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August 15, 2006 August 15, 2006

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Victor Rodriguez, Streaker: Is he going up through the quad? Is he going towards the gymnasium? Nobody seems to know.

Newark Bears INF Victor Rodriguez got a hit in his last 11 Atlantic League games in 2004. He didn’t play in the Atlantic League, and returned to the league this year. In his first 16 games, he has at least one hit in each. Do some quick math, and you’ll see that’s 27 straight Atlantic League games with a hit, which would tie Billy Hall’s record. Or does it?

Nobody seems to know if the streak taking a season off, so to speak, affects whether it still counts in the record books. I think he’s tied the record, but what I think doesn’t matter here. Hopefully, I’ll have some more information on this tomorrow.

Hackman Swims Away: Bridgeport P Luther Hackman has been signed by the Milwaukee Brewers and assigned to Double-A Huntsville. To replace him, the team has signed P Nick Bierbrodt.

Henkel Storming Out: The Boston Red Sox have signed Lancaster P Rob Henkel. Henkel was assigned to Triple-A Pawtucket. To fill his spot, the team acquired P Chris Clem from the Road Warriors. The team also acquired P Todd Pennington from the Frontier League. – Mike Ashmore


1. Anonymous - August 15, 2006

Hackman will be reporting to Double A Huntsville, not bridgeport…..

2. AtlanticLeagueBaseball.com - August 15, 2006

Ouch. Wow, I suck at life. Good catch.


3. quackers - August 16, 2006

Ducks SP Tony Fiore has signed on to pitch in Taiwan – did a great job while on L.I. – good luck to him- now the team really needs some pitching help

4. Anonymous - August 16, 2006

OK, so here’s how the ducks looked in the 8th and 9th inning tonight:
p-Rob Cafiero (backup 1st baseman)
1b-Kevin Haverbush (Rightfielder)
SS- Erik Almonte (3rd Baseman)
3B- Greg Connors (Backup Catcher)
LF- Mike Crudale (Yes, the pitcher)
RF- Bryan Geolz (Who was playing left)
The announcement by Bob Ottone was quite hilarious!
Cafiero pitched well and got a standing ovation. The ducks need some help, seven straight losses!
p.s. Juan Gonzalez was the first base coach all game.

5. MelWearingsGhost - August 16, 2006

Luther Hackman leaves the Bluefish? He was SO dominating after the first month of the season, when he settled down in the bullpen, and then kicked butt as a starter.

Who can Dave LaPoint get now?

What a bizzare power play that’s transpired in the ‘Fish front office: GM Charlie Dowd, apparently in charge of marketing & tickets, etc… Here’s a guy who has had a great file on players in the minors, in independent ball, in Mexico and in Japan & Asia. Now he’s not needed in that capacity? Dave Lapoint may certainly have contacts that have allowed Bridgeport to fill major gaps this year, on the mound, and at positions. Maybe he HAS the magic needed to get this team into the playoffs, and win it all. He’s had his head in the game every time I’ve seen him at Harbor Yard (quite the contrast to Jose Lind at the end of his tenure).

Ownership certainly has the right to fire the GM, or reassign that person. But if Charlie Dowd goes, that’s a loss that ballplayers who’ve played for –or against– the Bluefish may notice. Except for that abberation of 2005, he’s made moves that have kept the team above water (no pun intended).

He could transform any other club in the Atlantic League, or within an organization. I sure hope he stays, but if the Bridgeport ownership no longer wants him, Dowd will be a valuable resource to some other franchise.

6. Tom - August 16, 2006

The Ducks are in serious trouble. They have only two legitimate starting pitchers (Ahearne and Pulsipher) and their relievers are getting overworked and burned out due to injuries to other pitchers, spot starts, working longer in games than they normally do and having to play positions in the field and also having to pinch run late in the games because of the rash of injuries to the position players. Rob Cafiero (first baseman) has been used as a reliever seven times already, throwing his wicked knuckleball in mop up situations. Maybe they should let him start a game since he seems to be having some success with his knuckler (but that would leave no one to play first base).

7. Anonymous - August 16, 2006

If it counted for Jimmy Rollins, why shouldn’t it count for Victor Rodriguez. Whether it’s the following season or not, it’s the next game he appeared in.

8. Anonymous - August 16, 2006

why hasnt Henry Rodriguez been playing lately and how long will Elvis pena be sidelined?

9. Anonymous - August 16, 2006

Henry has a problem with his heel and Elvis has a problem with his oblique muscle.

10. Amy - August 16, 2006

I agree that the Ducks are in a world of trouble right now but there are other teams feeling the hurt as well. Lancaster has issues as well on their pitching staff…we have been fairly short for awhile now…problem isn’t quite as bad as Long Island but it still exists. Truth be told…Lancaster is still winning and coming up big when the pitching needs to…Long Island hasn’t. And with the Lancaster hitters coming around as they have recently…well we look pretty tough right now! But i do realize when Long Island is healthy they have a potent offense as well. It should be interesting over the next month!

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