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August 12-13, 2006 August 13, 2006

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Patriot Games: According to a report in The Courier News, the Somerset Patriots are set to acquire Road Warriors INF Nick Ortiz and are also in talks with Glenn Murray.

I like the idea of acquiring Ortiz, he’d be a solid replacement for Kevin Nicholson and you could certainly make a case for him staying on the team for the duration. As for the Murray move, and I preface this with the fact that I like Glenn, that would be a move that would be very atypical of anything Somerset’s done in the past. I’d be somewhat surprised if that deal got done.

Booth Relocates: The Sussex Skyhawks of the Can-Am League have signed former Bears and Patriots C Jeremy Booth to a contract. – Mike Ashmore



1. BoosterBabe - August 13, 2006


Newark Fans: is there a place near the stadium, or within a 10-20 minute drive, where there’s a restaurant and/or bar, maybe some live music, preferably outside with a water view….low-key and relaxed? (I’m thinking of something along the lines of South St. Seaport in NYC or Captain’s Cove here in Bridgeport, for those of you familiar). Second choice would be an area where there are a lot of bars and/or restaurants and maybe little shops where we can walk around-again, low key and relaxed.

Reason: I have a blind date and we are meeting in the middle of CT and PA, which turns out to be NJ. I got to pick the place and I decided if I am meeting some guy from the internet (we’ve talked on the phone for almost 30 hours this week, I checked my phone records!), I’m going to meet him with 25 of my favorite guys with bats nearby backing me up! (and I warned him that they would go after him if he tried anything funny–he laughed!) LOL

Seriously, he agreed a baseball game would be fun, I suggested the Bluefish vs. Newark game today, because at least I’ll be among friends in a place where I’ve been before and am comfortable.

So I’m leaving here at 10:40 or so, he’s getting on the road in a about an hour and we’re meeting at noon at the will-call window. He ordered the tix Monday night and I had to print out the pick-up confirmation because his printer was on fritz. Know what? I’m glad I did it b/c I feel better knowing he really DID order the tix, like he said he did.

I’m not too worried about him being an axe murderer (though my friends here in Bpt and out in LI have his name, address, date of birth, parents’ names, home and cell phone #s, and a photo. And they are also staying in touch with me via my cell phone). So I don’t worry about my safety…I am (I admit) worried more today, now that it’s 5 hours away, that the chemistry that we have on the phone won’t be there in person, but we just have to wait and see how it goes.

Anyway, we are attending the Newark game, and then we’d like to do something fun and like I said, relaxed. But I googled and while I found zillions of restaurants, I just don’t know which are going to provide the atmosphere we’re looking for. Or how far they are from Bears/Eagles Stadium.

Any ideas would be appreciated. I don’t know anybody in that area who I could pick up the phone and ask, thought you guys would be a help.

If we both feel in person what we feel on the phone, this could be the start of a really NICE thing in my life. I’m hoping…it’s been awhile and I’m way overdue for some happiness in the love department! Downside is he lives in West Bumf*ck, PA! (Also known as Minersville, PA) It’s about 20 miles nw from Harrisburg. 200 miles or so away from Bpt. The distance doesn’t bother him (which is good, b/c he’s gonna be doing most of the driving!)

Let me know of a fun place, if you know of any.

2. Anonymous - August 13, 2006

Good luck!

3. Anonymous - August 13, 2006

newark bears are junk.

4. Anonymous - August 13, 2006

Ain’t love grand?

5. Anonymous - August 13, 2006


6. Anonymous - August 13, 2006

i think there is an applebee’s about 5 blocks away..

7. Anonymous - August 14, 2006

Who is the new guy on the Somerset Patriots. His # is 13.

8. AtlanticLeagueBaseball.com - August 14, 2006

Probably just the bullpen catcher…

9. Anonymous - August 14, 2006

I didn’t think that the bullpen catcher what on the road with the team.

10. AtlanticLeagueBaseball.com - August 14, 2006

Komorowski’s (bullpen catcher) with them wherever they go, it was him…

11. AtlanticLeagueBaseball.com - August 14, 2006

Actually, maybe it wasn’t. While Komorowski does travel on the road with the team at all times, someone at the game sent me a note saying Elder’s jersey was misplaced and he had to wear #13, which what Komorowski usually wears.


