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August 9, 2006 August 9, 2006

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Lunar Active: The Somerset Patriots have activated C Fernando Lunar. No word on what move, if any, was made to make room for him.

Ciggy Butts Getting His Pub: Click here. End of story.

Updates: Sorry there haven’t been more updates today, I’m busy in Trenton working on a story. I also happened to bump into Reggie Jackson, and spent five minutes with him one-on-one. If anyone wants to hear his thoughts on the Yankees and their playoff hopes, head on over to MikeAshmore.com – Mike Ashmore


1. Anonymous - August 10, 2006

with tonights 3866 in attn at harbor yard the bluefish should pass 3000 avg attn for year.where this team was last year at this time congrats to the bluefish new ownership.

b-fish fan

2. Fausto Gabon - August 10, 2006

Ciggy vs. General Admission, steel cage match Labor Day weekend?

3. Anonymous - August 10, 2006

watch out for the bears they are playing pretty good right now and can sneak up on people. have good hitting defense and good bench if pitching comes through watch out. there bullpen has been great lately if they get average starters going they could be in this thing the second half. what do you think

4. Anonymous - August 10, 2006

i think the bears need a miracle. the only way they can make the playoffs is winning the 2nd half.the bad 1st half killed them in total wins.

b-fish fan

5. Anonymous - August 10, 2006

you are right about the first half the only thing i was trying to get across was that the way they are playing right now they can sneek up on someone.

6. Anonymous - August 10, 2006

b-fish fan, you’re correct, the only way they could win is if they win the 2nd half. The way they are playing right now, I wouldn’t call it a miracle. I would call it some good fortune, because they definately can do it. Don’t downplay them.

7. number1surffan John - August 10, 2006

b-fish fan – any suggestions on accomodations there? Family and I are thinking of making Labor Day weekend an outing to see if our Surf are still clinging to life against your guys….
looks like the Barnum Museum, Beardsley Zoo, and likely RainyFaye would be other spots to visit.

8. Anonymous - August 10, 2006

yes the hampton inn and suites are right behind the stadium you can walk to the park and it is very very nice plus a nice breakfast each morning is part of the price, also pool, workout area, etc. it is located right behind the rightfield fence in harrison. hope you try i think you will enjoy.

9. Anonymous - August 10, 2006

sorry i thought you were talking about the newark bears. sorry again enjoy your trip to bridgeport

10. Anonymous - August 11, 2006

surfan you want to stay in stamford ct or norwalk ct not bpt.norwalk will most likely be cheaper than stamford but both cities have alot of entertainment for families.you must take your family to the maritime center and aquarium in norwalk.www.maritimeaquarium.org

b-fish fan

11. Anonymous - August 11, 2006

im not downplaying the bears at all.i just think that passing two teams that are better than the bears in the same division is going to be to tough.i have seen every team in the league this year a few times.bpt right now has the best pitching in the atl its not even close.from starters to middlemen and closer bpt has blown by a.c.which i thought had the best pitching start to start i had seen.

b-fish fan

12. number1surffan John - August 11, 2006

b-fish fan – thanks for the suggestions. I’ll share that info with the family “social director” and see what she comes up with.

As far as pitching, we have been beseiged by Major League call up and injuries. Our original closer, Jeremy Ward – back up (now in Rangers org). 1st string starter Kevin Dougherty – was on D/L, back for ‘a minute’, now gone for season. Replacement starter Jaime Steward – also out on D/L. Next up closer Jason DiAngelo – on D/L.

Basically we have the TWO solid starters – Lincoln and Mark Persails, both leading the league in categories (Linc ERA, Mark K’s), both have had a no-hitter this year. Ryan Schurman has had some real tough luck starts where he pitched well but would lose 1-0 or 2-1 (no offense early in season). NOw the Surf have middle reliever and former Blue Jay/Reds pitcher Leonicio Estrella as a starter, and World Series pitcher Ben Weber for relief. Who knows, if Dario’s bat stays hot they might dig out of the basement and make a play for 2nd half.

13. Anonymous - August 13, 2006

Is there really a mascot named General Admission? If not, there should be…I thought Ciggy was brilliant, but General Admission would beat my all-time favorite, Sir Loin of the Omaha Beef indoor football team

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