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August 10, 2006 August 11, 2006

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On Monday, July 24th in Ventnor, NJ, Maureen DePrince, a fellow letter carrier of Atlantic City Surf radio man John Leon, was loading her mail truck when an alleged drunk driver slammed into her pinning her to the truck. One of her legs was severed and the other was severely damaged.

Doctors tried to save the other leg but there was too much damage to repair it and they had top amputate it. Maureen is in an induced coma at Atlantic Regional Medical Center in Atlantic City recovering, albeit very slowly, as you can imagine.

All of her medical is paid for as it was an “on-the-job injury” but there still remains the costs of reconfiguring her home, her car and of course the prosthetics.

A trust fund has been set up already:
The Maureen DePrince Trust Fund
c/o Atlantic City Firemen’s Credit Union
PO BOX 413
Northfield, NJ 08225

All Checks should be made payable to Maureen DePrince and her husband Troy is the caretaker of the fund.

The Atlantic City Surf are helping out on September 8 when the team takes on the Road Warriors at 6:35 p.m. The Surf are donating part of the ticket proceeds ($10.00) to her cause.

If there are any individuals or businesses that are able to sponsor a Fireworks Night at Bernie Robbins Stadium for that night then please contact the team. The Surf are promoting “Maureen DePrince Night” that night and any donation will defer the $3500.00 cost for the fireworks.

Booth Bounces: In a move that surprised nobody, the Patriots activated C Jeremy Booth from the DL, then released him. The move was made after P Hector Almonte was officially added to the roster. – Scott Stanchak and Mike Ashmore



1. quackers - August 11, 2006

Anybody know what’s going on with the Ducks? Still have 2 open spots on the roster and no news on the website at all about all the injuries- Pena, Navarette, Rodriguez, ( I won’t even think about Gonzalez). Relief pitcher Mannix played some RF last night. Catcher Greg Connors has been used in the INF and OF.

2. Amy - August 11, 2006

According to the Lancaster Intell Journal…rhp Brad Voyles is no longer with the Barnstormers due to injury problems. He never made an appearance.

3. Anonymous - August 11, 2006

I think having to play Mannix in RF is telling. Something is up there. they are down to 10 pitchers and there bench is non existent.

What are Rodriguez and Navarettes injuries?

4. Anonymous - August 11, 2006

Ducks signed Jim Mann today

5. Amy - August 11, 2006

Navarettes is arm or shoulder I think. I am just guessing on that but in weds game he dove for a ball and came down hard on his arm. Came off the field holding his arm. Thurs night he was coaching first at one point and someone (a fan) yelled out and asked him how his arm was…he just kinda shrugged. Also…what is Juan gones injury? He came out of Tues game early and hasn’t done any playing for the last 2 nights..only a little coaching first!

6. Anonymous - August 11, 2006

I’m surprised that Juan came out to coach first. He sits out or takes more days off than he plays. It (signing Juan) is an embarrassment that the Ducks front office must now realize especially since the rest of the league’s teams and fans are now commenting on it. He has hurt the Ducks more than he has helped them.

7. qwackedup - August 11, 2006

Juan Gonzalez hasn’t hurt the Ducks at all. No player will ever effect ticket sales there and he’s hit fairly well when he does play. Having him is the same as having any other outfielder except that he comes with a reputation and that stirs up talk by fans. Heck, look at LoDuca with the Mets. He’s more controversial right now and just goes out and does his job. That’s all the Ducks expect from Gonzalez.

8. Amy - August 11, 2006

Yeah I was pretty surprised that he coached first base..I think it was for two innings in each of the 2 games that he didn’t play. That’s not good or bad…I was just surprised.

9. Anonymous - August 12, 2006

qwackedup—Who’s talking about ticket sales? I guess you haven’t seen many Duck games in which Juan has played because if you had you would have witnessed how he doesn’t run his at bats out, he doesn’t hustle after balls in the outfield and he drops easily catachable fly balls. Any ball that is hit to his right in the outfield, he immediately looks to Mel Stocker to get them (which contributed to Stocker straining his groin last week). He’s hurting the Ducks by his inability to play the field which could be filled by an able bodied player who wants to be there instead of having to have pitchers and catchers play the outfield positions which the Ducks have had to do over the past several weeks.

10. Anonymous - August 12, 2006

Is Cafiero playing? That guy deserves some PT for sure, what a team player.

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