12. AtlanticLeagueBaseball.com - August 14, 2006

*is what

13. Anonymous - August 14, 2006

sat/sun conn post reports bluefish gm charlie dowd has been relieved of his baseball operations duty.dave lapoint is now in charge of player personel.new ownership same moronic decisions.would somebody tell the dopes running the bluefish that baseball mgr cant be the teams gm’s.its called a conflict of interest.now i want to hear all the bluefish suck ups tell me that they didnt stab dowd in the back after 9 great years.

b-fish fan

14. Riggzy - August 14, 2006

I gotta tell ya b-fish fan i don’t agree with you sometimes but this time I can’t dis-agree with ya…
I read the same article and i was
disapointed after i read it..He was a great gm to have and sad to lose him..Any cosolation he is still in the organazation handeling the sales and marketing..
i heard he wasn’t too happy about it..But i think if he sticks it out maybe he could work his skills
in that part of the baseball operations…my opinion though is I thought it was a low blow…another thing too that i thought was kinda weird was when they waived ecceviaria they didn’t event tell him to his face they called him in his hotel room..i know he was out of shape and hurt most of the time but i thought that was kind of a raw deal too…

15. qwackedup - August 14, 2006

Look at the bright side Bluefish fans, Dave LaPoint has so many connections, players go to him to find places to play. He could get some good players and make the team even better.

16. Anonymous - August 14, 2006

if you want to replace dowd with lapoint.fire dowd make lapoint gm and hire terry mcgriff as mgr.dont humilate dowd by making him a ticket sales guy.the guy built the organization from the stadium to the popcorn machine.show some class and cut him loose dont make him sit there watching a guy do his job at a place he built.
b-fish fan

p.s.to any club in the atl looking for a g.m hire charlie dowd sit back and watch your team compete for a title every year.

17. Anonymous - August 14, 2006

LaPoint has been making ALL the decisions for quite awhile now-have this info. firsthand from a couple of players. And let me tell you-some of them (the players)are very unhappy with this decision. They don’t like LaPoint for various reasons. I’m surprised it took this long for the info. to be made public. I would normally print my screen name but to keep these couple of players anonymous, I will remain anonymous as well. I’m with you on this one b-fish fan, Dowd got a raw deal.

18. BoosterBabe - August 14, 2006

Follow up to the Great Date:
In a nutshell and without saying too much, let’s just say it didn’t work out.

But Kudos to the Newark AGM who read this blog and paged me to the Info booth to help us out! (and announced our presence during the group announcements).

We had a little mishap on the train to Hoboken (I got us on the wrong train, wound up in Secaucus) which brought out our true colors I guess.

One thing he did give me was that I represented myself exactly the same way on the phone as I was in person—my big personality is just more than he can handle. But he was much more low-key in person than he represented himself last week, to the point where I got no feedback from him. He’s the kind of guy a woman like me could steamroll over without even realizing it and certainly without meaning to.
Oh, and one more character flaw he has: We left the game as the bottom of the 9th was starting, so we could “get a jump on the traffic”. I really hate that! I never leave the ballpark, unless I’m sick or have an appointment, before the last out is played. I’ve seen teams go into the bottom of the 9th with a 6-4 score and I’ve seen plenty of 2 run leads blown and I’ve seen awesome comebacks. You just never know what can happen and I although I deferred to his suggestion to leave in the 9th, I didn’t like it. (but decided to choose my battles and not fight it). But in light of how the rest of the afternoon went…. now I’ll say it. 🙂

It’s ok. I got to spend a gorgeous day in a ballpark, which is always fun. It cost me quite a few bucks in parking fees (and i paid for the ill-fated train ride), and he didn’t even buy me lunch or dinner. (I was saving my food calories for dinner in Hoboken so I didn’t eat in the ballpark but he did buy me a beer and a bottle of water there) It wasn’t a total bust but it certainly wasn’t the amazing day he had led me to believe we would have.

But the Bears management was TERRIFIC and very hospitable and I LOVED all the attention they gave us and the Booster Club (although it made my date bristle–that should have been my first clue that we were not compatible).

It’s fine. I’m not heart-broken. It will actually be nice to get back to my normal routine. I think this is for the best, considering the 200 miles distance between us. I think that would have been a tremendous amount of work and I’m not sure he was up for that. I’m not sure I was, either, for that matter, but I see myself trying it more than him.

I don’t think he’s a bad guy: he’s just wrong for me!

I’m done. No more internet dating for BoosterBabe!

19. a curious fan - August 14, 2006

Is there someplace that has the 1st half standings posted? Or a cumulative listings for those of us following the Wild Card races?

