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July 31, 2006 July 31, 2006

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Care Bears: Again, the Bears continue to amaze with their interesting promotions. Again, straight from the press release…

The Newark Bears Professional Baseball Club announced that on Friday, August 4, the organization will host Britney Spears Baby Safety Night.

World renowned entertainer, Britney Spears has brought the issue of baby safety to the forefront of the American conscious. The Bears know that it is Ms. Spears celebrity that has brought attention to the fact that no all new mothers in New Jersey are “not that innocent” when it comes to caring for their bouncing bundle of joy.

The Bears invite all fans in Northern New Jersey to receive information on baby car seat safety, and receive an opportunity to win a free car seat courtesy of AAA. Fans who dress as a baby, brings a baby toy, or brings their baby (children 4 and under) will receive FREE admission. All fans in attendance also look forward to baby themed promotions, as well as a SPECIAL GUEST APPEARANCE.

Updates: Been busy at work on my Road Warriors feature, so I haven’t really been able to update the site as much as I’d have liked today. I’ll post whatever I can when I get a minute. – Mike Ashmore


1. Anonymous - July 31, 2006

Anything to get people in the seats in Newark…

2. Anonymous - August 1, 2006

I heard about that promotion on the radio this morning. I was histerical laughing. I’m curious as to who their “special guest appearance” will be though.

3. Anonymous - August 1, 2006

i dont see the humor in it.if you want to run a promo on child car safety great.why make a joke out of it by having people dress like babies.would they run a gun safety promo and have people dress up as gun shot victims.maybe fire prevention come dressed as a burn victim.its stupid especially if a parent has lost a child in a car accident.

b-fish fan

4. Anonymous - August 1, 2006

in minor league baeseball, a sense of humor is required…

5. Anonymous - August 1, 2006

B-Fish Fan

Do you look at negativity as something essential in life. Being a baby isn’t a deadly thing like guns and fire. Dressing up as a gun or burn victim is just upsetting. Dressing up like a baby is good humor. The reason for the promo is to get more people to come. If they simply said “come and join our child safety program” it would draw less of a crowd than them going “dress like a baby and get in free”

Lighten up.

6. number1surffan John - August 1, 2006

If I recall, this is the same team (Newark Bears) that had a “quarantine” area and gave out surgical face masks when the Camden Riversharks attended after the bird flu confirmations in Camden.

7. SharkGirl - August 1, 2006

B-Fish fan
Unfortunately, I know a few people who have lost children one way or another. I don’t see the connection you are trying to make-they would not be upset about this promotion in Newark. And yes, I can speak for them. I agree with the others-lighten up & have a sense of humor. Life is too short!

8. Anonymous - August 1, 2006

#1surffan john-

you’re right, they did do Bird Flu Awareness Night when the Riversharks came to town. they’re also doing Scientology Night on August 11, giving away copies of Dianetics and Battlefield Earth.

9. Anonymous - August 1, 2006

i have a sense of humor.it is a stupid bush league dumbass promotion.just because this is a lower level league you dont have to act like it.but what would you expect from a team who let a nba player coach 3rd base in a real game.

b-fish fan

10. Anonymous - August 1, 2006


well the promotion isn’t your average, but atleast it’s creative. i don’t understand your negative attitude.

11. Chuckerd58 - August 2, 2006

What was wrong with having Todd Murphy coach a few innings in a game,if anything,it brought some pub. to the league that they wouldn’t normally get. I do agree that some of these promotions are pretty lame,but this one wasn’t bad at all.

12. BoosterBabe - August 2, 2006

I said it before and I’ll say it again:

B-fish fan is only happy when he/she/it is unhappy!

I think it’s pretty clever and funny. And if it works, even better!

FYI, next Thursday half of all ticket sales for that Bluefish game will get donated to the Juvenile Diabetes Foundation. It’s not fun or funny but it’s certainly a good cause. I’ll be there that night…and I’ll even actually BUY a ticket for it! 🙂
(as opposed to using one of the freebies they give out whenever there is bad weather, which seems to be all the time lately).

13. Anonymous - October 7, 2006

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14. Chuck - January 15, 2007

Man was that funny!

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