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August 3, 2006 August 3, 2006

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Juan Gonzalez: I didn’t write it, I’m not going to write an opinion of it, and I don’t want to be asked about it or hear anything about it. But a big newspaper ran this story about Ducks OF Juan Gonzalez, and here’s the link if you want to read it.

Mahomes To Royals: Putting the Kansas City Royals one step closer to joining the Atlantic League was the signing of Ducks P Pat Mahomes today. Mahomes is at least the fourth player (Van Hekken, Osborne, Boehringer) to be signed out of the AL by the Royals this season, although Boehringer was released from the Royals organization shortly after signing.

Persails Wins Award: Atlantic City Surf P Mark Persails was named the Pitcher of the Month for July. Persails recently fired the fourth no-hitter in Atlantic League history, and is the second straight Surf pitcher to win the award.

Hine July’s POTM: Bridgeport’s Steve Hine has been named July’s Player of the Month.

Free Pub For Bears: On ESPN Radio’s Mike and Mike in the Morning, Mike Golic’s “News of the Weird” was the Newark Bears Baby Night and Scientology Night promotions. Now, I might think these promotions are a little weird, but this is exactly what they wanted. Good job on their part. – Mike Ashmore

Stanchak’s Props: As stupid or crazy as this promotion might be — as are most promotions in minor league baseball — the Newark Bears have accomplished one goal: getting the word out about the club and drawing interest. This story has been plastered on ESPN, CNNSI.com and several other top web sites. I wouldn’t be surprised to see it in Sports Illustrated next week. The Bears staff did a tremendous job with this and I hope to see their attendance spike tremendously during that night’s game. – Scott Stanchak


1. KenD - August 3, 2006

Actually it is “Britney Spears Baby Safety Night”. The ESPN guys must have found it on Deadspin.com. Every Wednesday they do a post on minor league promotions. Pretty good reading.

By the way, who is running the AtL offical web site. It is a joke. They haven’t updated the standings in two days. Obviously, they are prejudice against the Bears since they actually have been winning a few games lately. The Atl should take some pointers from the American Association site. They have continuous scoring updates and links to the audio for every games. They even tell you what time the game starts! Something the AtL site doesn’t even do.

2. Anonymous - August 3, 2006

i agree atlantic league site is the pits, i guess the powers to be do not care. yea the bears are playing great i wish them luck they seem to be the team outside of the roadwarriors that nobody cares about. their new g.m. john brandt has done a tremendous job is his first year there he should be the g.m. of the year hands down.

3. Anonymous - August 3, 2006

Again, I am amazed by the amount of people that just jump on everything they think is wrong when they do not know what goes on or who is even running things or even the reasons why the do not do things. I get so pissed at people at my job when they sit there and say I would do this differently and that differently when they have no idea what they are talking about. I’m not saying updating the stuff is that hard, but still…

4. Amy - August 3, 2006

Anybody know if Eduardo villacis is still with Bridgeport. If so what number does he wear? thanks.

5. number1surffan John - August 3, 2006

according to the “official” Atlantic League site under transactions…

July 4, 2006.
Bridgeport Bluefish: Released Eduardo Villacis

6. Amy - August 3, 2006

John…thanks i completely missed that transaction!

7. AtlanticLeagueBaseball.com - August 3, 2006

I think we reported that when it happened, but I could be mistaken…


8. number1surffan John - August 3, 2006

Amy – my pleasure. It stuck out, as his name is similar to a former Surf pitcher (Felix Villegas).

9. quackers - August 3, 2006

Kudos to Pat Mahomes for being signed by the Royals for their AAA club- his last 5 or so starts have been great to watch- at least 3 were complete games

10. Amy - August 3, 2006

Yeah Mike….you probably did and I just missed it!! sometimes I just miss stuff reading over things too fast!!

11. Anonymous - August 3, 2006

Seeing Mahomes signed brought a huge smile to my face. He is an absolute class act on and off the field. Real fun guy as well. I wonder who is next?

12. KenD - August 3, 2006


I am completely missing your point. My criticism of the web site is based totally on a comparison of other independent baseball sites, not some pie in the sky wish list. I don’t think updating the standing by 10 am the next morning, having links to internet broadcasts and putting the time of games is completely unreasonable. This league gets very little coverage outside of this site. That is basically because it is located within a major metropolitan area with plenty of other local MLB teams and other major sports. As such it really should upgrade the information available through its web site. Check out http://www.americanassociationbaseball.com/ and you will see what I mean. I don’t want to create a huge debate here….but.

Bears lost today

13. Anonymous - August 3, 2006

They were talking about the promotion on z100 too.

14. Chuckerd58 - August 4, 2006

Anybody out here on Long Island agree that Newsday doe’s an awful job of covering the Ducks. They pride themselves on being all about Long Island,but they can’t even get more than a small story for home games and virtually nothing for road games. I know there is a lot of sports going on in the Island,but the ducks deserve more coverage. Just my little rant.

15. Kend - August 4, 2006

Steriod article involving Juan Gonzalez


16. AtlanticLeagueBaseball.com - August 4, 2006

Actually didn’t see that comment until after I posted it. I think we both got it from the same place, though…


17. Amy - August 4, 2006

Heard tonight at the Barnstormers game that pitcher Brett Evert was signed to the red sox org. bummer…He was only with the team for about a week…and I never even got to see him pitch!

18. Anonymous - August 4, 2006

what a article on gonzalez and his trainer.unreal.i think baseball fans are going to be sick when mitchell releases his report.

b-fish fan

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