20. here you go ... - August 14, 2006

Cumulative listing …

Bridgeport 56-34
Long Island 52-38
Newark 34-56
Road Warriors 33-58

Lancaster 55-35
Atlantic City 46-45
Somerset 45-47
Camden 41-49

21. Amy - August 14, 2006

Boosterbabe…sorry it didn’t work out….you just can’t have a guy that likes to leave “during the game”….haha. I know how you feel.I have also seen too much happen in the bottom of the 9th to ever leave a game early…I think I would have to be close to death to leave early! Also I don’t know if you saw my post before…I am looking to start a booster club for the Barnstormers next year and I could use your expertice!!! could you email me….. ditzball4@comcast.net Anyone else have any booster club contacts for the other teams????

22. Anonymous - August 14, 2006


Go to: http://www.brickcitybruins.com/ or email Jane at: jubeywonder@aol.com for Bear fan club info, they are a fun bunch and travel well. I think a number of them will be in Lancaster for the series 8/18-20.

23. number1surffan John - August 14, 2006

Boosterbabe – family and I are considering a Labor Day weekend getaway to see our Surf in your neck of the woods. B-fish fan and another very helpful gentleman suggested the team hotel, Zoo, Barnum museum, and some coffee spot. Any other ideas? Thanks

24. BrickCityBruins - August 14, 2006

Anonymous via Amy,

Thanks for checking out BrickCityBruins.com, but I’m not your contact for fan club infor. Check out http://www.NewarkBearsFanClub.com and get in touch with Gordon. He’s your guy.


Jane J.

25. Anonymous - August 14, 2006

Thanks Jane,

I can never keep the factions straight over there.

26. Anonymous - August 15, 2006

hey surf fan….
here’s a list of some pretty cool spots i like in bpt…
1)joeseph’s stake house(fairfield avenue)bpt ct…

2)captains cove(good seafood,indoor outdoor seating right on the water..)they have a website

3)Robertos Restaraunt…main st. bpt minutes from the ball park…

they obly thing is downtown bpt dosen’t look too attractive right now but all the places i mentiones are very nice and reasonably priced

27. Riggzy - August 15, 2006

sorry i;ve been on the computer all day and my typing is getting sloppy!!

28. BoosterBabe - August 15, 2006

Visiting Bridgeport on Labor Day Weekend:

Depends on what you like. The Holiday Inn is where the teams stay and that might be fun if you are inclined to want to run into the guys and hang out with them. Aside from the ballpark, the Barnum Museum (which is neat and good to kill an hour or two, but it’s no great shakes) and a few decent restaurants, there’s not much to do downtown, especially at night.

The Zoo is terrific if you have kids. Bring a little “Tailgating” grill with you from home, stop at Shaw’s Supermarket nearby and get hot dogs, burgers, rolls and other munchies and have a cookout in the very pretty setting of Beardsley Park. Or if you prefer a seaside picnic, do the same at Seaside Park. We aren’t called the Park City for nothing! It will cost you $5 to park in either place but it’s such a nice setting for a family picnic that it’s worth it.

We have some good restaurants downtown: for Barbecue, try “High on the Hog”. THere is a lovely “continental” place next door called “The Savoy”, and there’s always Robertos or Ralph and Rich’s for Italian. For Steaks (it’s not cheap though) try Joseph’s.
If you’re adventurous, we have almost any ethnic group represented in the city, and more than a few restaurants that specialize in their cuisine. We ahve a thriving Brazilian and Portuguese neighborhood (near where I live, actually) and of course, Caribbean/Latino is well represented. There’s been a recent influx of Vietnamese and Mexican restaurants, too. Let me know what you like and I’ll let you know where the local natives go for that kind of cuisine. Email me privately at boosterclub@optonline.net and I’ll get more for you.

Same to you, Amy. EMail me…I’ll fill you in on the Booster Club!

29. BoosterBabe - August 15, 2006

oh wow, how could I have forgotten Captain’s Cove????
Yes, DEFINITELY bring the family to the Cove after Sunday’s game, especially. There are shops on the tiny boardwalk, and there are usually live bands…decent “fast food”, mostly fried seafood, burgers, steak sandwiches, hot dogs, fries, ice cream, etc. If Rachel Ray were doing a Bridgeport on $40 a day, she’d go to Captain’s Cove. It’s lovely. The kids can run around, Mom and Dad can have a beer upstairs, dance if you like, it’s a nice place.

Black Rock has a nice strip of restaurants, too.

30. Sumosid - August 15, 2006

While you are discussing Brigeport, I would love to attend a game later this month but very weary of travel via I95 & using the GWB (especially during the summer). I was wondering if anybody could anyone could provide advice on getting to ballpark.

I usually take the road that runs parallel to I95 and ends just north of Bridgeport (The Hutch or the Saw Mill, I cannot remember the name!) when visiting friends in Rhode Island.Thanks!!!

