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August 7, 2006 August 7, 2006

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Bluefish Sign Two: The Bridgeport Bluefish have brought back an old favorite, Willis Otanez. Otanez, a corner infielder, played for the Orioles and Blue Jays in 1998 and 1999.

They’ve also signed former big league P Phil Norton. Norton has pitched for the Cubs and Reds over the course of three seasons.

Surf Injury Report:

Kevin Dougherty – out for the year – will have surgery end of the month
John MacLeod – 4-6 weeks – broken wrist
Jamie Steward – elbow – most likely done for the year
Jason DiAngelo – finger – not expected to throw for another week
Dusty Maddox – day to day – wrist
Dario Delgado – day to day – hand

The team has reportedly shown interest in a recently released pitcher, a former Atlantic Leaguer, but no word on whether he’s agreed to terms. – Mike Ashmore

Borowski Up For Award: Former Newark Bears pitcher Joe Borowski is up for the National League Comeback Player of the Year award. Borowski has been back in the bigs for several seasons after tossing the ball for Newark.

In two seperate interviews, Borowski once told me that he would come back to the Atlantic League; however, a few years later told Ashmore that he wouldn’t. – Scott Stanchak



1. MelWearingsGhost - August 8, 2006

Willis Otanez is back with the Bluefish…. PJ Rose looks good in the 11 games he’s played. Management has done a good job keeping the flow of players coming in, to deal with injuries and signings by organizations.

Deivi Cruz has had a terrific year. Made a play deep in the hole at short on Sunday vs Camden, and reared back to just get the runner. He’s been hitting in the clutch.

Luther Hackman has had an outstanding season. He needed a little time to settle down, when he was in the bullpen, but the move by Dave LaPoint (and Charlie Dowd) to start Hackman has been brilliant. Luther LOOKS confident, and he’s been ahead in the count on many, many batters. He will consistantly give you 6 strong innings, and his stuff has been NASTY. Bryant Nelson has played some clutch baseball, at 3rd and in the outfield. Has come thru at the plate as well.

Angel Espada seemed to be coming on in recent weeks…..I told him after one game in July that if the Bluefish ever retire a player’s number…..HIS (#1) should be the first one. He’s got so many records on this club, and he’s a tough, consistant player. He said this is it—-this season is his last one. Someone ought to recognize what he’s done for this franchise over the years….

Saw Rich Barrett of the Riversharks after yesterday’s game. He says his ankle’s coming along and he hopes to be back on the field in a week or 10 days. Another good guy. When healthy, he’s always a threat to stretch a double into a triple…

2. john from Long Island - August 8, 2006

Looking over from across the Sound, in my opinion, one of the best things to happen to the Bluefish is the signing of Dave LaPoint as manager. His chance to manage was long overdue, but he is a draw to pitchers and players throughout minor league baseball. His presence on the Ducks as a pitching coach was a major factor to many pitchers looking to find their way back or into affiliated ball. His presence on the team as manager can bring better quality players to the Bluefish. What do you guys think?

3. Anonymous - August 8, 2006

its a team effort.charlie dowd is the best gm in the atl.how the guy finds talent year after year is unreal.the fish lose more players than any team and he always keeps them in the hunt.except for last year.if the organization lets him go the should have their heads examined.cmon bluefish mgmt.give dowd the contract he deserves asap.
use your heads for once.
b-fish fan

4. Anonymous - August 8, 2006

Casey, does your dad know you’re online?

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