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August 1, 2006 August 1, 2006

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Trade Backs: According to multiple sources, the Atlantic City Surf and Newark Bears have reversed the swap that they made prior to this season. Atlantic City will see the return of Dario Delgado, while the Bears get back pitcher Domingo Acosta. Delgado should be in the lineup for the Surf tonight and Acosta for Newark.

The Bears also released shortstop Orlando Miller, who was batting just .163 with one RBI and four runs scored.

As for A.C., they picked up Charlie Hessleton. – Scott Stanchak

Simontacchi Signs: The Bridgeport Bluefish have signed P Jason Simontacchi. Simontacchi pitched for the Cardinals from 2002 to 2004 and has a 20-10 career MLB record.

Deactivations: The Ducks have deactivated P Tony Runion, while the Road Warriors have deactivated P Kelvin Garay. The latter move was likely made so P Darwin Soto can be activated. Soto hasn’t thrown in about 10 days, and that’s why he wasn’t used right away.

Road Warriors Features: After spending parts of two days on the road with the Road Warriors, I’m finally back home. I’ll have a minimum of three features coming up on this — likely in September. Great, great bunch of guys over there, can’t say enough about how well I was treated.

Special thanks to Jeff Scott, Ryan Minor, Erin Hughes, Mike Huggins, Chris Eickhorst, Derek Barrows, Rob Corrado, David Housel, Benito Baez, all of the Road Warriors, Greg Modica, Rob Cafiero, Bryan Goelz, Marc Russinoff, Allison Stadtmueller and Jeff Esposito for all of their help in at least giving this a shot to be a series of special articles.

I still have a ton of work to do to make these even remotely readable, so as I said, I’d be surprised if you saw any of these this month. – Mike Ashmore


1. Chuckerd58 - August 2, 2006

Thank you for the info. on Patriot tickets. I figured i would get the scoop from you guys.

2. Chuckerd58 - August 2, 2006

After seeing and hearing the Ducks-Barnstormers series this past weekend,it looks to my eyes that the Stormers are the team to beat at this point of the season. I guess depending on who they may lose during the season will tell,but they look pretty strong to me.

3. Anonymous - August 2, 2006

I was at the barnstormers game and the bluefish used a pitcher that wasn’t on their roster and I haven’t seen anywhere if they picked anyone up yet but if I heard correctly and remember correctly, the pitcher was jason simontachii who pitched with the cardnials for a few years. That’s a nice pickup for the bluefish if that’s who it was.

4. riggzy - August 2, 2006

i’m not sure about that pitcher, but bridgeport beat lancaster tonight 5-2 in 10 pj rose hit his 3rd dinger in the 10th to seal the deal…

5. Amy - August 2, 2006

Yes that was who the pitcher was for Bridgeport… I was not at the Barnstormer game as it was way too hot for me to go. So I stayed home and that is the same guy who pitched for the Cardinals..according to Barnstormers radio!

6. BoosterBabe - August 2, 2006

I tried listening to the Bridgeport/Lancaster game on my Mac Mini last night (Mac OSX) and I kept getting the same 10 min loop over and over again. Does anyone know what the secret is to getting the Lancaster webcast in its entirety?

This is so frustrating, as I finally have technology that works (I had an older Mac with an operating system that most streaming audio was incompatible with) and I still was unable to hear the webcast of my ‘Fish.

Any ideas? thanks!

7. Anonymous - August 2, 2006

Also, last night at the barnstormers game, Lance Burkhart was throwing back and forth with another catcher in warmups. It wasn’t Manny Santana. I know earlier in the year they had a third catcher and traded him somewhere. Wondering if anyone knows who this catcher is. He was wearing 37.

8. Anonymous - August 2, 2006

The catcher, #37 is their bullpen catcher. His name is Jesse Porccea.

9. Amy - August 2, 2006

He is from Hempfield (Tom Herr’s schhol) and strictly Lancaster’s bullpen catcher.

10. Chuckerd58 - August 3, 2006

Looking forward to the Road Warrior piece. I can’t imagine playing every single game on the road.But,I guess if you love the game,and love playing it beats having a real job. I whould think the players must be single or have understanding wives to play so long away from home.

11. Anonymous - August 3, 2006

Jesse Porreca is one of Aaron Herr’s buddies and played at HHS. He said he is just there to help out.

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