, 2006
23. john from Long Island - September 19, 2006

Just looked at the Bridgeport website, seems the first playoff game is scheduled to begin at 6:05 pm. Thought this was worth mentioning. Thats the Tuesday, 9/26/06 in Bridgeport.

24. Amy - September 19, 2006

Great news on the Matt Knox return also. I must have missed the news on that but it will be nice to get Matt back out there again. He has been a tremendous asset to our bullpen. I know manny has been limping around for a couple days now with some sort of knee injury.

25. Anonymous - September 19, 2006

Does anybody know the name of the song that Reggie Taylor comes to the plate to?

26. Anonymous - September 19, 2006

Ducks lose game 1 to the Surf.

27. Dinghey - September 20, 2006

Saw the 6:05 “family friendly” start time for the 26th.NOT. My ticket says 7:05 so myself and others will miss part of game. People work, if bring family, go home and then to game. Is this based on ferry for Duck fans?

28. Anonymous - September 20, 2006

According to Charlie Dowd, the time was changed because they have been having trouble getting kids on school nights. The ferry had nothing to do with the time. They had previously agreed to hold the last ferry for thirty minutes after the last out is registered in the game.

29. Anonymous - September 20, 2006

Ducks won the second game 7-2.

30. Anonymous - September 20, 2006

if you think charlie dowd who knows i-95 rush hour traffic wants a 6:05 game time start you are nuts.i will tell you this and you can bet on it.THERE IS NO WAY IN HELL THE BLUEFISH CARE ABOUT A FAN FRIENDLY START.it would kill any walk up sales to that game without a doubt.not to mention its so fan friendly they raise every ticket 3 bucks more.they know the place will be citibank park north and they changed the time for duck fans coming over on the ferry.dowd has been stripped of all gm duties since the all star break. you think they would allow him to change the time of the biggest game the fish have played in bpt.in 2 years.no chance.

b-fish fan

31. Anonymous - September 20, 2006

In regards to the Pats/Bears shortened game: I don’t know if you can necessarily fault the Bears players for getting ejected. I don’t have first-hand knowledge of the incidents (heck, players have been getting tossed all year), but it seems to me like most of these umpires have a very quick trigger finger. I’ve seen a few games this year where players and/or managers have gotten tossed. Sometimes it’s deserved, sometimes it seems like it’s out of the blue. In many cases, umpire strike zones are inconsistent, leading to disagreements.

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