31. Anonymous - August 15, 2006

Has anyone heard what league the Plymouth River Eels will play in. They plan to start play in 2007.

32. BoosterBabe - August 15, 2006

augh, it took me 3 hours to get home from Newark yesterday. I can’t say how much I hate driving in NJ. It’s 100,000 times worse than CT!

You can always take the Garden State Parkway (I just wanted to get the hell outta Newark as fast as I could, I asked the parking lot attendant where the Tpke was, and he sent me miles throught the badlands of Newark out of my way, but I found it eventually. Otherwise, I would have taken teh GSP too.) GSP to Tappan Zee Bridge to Interstate 287 to the Hutchinson River Parkway / Merritt Parkway.

You will have to fight traffic to get out of NJ no matter what you do. But you don’t get the back ups on the GSP/TZ that you get on the NJT/GWB combo.
Once on teh Merritt, take it to Exit 47 (Park Ave). Travel south on Park Avenue all the way to train tracks. Make that very first left under the tracks (Railroad Ave) and follow it all the way to Broad Street (at that point, you can only go straight onto the ferry dock or left to teh ballpark or right to Seaside Park).

If you’re coming from LOng Island, go to Port Jefferson, park at the municipal lot near the ferry dock and jump on the ferry. It lets you off behind the ballpark and you can walk the rest of the way. It’s a lovely way to get here.

33. Anonymous - August 15, 2006

Word of advice….take 280 to the turnpike next time. Much easier.

Also, I was at the Newark game on Sunday. The traffic wasn’t bad when I left, but you have to remember you were going North on a Sunday when everyone is coming home from the shore.

34. Anonymous - August 15, 2006

the plymouth river eels have not been asked to join any league.they might be asked to play in the can-am league but do not have a stadium or state money to build one.

b-fish fan

35. Anonymous - August 15, 2006

surf fan here is a great website for fairfield county conn.


b-fish fan

36. Sumosid - August 15, 2006

Thanks for the directions Booster Babe!

Yes, it’s the Merritt that I could not remember!!

I was at the Newark game Sunday and had no traffic problems. If you ever return, remember to take I280. It runs almost right next to the Bears Den. The NJTP & GSP are almost equi-distant from the point of entry onto 280 from the Den.

37. Amy - August 15, 2006

Thanks booster babe…I will contact you asap also to the person who let me know about Newark fan club.

38. Amy - August 15, 2006

Rob Henkel of the Barnstormers signed by the Red sox organization…he will start Wed night for pawtucket. Barnstormers also have signed rhp Chris Clem who was pitching for the road Warriors. Best of luck Rob…we will miss you here in Lancaster!!!

39. BoosterBabe - August 15, 2006

Well, we had driven down McCarter Hwy to Penn Station-Newark to take the ill-fated train to Hoboken and wound up arguing in the Secaucus train station. I asked the parking attendant to get me back to the TPke or GSP. I should have said to get me back to 280, but then again, if I’m asking directions, he could have said “280 to either one:, but he didn’t,and I forgot that little detail. Gotta remember, I was so stunned and shocked at the outcome (I had already invited him to come for a visit this coming weekend, that’s how sure i was about him!) and all I wanted to do was get my car pointed north and away from anything to do with this guy.
Live and learn.
I have come to terms with the fact that although he SAID he wanted to find a girlfriend, someone to love, he really doesn’t know what to do with it when he has it. Because anyone who was at that game Sunday probably saw me holding his hand, my arm through his, etc…and I know you heard the announcements! he was mortified that they announced our presence. Can you believe that? What was the harm? They mentioned me, not him, he was just “her new friend”. Big deal. If the tables were turned I’d feel proud that the person I was with was so well liked that they got good wishes sent over the PA at a ballgame. And I know the intent was positive, and I took it as such. he freaked out. So it’s just as well, i dodged a bullet with this one, this would have been misery!

Yeah, I ‘ll try to remember 280. GSP to TZ Bridge is the best route outta NJ on a Sunday afternoon.

40. Anonymous - August 16, 2006

Am I the only one wondering if BoosterBabe is hot?

41. Anonymous - August 16, 2006

I was wondering also….
oh yea the thing with Lapoint in Bpt. It dosn’t surprise me, it was only a matter of time. He recruited some of the players in LI, and wanted to do it all but Frank Boulton, Buddy, and Don Mac. also helped. Known from first hand experiance, he wants to be the head person in charge, and he doesn’t care who’s butt he has to kiss or whos back he has to stab to do it.
At least he’s good at trying to get players, better than that buisness he started (that never happened)…lol
Best thing that ever happened to LI was getting rid of him and his pain in the ass girlfriend.

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