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July 25, 2006 July 25, 2006

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A look at the field

Hooray naming rights!

George Sandel at the plate

Rob Corrado toes the rubber

South Jersey Trip: I was in Atlantic City last night to catch the Patriots-Surf game, and will be in Camden for the next three days with the team.

In the meantime, big thanks to Chuck Betson, John Leon and everyone down in Atlantic City for a great time. Awesome game, and an awesome backdrop out there. It’s a shame they don’t draw a little better over there.

I guess my only complaints would be with the stadium itself, as it’s not necessarily in tip top shape. I do looooooove the promotion they do out in right field, where a guy has to sit by himself in right field for all nine innings without leaving. If he does, he wins four free rounds of golf. I’d love to get to do that one, that would be great — four free rounds of golf, sweet.

Sierra Missed: If Ruben Sierra signs in the Atlantic League at this point, I’d be very, very surprised…

New articles posted: For this week’s Patriots and Thunder features, check out MikeAshmore.com

This week’s Patriots feature is on P Keith Ramsey, and I think it’s a pretty interesting piece. Also, make sure you check out my piece on Bobby Malkmus, now a scout for the Cleveland Indians who frequently can be found at Commerce Bank Ballpark.

Pride Called Up: Former Nashua Pride OF Curtis Pride was called up by the Los Angeles Angels today. Pride spent parts of several seasons with Nashua, being quickly scooped up each time.

RE-PETE RE-TURNS: Pete Rose, Jr. has signed with the Bridgeport Bluefish. Several fans had commented on our site that they didn’t want the Bluefish to sign him, but we’ll see how he does. Rose is a nice guy, and put up some pretty decent numbers while he was with the Ducks.

Bears Stuff: Victor Rodriguez is expected to be with the Bears tonight at the earliest. Will Pennyfeather has strained his calf and will be out for likely another two weeks or so. He was placed on the disabled list today.

Word out of Newark is that they’re still trying to make some moves to improve their roster, but trading is not an easy thing to do in the Atlantic League.

Patriots Stuff: C Ricky Clinton, who recently asked for his release from the Evansville Otters of the Frontier League, was working out with the Patriots yesterday in Atlantic City. He is not expected to be signed.

In other catcher news, Fernando Lunar’s quad injury is starting to improve, and I’m told he’s roughly a week away from a possible return.

Shark Stuff: The Riversharks have released C Jason Torres and activated C Randy McGarvey from the disabled list. Would be interesting if Jason went to Newark, there could be an all-Torres tandem of backstops.

However, I hear that he has signed with the Surf.

Stormers Stuff: The Lancaster Barnstormers have signed P Brett Evert. Evert has experience in the Brewers organization and is expected to make his debut on the weekend. I’m told he’ll be in uniform before then.

There’s also some talk that P Ross Peeples is close to a return.

Surf Stuff: Atlantic City lost two pitchers to injury yesterday, with P Jamie Steward going on the disabled list with elbow tendinitis and P Jason DiAngelo leaving the game in the middle of an at-bat due to what was described as a possible torn tendon in his middle finger.

P Ben Weber and his crazy windup did make their Atlantic League debut last night, and he did look pretty good. I’d love to talk with him, I would just need more time to prepare for it.

Road Warriors, Ummm…Stuff: Assuming everything goes according to plan, I’ll have a Road Warriors feature coming up in the very near future. It will blow the doors off of anything I’ve done. Ever.

Comments: Check the comments for updates from tonight’s Patriots-Riversharks game. – Mike Ashmore



1. Anonymous - July 25, 2006

park looks great, but nobody’s there to watch. being a bpt fan i cant really say much though.

– thomas, new haven

2. Anonymous - July 25, 2006

and besides, i work for the cutters (can-am) — and the attendance there is pathetic.

– thomas, new haven

3. Riggzy - July 25, 2006

Its mind boggling to me that the surf draw so little on such a beautiful park went to a surf game bout a month ago and there was like 1000 people there on a clear mild night…i go to alot of bluefish games and i think the crowds have started to pick up a little if they avg between 3000-3500 i think you can call it a turn around of sorts..last 2 games i went to had about 3000..i think if they continue to win they will be fine…went to a cutters game and i laughed there were like 250 people tops the weather was a little dreary but still it was pathetic…i know yale field is like a baseball antique but they gotta blow that thing up and put a new park in to grab crowds…going to the game tonight it bridgeport vs. L.I… hope the fish prevail!!
if anybody else is going i think american idol is going to be at the arena so be prepared for a mad house!!!

4. AtlanticLeagueBaseball.com - July 25, 2006

I had the McPheever, I’ll admit it.


