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September 10, 2006 September 10, 2006

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Surf Sign One: RHP Jeff Blitstein has been signed by the Atlantic City Surf. Blitstein was pitching with Lincoln of the American Association. – Mike Ashmore

Gonzalez Sits: Long Island Ducks OF Juan Gonzalez sat out the entire series against Somerset. Gonzalez declined to comment for a story on Friday. He has not played in the field since August 8th.


1. Anonymous - September 11, 2006


2. qwackedup - September 11, 2006

Juan Gonzalez is not news anymore. Him playing or not shouldn’t even be an issue. The Ducks have better players in Ambrosini, Haverbusch, Navarrete, Stocker, Connors and King

3. Anonymous - September 11, 2006

Can you tell me the format for the league championship? I see that it is two home and then 3 away. Does the team with the best record start at home?

4. Fausto Gabon - September 11, 2006

Home team alternates, this year games 1-2 are in the North. Ducks have tickets on sale, as do the Barnstormers for gms 3-5.

5. Anonymous - September 11, 2006

I think the playoffs are only best of 3 series – so LI hosts 1st 2, then Bridgeport 3rd (if needed). South would be Lancaster for 1st 2, then 3rd wherever if needed (currently AC, but may still be Camden).

Championship is best of 5

6. Tom from Long Island - September 11, 2006

Here is your playoff schedule:

Division Playoffs (best-of-3):

Tu 9/26: Gm. 1 – First half winner (Ducks/Lancaster) @ 2nd Half Champ or Wild Card Winner

We 9/27: Gm. 2 – 2nd Half Champ or Wild Card Winner @ 1st Half Champ

Th 9/28: Gm. 3 – (if necessary): 2nd Half Champ or Wild Card Winner @ 1st Half Champ (Ducks/Lancaster)

Atlantic League Championship Series *(best-of-5):

Fr 9/29: Gm. 1 – South @ North

Sa 9/30: Gm. 2 – South @ North

Su 10/1: Gm. 3 – North @ South

Mo 10/2: Gm. 4 (if nec.) – North @ South

Tu 10/3: Gm. 5 (if nec.) – North @ South

7. Anonymous - September 11, 2006

Postings on the Bluefish website are confusing. Currently, it says that they need six games to “clinch the North Divison title and playoff berth (11 games left).” By clinching the title, do they mean this half? Is there any way to go straight to the league championship?

8. Anonymous - September 11, 2006

It means they will be the second half winner. Their first playoff game is Tuesday, September 26th vs. the Long Island Ducks.

9. Anonymous - September 11, 2006

I thought the Ducks play the second half winner in the other divsion in the first round of the playoffs

10. Anonymous - September 11, 2006

The playoff schedule above has everything laid out for you.

11. clearasmud - September 11, 2006

Soooo – if it were to happen with current standings…

Division playoffs Games One & Two

Surf @ Barnstormers
Bluefish @ Ducks

Games Three (if needed)
Barnstormers @ Surf
Ducks @ Bluefish

Championship Series
games 1 & 2 Surf or Barnstormers @ Bluefish or Ducks

Games 3 & 4/5 if needed Bluefish or Ducks @ Surf or Barnstormers


12. Anonymous - September 11, 2006

But ….

For the past few days, the Bluefish site has posted (the numbers have been getting better):

12 Games to clinch North Divison Championship

7 Games to clinch playoff berth

So what’s the difference between games to clinch North Division Championship and the games to clinch playoff berth?

13. Fausto Gabon - September 11, 2006


Division series game one locations TBD. First half winners host #2 and #3 if necessary.

Got the Championship right.

14. quackers - September 11, 2006

go back to” Tom from Long Island”- he has spelled it out perfectly- if the season ended now- Ducks at Bport for game #1 as well as AC at Lancaster and reverse for games #2 and #3( if necessary) – Finals are games #1 and #2 at the North winner and games #3 and #4 & #5 ( if necessary) at the South winner
As for any real fan of the LI Ducks , the less we see and hear about him for the rest of the season, the better
for us all.

15. Chuckerd58 - September 12, 2006

On the Ducks radiocast on Sunday,Frank Boulton strongly hints at the possible return of Todd Erdos to the Ducks. After the recent stretch of awful relief appreances by the bullpen,i think Erdos would be a huge boast for the Ducks.

16. number1surffan John - September 12, 2006

am looking on the “official” site for transactions – as I understand it, the deadline for signings was 9/10 if the player is to be eliegible for post-season play

17. BoosterBabe - September 12, 2006

Clearasmud: You have it backwards.

it’s not: Bluefish @ Ducks

It’s Ducks at Bluefish for Game 1, 9/26.

Bluefish website is all messed up. Championship series according to them is at Harbor Yard Sat and Sun. Which is it? I’m probably gonna go by what’s posted here, above. (I like that better anyway, I really should not be at the ballpark that Sunday night, though it sucks that we can’t win it at home, if we do win it)
Worst thing is, either AC or Lancaster is 5 hours away, so I can’t go there, either.

18. BoosterBabe - September 12, 2006

Side note: it was finally in today’s paper about Darryl Brinkley joining the team.
What’s up with that? Home team goes on the road, no press coverage?
Is that the fault of the press or the front office for not getting word out there?

19. number1surffan John - September 12, 2006

boosterbabe – and why not!? (travel, that is). Okay then , game 1 is @ home for Surf in playoffs, and games 3, 4/5(if needed). They just listed the package plans – but season ticket holders are already covered. cool.

20. Amy - September 12, 2006

For playoffs I ALWAYS travel to the away games….love it at this time of the year!!! So, anyone playing the Barnstormers should look for my husband and I at the away games!!! Looking forward to meeting everyone at the games home or away!

21. quackers - September 12, 2006

on the Ducks website: Pat Mahomes has resigned with the club

22. john from Long Island - September 12, 2006

Pat Mahomes must be glad to be back with the Ducks. With the Omaha Royals he was 1-1, with a 5.60 ERA over 35.1 innings pitched.

Comparatively, Pat had a better stay in Omaha, then did former Duck and Bluefish Donovan Osbourne. Donovan compiled an 0-6 record with a 6.66 ERA over 52.2 innings. The Omaha Royals website says Osbourne left the team on 8/29/2006. Could not happen to a nicer guy (tongue in cheek).

Lets hope the Ducks batting can give Pat the support and confidence to help the Ducks in their playoff efforts.

23. BoosterBabe - September 13, 2006

Honestly, if it were LI or Newark, I’d say “Maybe” I’ll be there. AC or Lancaster? it’s too far to go in one day (4-5 hours each way) and I can’t afford a hotel right now……
So I’ll have to listen to the last game or 2 or 3 on the web. 😦

It’s not that I’m not devoted, lord knows I am….but I just don’t have the bucks to do it.

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