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July 20, 2006 July 20, 2006

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Patriots Make Moves: They activated P David Elder, signed P Sam McConnell and cut P Tony Mounce.

McConnell has big league time with the Atlanta Braves, appearing in a handful of games with them in 2004.

Shiell Suffers Loss: Pitcher Jason Shiell began the 2006 season with the Somerset Patriots and is now a starting pitcher with the Atlanta Braves. What a trip it’s been for the right-hander, who has prior big-league experience with the Boston Red Sox.

In yesterday’s game, Shiell pitched four innings, gave up four runs, all earned, struck out six and walked three in the Braves 8-3 loss to the St. Louis Cardinals. The only home run he surrendered was to Jim Edmonds, in which Shiell responded after the game: “You watch a guy on TV and he is an idol to a lot of kids, including myself. I am in awe of watching him hit. I didn’t want him to beat me, but he did.”

No word on if Shiell will toss again for the Braves, but only four hits and six strikeouts, in my book, warrents one more try. – Scott Stanchak.

Feature Plans: For 7/27, expect a Keith Ramsey feature with quotes from Ramsey, Travis Anderson and Brett Jodie. I’m shooting for the Bobby Malkmus feature to run next week as well, but we’ll see on that one…as for this week, looking back at the Burt piece, I think it came out a little better than I thought it did, hopefully you guys like it…would like some feedback on that one. – Mike Ashmore



1. Riggzy - July 20, 2006

I saw Shiell pitch last night and i gotta say he looked liked he was afraid to pitch to those guys(WHO WOULDN’T THOUGH)..everything away away away…he got behind hitters instead of trusting his stuff and getting ahead..BLUE helped him out with a couple of strike 3’s but the calls could have gone either way…And when he got behind he had walks and then Edmonds just sat on a FAT 88 mile and hour fastball and forget about it..all in all i thought he did average..
i’m sure he was nervous but i expect one more start hopefully..

2. Jeff - July 20, 2006

Bluefish 4 Camden 3 in an 11AM game

3. Jake - July 20, 2006

it was pretty good M, would have liked to seen a bit more though, it ended a bit abruptly,

4. no biggie - July 20, 2006

I watched Shiell’s entire outing. I’m pulling hard for the guy, like I would any Atlantic Leaguer, but I wonder if he has the stuff to get outs at that level. He got by for two innings on his funky delivery and he was toast the second time through the order.

Still a great story. I wish him well.

5. AtlanticLeagueBaseball.com - July 20, 2006

Yeah, I think it was another quote or two away from being what I wanted it to be. Not sure what Burt himself thinks about it yet, I brought him a copy, but I don’t think he’s checked it out yet.


6. Jon - July 20, 2006

know what might be an interesting feature, My wife and I always see the wives at the games… and she always wonders how life is for them as a ind. ball player’s wife. That might be something different!

7. Don't Ask - July 21, 2006

The Burt story was just OK. There was potential there to get into a better story and like Jake said, it ended abruptly.

Also don’t be afraid to say negative things. The guy is batting poorly, you can say that and get into the indepth as to why he has struggled. Ask him what he thinks, ask other pitchers what they see when to pitch to him. Ask Lyle why he continues to throw him out there even though he’s not hitting. There has to be a good reason.

When you do a feature on someone, talk to everyone else about him because that’s where you are going to get the interesting stories. Not many people care to talk about themselves very much.

8. Anonymous - July 21, 2006

like your site, enjoy the comments, enjoy getting the news. it would be interesting to hear how the families manage, living in a glorified bedroom with kids, no kitchen or having any private space other than the bathroom. HOw about the wuves who are only the voice on the phone, that has to be difficult. The sacrifices must be great, for both the player and the wife and kid(s).

9. Jake - July 21, 2006

Don’t Ask,

I dont think Mike is scared to say something, he mentioned how Burt was struggling… it obviously was the title of the piece. And Lyle said he is a raw player (he has only a short season and 1 reg. season in professional ball) and how do you train raw players? You let them play…let them face pitchers at this level, and let them find their groove…and obv Lyle thinks that his defense on the field is very good. I’ve seen that kid make plays I didnt think were possible. So Mike, I am pretty much saying that i dont agree that you are scared or whatnot to ask questions… the only thing was the article needed a bit more quotes, like you said.

keep up the good work!

ps- good idea about the wives thing Jon, would be interesting to see what they have to say about the life and their husbands. I see them before the game down at right field talking to their husbands while they stretch… have wondered about that too.

10. armando - July 21, 2006

how do you know it’s their wives and not the girlfriend or the flavor of the month?

11. AtlanticLeagueBaseball.com - July 21, 2006

I talked to Sparky about Burt for about a few minutes and among other things, I asked him, whether he was using Burt more than he thought he would when he first signed him.

He said, “Absolutely.”

And I thought that spoke volumes as to his thoughts on Burt’s performance.

But here’s the thing, if I wanted to do a negative piece on him, it probably would have been easy to do. But I think he’s done really well at first base and if he got his bat to come around, he could be an everyday player in this league or somewhere else.

It’s not that I’m afraid to ask tough questions – if I transcribed what I asked of Sparky and of Burt, you’d see that. It’s what I choose to use from what I get.


12. Don't Ask - July 21, 2006

I’m no way assuming you were scared nor saying you don’t ask the tough questions. Just giving a little feedback from someone who happens to be in the business for quite some time.

And I don’t agree with using more quotes. Lots of quotes tend to bog down a story. There might have been an anecdote or a scene you could have described that would have made your point better.

In my own opinion, I just don’t agree with trying to make OK players look better. They get paid to do a job and when they don’t do it well, it should say that. You’re not a PR guy for the team (that’s their job), your a newspaper reporter.

And this isn’t me being critical either. A little feedback doesn’t hurt.

13. Anonymous - July 21, 2006


there is this thing called a wedding ring man!

Also, when I had gone down to get an autograph for my boy there was a pretty little thing sitting down there all alone holding a bat. I asked her if she was a players wife and she said she was Jim burt jr’s wife. very sweet girl. I think it would make a good article too.

14. Christof - July 21, 2006

Don’t Ask-

Where did Mike try to make Burt look better??? He flat out told is how it was. Gave his numbers, said what Sparky said, etc…Seems to me like you wanted him to bash Burt or something, which is kind of weird but whatever floats your boat man.

15. AtlanticLeagueBaseball.com - July 21, 2006

It didn’t need more quotes from Burt or Lyle, it needed a quote from somebody else. Maybe Patrick or one of his teammates. As I mentioned, I dug myself a hole on this one because I only gave myself a day to do it, and I did what I could with it.

I agree with your points on quotes bogging things down…just saying that Sparky said he’s been using him too much as opposed to using the “absolutely” quote he gave me is an example of this.

I think the piece was fair. I like Burt defensively, as does Sparky, but it’s no secret his bat is hurting him and I pointed that out as well. Even my original headline of “Burt Struggling In Somerset” doesn’t convey positivity or an ass-kissing piece by any means.


16. Don't Ask - July 21, 2006

Christof, relax. I’m not into bashing people either, but into fair reporting and I also didn’t say he didn’t do that.

Secondly, he asked for feedback and I gave it. I figured I would pay it forward because when I was a burgeoning writer I had many help me and give me pointers. They all didn’t necessarily go with each story I wrote, but I kept those ideas and criticisms in mind when I worked on other stories.

The more you write, the easier it gets. You are also able to spot your own mistakes, but it never hurts to have other people read your stuff and get their opinion whether it’s going to be something you would like to hear or not.

Personally, I prefer criticism over praise because everyday I try to be a better writer.

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