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August 18, 2006 August 19, 2006

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Flava Do, Yo: If you read my feature on Somerset Patriots P Keith Ramsey, you know he’s in a band called Flava Do. But what you might not know is that Ramsey will be performing in Somerset after the Patriots 5:05 game this Sunday with his fellow bandmates. What makes this even more interesting is that Ramsey is Sunday’s scheduled starter.

Ramsey’s an awesome, awesome guy and I’m really looking forward to watching him pitch and perform all in the same night. For more information on how to get tickets, stop by the Somerset Patriots ticket office or visit somersetpatriots.com – Mike Ashmore



1. Anonymous - August 19, 2006

I have a question about the playoffs. What is the format for the playoffs as far as location and who gets in? Appreciate your response.

2. Anonymous - August 19, 2006

A follow-up question about the playoffs. Describe how the wildcard team gets into the playoffs. Is it the best team within the division or is it the best record in both divisions and is it both the first and second half of the season? Thanks.

3. Tom from Long Island - August 19, 2006

Hope this answers your questions about the playoffs. This was taken from the Atlantic league web site.


The Atlantic League plays a split season format in which the first half and second half winners of each division will play in a best of three Divisional Series.

In the event a club should win both halves of their division, their opponent for the best of three divisional playoff shall be the club, regardless of division, designated as the WILD CARD, that has achieved the best overall record for the entire season. In the event of a tie between 2 or more clubs, the normal tiebreakers would be in effect.

Double Wild Card

In the event the same clubs win both halves of their respective divisions there are two scenarios:

l. If the two Designated Wild Card entrants (teams with next best overall record) are in separate divisions, they shall play the Division Champion in their respective division (regardless of record) in order to ensure each division having a representative in the Championship Series.
2. If the two Designated Wild Cards are from the same division, then and only then would a seeding system come into play, by won loss record with one playing four and two playing three with all ties decided by the tie breakers system described above.
The winners of the two Divisional Playoff Series will meet in a best-of-five Atlantic League Championship Series.

In regards to the locations:

Division Playoffs (best-of-3):

Tu 9/26: Gm. 1 – First half winner (Ducks/Lancaster) @ 2nd Half Champ or Wild Card Winner

We 9/27: Gm. 2 – 2nd Half Champ or Wild Card Winner @ 1st Half Champ

Th 9/28: Gm. 3 – (if necessary): 2nd Half Champ or Wild Card Winner @ 1st Half Champ (Ducks/Lancaster)

Atlantic League Championship Series *(best-of-5):

Fr 9/29: Gm. 1 – South @ North

Sa 9/30: Gm. 2 – South @ North

Su 10/1: Gm. 3 – North @ South

Mo 10/2: Gm. 4 (if nec.) – North @ South

Tu 10/3: Gm. 5 (if nec.) – North @ South

4. Anonymous - August 19, 2006

Thanks for the information on the playoffs. Is there a place to find out what the final records were for the 1st half of the season so you can combine with the second half for determing the wild card player?

5. Anonymous - August 19, 2006

Barnstormers pitcher Matt Knox went on the disabled list with a partial tear of the supraspinatus muscle in his shoulder.

6. Amy - August 19, 2006

I believe you can check back a few days on this blog…Aug 12-13. Standings were posted on the very last post. I believe Bridgeport leads the wild card if i am not mistaken?

7. Anonymous - August 19, 2006

Thanks for sharing where the standings are posted.

8. Amy - August 19, 2006

No problem…you will have to add in a few games. I also think that they are posted on the league website under standings.

9. Anonymous - August 19, 2006

final first half standings are also on the atlantic league wqeb site standings page.

10. quackers - August 19, 2006

Where’s Juan?

Not at Citibank Park for the 3rd night in a row. Does anybody miss him?

11. Anonymous - August 19, 2006

Of course Juan is not there. They put him on a poster that they gave out on Thursday night so he probably doesn’t want to be around so he doesn’t have to sign them (he doesn’t sign for anyone anyway). Don’t look for him to be there for the Sunday autograph session either for the same reason.

12. DA - August 19, 2006

no, Bridgeport would NOT have a wild card spot as long as they still are ahead in their division… North will probably end up Long Island (in) vs. Bluefish (leading). South will be Lancaster Barnstormers (in) vs. whoever is next with best record regardless of division. Could be Newark.

13. AtlanticLeagueBaseball.com - August 19, 2006

Juan did sign autographs for fans multiple times in Somerset…


14. SharkGirl - August 20, 2006

I mentioned in the past that Juan was very accomadating when he was in Camden the first time. He posed for pictures when asked & signed every autograph asked of him. Maybe he doesn’t like the Duck fans….

15. SharkGirl - August 20, 2006

sorry-spelling error-accomodating. Couldn’t let that go by…..

16. AtlanticLeagueBaseball.com - August 20, 2006

I already got one e-mail to — and I quote:

“Get off Juan’s nuts.”


17. Anonymous - October 7, 2006

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