5. Amy - July 25, 2006

Truth be told I love to go to the games at AC…Been going there ever since the league started. The problem w AC I think is that people go to Ac for one of 2 things…casinos or beach. and there really is no help from the casinos to boost the attendence (not that they should I guess). I love the view of the casinos at night from the seating areas….and that’s as close to them as i want to get. I go to AC at night for baseball and the Surf always have an enjoyable place to watch the game. Its a shame they don’t have better crowds…its such a nice place for baseball and I am GLAD to have that diversion from gambling and the beach.
As far as the Pete Jr signing I enjoy watching him play and he IS a nice guy. For those Bridgeport fans that were complaining earlier about losing players to the major league affiliates…at least you don’t have to worry about Pete being signed…haha. No really…at least he is apoligetic about what he has done…unlike his father.

6. Anonymous - July 25, 2006

Yes Jason Torres was signed today by the Surf since Jon MacLeod was placed on the DL, Jamie Steward and Jason DiAngelo joined MacLeod on the DL today.

7. john from Long Island - July 25, 2006

Want to comment on the Pete Rose Jr. signing. I think the Bluefish are fortunate to get him. I watched him play last year for the Ducks, the guy has a lot of heart and a true zest for the game. I give him credit; he plays hard (must of learned that from his dad), and you can see he enjoys playing the game. You will need to watch him signal the number of outs to the outfielders when he is playing. I like any guy who gives 100% and runs out his at bats, unlike some other players we have on the Ducks, who shall remain nameless. I wonder if Dave LaPoint was instrumental in his sigining.

8. Duck fan - July 25, 2006

To all those Bluefish fans who think that they might get an autograph from Pete Rose Jr’s dad when he decides to sneak into a game to see his son play, FORGET IT. When he made his appearances at Citibank Park he would not sign for any fans. He was approached to have a signing session with Buddy in which all proceeds would go to Hurricane Katrina relief and he refused because he wasn’t getting a cut of the action.

9. AtlanticLeagueBaseball.com - July 25, 2006

Can’t say I blame him. He’s just a dad wanting to watch his kid play baseball, he probably just wants to be left alone.


10. AtlanticLeagueBaseball.com - July 26, 2006

Very interesting situation here in Camden that just happened. Ryan Jones hit what was originally ruled to be a grand slam. The Patriots heavily protested the call, leading to Robert Averette needing to be physically restrained by, no joke, the majority of his teammates on the field. Both corner outfielders came in.

The play was eventually overturned, only for Averette to walk Jones, and give Camden a 1-0 lead in the bottom of the 4th.


11. AtlanticLeagueBaseball.com - July 26, 2006

Well, it’s 4-0 now anyway. John Pachot hit a triple to the gap that rolled around for a while after CF Pat Boran and RF Ryan Radmanovich collided in right-center.


12. AtlanticLeagueBaseball.com - July 26, 2006

Both players are, apparently, OK and have remained in the game.


13. AtlanticLeagueBaseball.com - July 26, 2006

After a Jeff Nettles error in a rundown, the Patriots went on to give up two more runs, and the game is now 6-0 Camden in the top of the 5th.

Of the six runs, all allowed by Averette, who remains in the game — four were earned.


14. AtlanticLeagueBaseball.com - July 26, 2006

In the top of the 7th, Ryan Radmanovich hit a ball that…wait for it, wait for it, wait for it…there it is. Yeah, it just landed now. An absolute bomb over the right field scoreboard to make it 7-1. Looks like it might be the lone highlight for Somerset tonight. That’s Rad’s 13th longball of the year.


15. qwackedup - July 26, 2006

Three great pieces in Newsday recently, one already linked to by this site was about Road Warriors. The past few days, there were two good ones on the Ducks by Mark Herrmann, one about an independent league team playing unselfish baseball (moving runners and sacrificing when you really want to put up personal numbers) and having a winning streak. The second was in Monday paper, a full page feature on Pat Ahearne and his hobby of being a photographer.

By the way, Pete Rose Jr. is a great guy, very friendly and a great person in the clubhouse. His dad has his own philosophy about signing autographs. He only signs when it profits him. I was in Boca Raton at his restaurant and he would only sign something purchased at the restaurant or a card he has advertising the restaurant. He won’t sign any baseball cards or anything else. Might have something to do with being banned by the major leagues but only he knows for sure.

16. AtlanticLeagueBaseball.com - July 26, 2006

Pat has actually taken a few pictures for our website before, one of the Stephen Larkin shots — in fact, the Larkin shot on the AL’s official site, is Ahearne’s.


