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July 30, 2006 July 30, 2006

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That Stinks: My initial reaction when finding out that the Patriots had released UTIL Tony Gsell. Win or lose, no matter what the story, you always knew you could go to Tony for whatever you needed. Awesome, awesome guy in the clubhouse. He’d been with the team just as long I had, so this one’s rough to take. Granted, he wasn’t hitting well this season, but this one’s rough. – Mike Ashmore



1. Chuckerd58 - July 30, 2006

A nice touch before the Ducks-Barnstormers game Saturday night. It was Salute to America night,and they had a huge American flag behind the plate for the anthem. Most of the players from both teams held the flag while the anthem was sung. I though it was pretty cool to see.

2. Chuckerd58 - July 30, 2006

I hope someone can give me a little help. I plan to go to one of the Patriots games in August against Newark. Will i be able to buy tickets at the door on the night of the game,or should i order them online. I know they have good attendance,,so any help would be great. Thanks

3. AtlanticLeagueBaseball.com - July 30, 2006

You should be all right just getting tickets when you arrive, but if it’s a big promotion like fireworks or something like that, you may want to purchase them in advance. Worst case scenario, they’ll see you a general admission, standing room, or lawn area ticket.


4. Anonymous - July 31, 2006

i know its very popular in minor league baseball.but i hate these half season division championships.how great of a playoff race would it be in the north right now with the ducks and the bluefish fighting for one playoff spot.please the powers that be in the atl.next year only 2 teams make the atlantic league championship.4 teams making it is way too many.
b-fish fan

5. Anonymous - July 31, 2006

b-fish fan-

I see what you’re saying, but you’re not looking at the bigger picture here. Due to visa problems this year, most teams didn’t get their foreign players until 2-6 weeks into the season. Spring training isn’t that long for the Atlantic League and many hitters take a good month to heat up. If you’re not lucky enough to have a good first month, your season is shot by early June. Look at the Bears. They had the worst record in the first half, but have turned it on lately and are a game behind the Bluefish. You can’t expect a team to be able to make up 10+ games in the standings when the talent here is fairly equal. I won’t say for other leagues, but for the Atlantic League, this makes sense.

6. Anonymous - July 31, 2006

i agree look at the bears they had very good solid players who started very slowly and now are comming on some batted 200 or less for the first month or so and now are batting three hundred for the month of july, also without two halves the teams who start slow may have a real hard time getting people in the seats if they are out of it early in the second half this way teams that are far behind can do what they have to do to help their team. and with a hot start in the second half have a chance and get their communities behind them and draw some fans to the games.

7. Anonymous - July 31, 2006

i think the best reason for 1/2 seasons in the Atlantic and similar leagues is the continual turnover in player personnel- the goal is to get out of the league – this gives the teams a chance to reload and continue the search for a playoff spot

8. Riggzy - July 31, 2006

I don’t have a problem with the way its ran now…if the league ever expanded to12 or 14 teams(Highly unlikely)then i would want a more “NORMAL”format maybe with a wild card team…but still.. over- all record counts in this league still because say if L.I. wins the second half and if bridgeport has the next best “OVERALL” record..they will go as the wildcard team..thats why the fish need to keep winning…. go fish!!

p.s. There was a story bout week or two ago that the b-fish were talking to Jose Jimminez.. any update on that? “we could use the bullpen help”…

9. qwackedup - July 31, 2006

The two-half format is perfect for an independent league since the goal of most of the players is not to still be in the league at playoff time. The Ducks had the best overall record in the league in their first year and didn’t even make the playoffs. At least with two halves, you have to play to win the division in the half to get into the playoffs. The current format makes teams play to win all the time. Hey, even the Road Warriors are having a decent second half right now. I hope they win the second half!!!

10. Anonymous - July 31, 2006

If the Road Warriors win the second half and make the playoffs, where will they play their home games?????

11. BoosterBabe - August 1, 2006

that’s an interesting question but one I doubt we’ll ever discover the answer to!!!!!

12. Chuckerd58 - August 2, 2006

But wouldn’t be great if they did make it. I wonder if the Warrior players would be happy,or upset to still being on the road longer.

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