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July 26, 2006 July 26, 2006

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Your Help: I’ve noticed, as of late, that our servers have been going a lot slower with the large amount of hits we’ve begun receiving. I have to upgrade them, so I’m asking for your help. The ad at the very top of the page will help us pay for the new fixes if you click on it at least once every visit — thanks Google. Thank you for your help in advance. – Scott Stanchak

Surf Dealing With Injury Bug: The injuries are mounting in Atlantic City as the Surf battle injury after injury as they attempt to stay in contention. Among them are: Jamie Steward (Tendenitis Elbow) and Jason DiAngelo (Finger) on the 7-day disabled list. Also, catcher John MacLeod is out 4-6 with a fractured wrist. Outfielder Dusty Maddox will have an MRI on his wrist and is day to day.

Good news though, starting pitcher Kevin Dougherty comes off DL Friday and will start vs. the Bridgeport Bluefish on Saturday. – Scott Stanchak.

Camden Trip: Here are a few pictures from the first day of my Camden trip. I’ll post a few player shots sometime later tonight.

View of the field

The entrance

SomerStuff: Fernando Lunar is taking batting practice with the team today, no word on if his timetable to return has been pushed up.

Not Making This Up: Taking this straight from a Bears press release…

In a show of solidarity with the New Jersey State Government, the Newark Bears temporarily shut down Bears and Eagles Riverfront Stadium Tuesday night during their game with the Lancaster Barnstormers. After the second inning, all services were cut off including concessions and merchandise. The scoreboard was turned off, no music was played, the umpires sat down and the players refused to take the field. During this time, a collection was taken from the fans in attendance to help the state return to fiscal stability. After a few minutes, the appropriate funds were collected and the game was allowed to continue.

“We were happy to do what we could to help the state out of its financial problems,” said Bears General Manager John Brandt. “We’d like to thank all of our fans who helped with the cause.”

All of the proceeds generated will be donated to the Goodwill Rescue Mission, a shelter providing food, housing and guidance to the underprivileged in Newark. – Mike Ashmore


1. Amy - July 26, 2006

Something interesting about Pete Jr. Some years back he was playing for the NJ Jackals…was announced as PJ Rose. I saw him a year or so after that with the Reading phillies…he was announced as Pete Rose Jr that year. When he played with the Ducks (and I guess now in Bridgeport) he is announced as PJ Rose. It seems like when he plays affiliated ball he is Pete Rose Jr but when he plays indy ball he wants to be PJ Rose. I always found that interesting!

2. Anonymous - July 26, 2006

I dont think he wants to be bothered with the stigma of his name for the duration of his stay on Bridgeport — as ‘PJ Rose’ he is basicly an unnoticed (undersized now) player. He was terrible last night and no one except for the people i pointed it out to even realized who he was. then again, i also pointed out to a few people that the Juan Gonzalez in right field was THE Juan Gonzalez.

– thomas, new haven

3. Anonymous - July 26, 2006

Somebody made a comment yesterday about Pete Rose, Jr. playing last night but is not on the roster yet. That is because the Bluefish take a while to update their roster. The Road Warriors have a more updated roster on the Atlantic League website than the Bluefish do. That is sad!

4. quackers - July 26, 2006

never did I hear” P J Rose” but always Pete Rose Jr. as he was announced- he was always good with the fans and with this teammates- he won’t blind you with his speed but he always gives it his all

5. Amy - July 26, 2006

Yeah Pj/ Pete does always give his all that’s for sure and he is good with the fans in all the different games i have seen him in the atlantic league. when he was with reading however he was a bit hard to get an autograph of. I don’t blame him for wanting to put his past and his dads stigma behind him! That’s a pretty heavy burden to bear for the son of the all time leading hits leader. Especailly since Pete Jr is clearly not as talented as his father….he never was! I know what you mean about having to tell people who he is…same with Gonzalez and some of the others. Pete Jr used to write in the dirt around the base (3rd or 1st whatever position he is playing) before the start of each game..4256 I believe that is the number…the final number of hits that his dad had! I don’t know if he still does that or not. I always thought that was kinda cool!

6. number1surffan John - July 26, 2006

that leaves the Surf roster (adding in Jason Torres) @ 21 active, 4 “officially” on D/L (DiAngelo, Steward, Dougherty, and McLeod). Figuring “Doc” is now expected to be off the d/l on Friday and start on Sat, the team roster will be “up” to a whopping 22 players. 21 if Dusty Maddox’ injury proves serious. Since they’ve been using infielders to cover left field for about 2 months now, and have NO backup for SS or 2B, one hopes this is the end of tough breaks physically.

7. Anonymous - July 26, 2006

“Rose Jr. pleaded guilty Nov. 7, 2005 to charges that he sold GBL, a drug that is an alternative to steroids, to his teammates at Class as AA Chattanooga in the Reds organization.”
Also, ” ‘PJ Rose’ he is basicly an unnoticed (undersized now) player. He was terrible last night and no one except for the people i pointed it out to even realized who he was.”
Wow! Quoting bloggers here kind of explains why PJ/Pete/Petie/PR or whomever is so small now-must’ve stopped taking his vitamins. I guess that’s why the Ducks didn’t want him back.

8. AtlanticLeagueBaseball.com - July 26, 2006

Well, again, I will say I was under the impression that Rose would have been welcomed back by the Ducks…


9. Duckfan - July 26, 2006

Pete Jr. was announced at every Duck home game as Pete Rose Jr. but at the away games he was announced as P.J.Rose. He hit a homerun to right today to help his Fish beat the Ducks 5-4.

10. Scott Stanchak - July 26, 2006

Thanks everyone for clicking on the ad so far today. If you keep this up when you check out the site we will be able to upgrade in no time.

11. AtlanticLeagueBaseball.com - July 27, 2006

Rich Barrett had to come out of tonight’s game with an apparent leg injury after tripping over first base.

Camden 1-Somerset 1, T5


12. Anonymous - July 27, 2006

i heard the road warriors are hot with derek barrows catching bullpens the team is unstopable

13. KenD - July 27, 2006

Barnstormers vs Bears. Lancaster wins first two games. Keith Maxwell is 4 for 7 with 2 doubles and a homerun so far. Boy am I glad we got rid of that guy!

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