17. AtlanticLeagueBaseball.com - July 26, 2006

9-1, Camden wins. Maness 5-for-5.


18. Ron from long island - July 26, 2006

How can everyone say that rose jr is a nice guy. He gets cought selling drugs to his team mates and everyone loves him. Jose Canseco writes a book about it and hes the most haited person around. If Rose sold drugs to your kid in sports would he still be a nice guy. The Atlantic league needs to decide what direction it wants to go in. keep signing the left over junk in baseball or let players who want to play hard in the league. when you are sitting in the stands with your child and he asks who pete rose jr make sure you tell him or her about the selling of drugs and that hes a nice guy.

19. Anonymous - July 26, 2006

Anyone know the results of the Bridgeport-Ducks game tonight?

20. qwackedup - July 26, 2006

Ducks won 6-3 in 10 innings

21. john from Long Island - July 26, 2006

duck fan?

is that you tom s?

john mc

22. john from Long Island - July 26, 2006

Pete Rose Jr.
Seems he is back playing for the Bluefish.
The boxscore posted on the offical Bluefish site
http://www.bridgeportbluefish.com this evening (Tuesday, July 25, 2006)
lists a dh by the name of Rose, who went 0 for 5 tonight, no first
name listed. No Rose yet listed on the roster.

from Connecticut Post Online 7/16/06

Rose Jr., who appeared in 11 games with the Cincinnati Reds in 1997,
hit .262 with 14 home runs and 55 RBIs in 118 games with the Long
Island Ducks last season. But he has made more news off the field of

Rose Jr. pleaded guilty Nov. 7, 2005 to charges that he sold GBL, a
drug that is an alternative to steroids, to his teammates at Class
AA Chattanooga in the Reds organization. He was released from jail
July 4 after serving a one-month sentence.

“My view on this is he did something in 1999 and he paid the price,”
LaPoint said. “He’s already owned up to his faults, and who are we
not to give him another chance. He said he just wants to play
another year and that’s it.” – http://www.connpost.com/sports/ci_4059109

Well said Dave.


23. AtlanticLeagueBaseball.com - July 26, 2006

Have any of you actually spoken with Pete?

I spent about 15 minutes with him last season when he was with the Ducks, and we would talk every time Long Island came into town after that.

I never, ever had a problem with or have heard a teammate have anything negative to say about him whatsoever.

Do I think that any time a team signs a player with issues in his past it creates a bit of a public relations issue? Yeah, I do. That was my whole point with the whole Pulsipher issue from a few weeks back.

Pete’s a decent player, and as I’ve said numerous times now, is a good guy by all accounts.

Leave him alone, and leave his dad alone.


24. AtlanticLeagueBaseball.com - July 26, 2006

I don’t dislike Canseco for writing the book, by the way. I dislike him for the rather ignorant statements he about the Atlantic League after his departure.


25. Anonymous - July 26, 2006

why the bluefish would bring in pete rose jr especially after what the mayor of bpt has been though in the last month is beyond me.for those who dont know the mayor of bpt.has admitted to cocaine and alcohol abuse.he was ratted out by a man with connections to city hall who was being investigated for drug dealing.at the all star game the mayor was booed as he threw out the first pitch.
b-fish fan

26. AtlanticLeagueBaseball.com - July 26, 2006

If you went Alex Cole on me, I’d understand. But trying to find some sort of correlation between the actions of the mayor and Pete Rose, Jr. seems like a bit of a stretch.


27. Anonymous - July 26, 2006

mike you have to be from bpt to understand.bpt is a drug and crime ravaged community with constant bad press.rose jr just adds to the black eye.

b-fish fan

28. Anonymous - July 26, 2006


I attended the game last night and dispite the traffic from the American Idol concert at the Arena, it was one of the more enjoyable games i’ve seen in a while. Both starters went deep into the games, the game was very tight and professional. The tenth inning was very poor for Bpt but in general it was good. Getting to see Juan Gonzalez play was enjoyable as well. he is making great contact but couldnt get more then a single to fall.

Now on to Rose Jr. — or PJ as BPT will come to know him.

He doesn’t want to be Pete Rose Jr — he was listed as PJ Rose, and to be honest i dont think a lot of people even recognized him. He is considerably smaller then he was when he played for the ducks.

He was awful last night. i dont know what he did in his first at bat because the ‘idol’ traffic caused me to miss the first 2 1/2 innings but i saw him pop up 4 times.. very frustrating to watch.

– thomas, new haven

29. Ashmore - July 26, 2006

Oh, I’m well aware of the reputation Bridgeport has…


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