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July 18, 2006 July 18, 2006

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V-Rod Returns: The Newark Bears have signed former Patriots standout Victor Rodriguez, and he is expected to return Friday. V-Rod’s wife recently had a child, and this delayed his return to the game.

Juan Gone Active: The Ducks have activated OF Juan Gonzalez. – MA.

Stanchak’s Juan Gone Take: In a month and a half, Gonzalez has only played in 14 games and I’d be astonished to see 35 by the end of the season. He’s batting well (.302) in the games he’s appeared and I know Ducks skipper Don McCormack would love his fresh bat going into the playoffs.

There’s probably a slim-to-none chance that Gonzalez gets picked up this year, especially after his health hasn’t been great and that’s what he wanted to prove to big league clubs. – Scott Stanchak.

Angels On The Waiver Wire: Rich Elliott of The Connecticut Post reports that the team has released OF Angel Echevarria and signed former Pride OF Carlos Rodriguez.

Surf Stuff: The Surf have released P Gary Bell and assigned INF David Housel to the Road Warriors. The Road Warriors have released INF Jackson Carrion to make room for Housel.

Canseco Tossing Tonight: Former Newark Bears outfielder Jose Canseco will make his pitching debut tonight in the Golden Baseball League All-Star Game. Canseco, who’s a honorary member of the team, will participate in the league’s Home Run Derby then show off his knuckleball in the game.

Wheeling & Dealing: There is a trade deadline in the Atlantic League, but don’t expect much to happen. According to a source, a lot of clubs aren’t interested in dealing, rather just picking up free agents. – Scott Stanchak.

Logogate: I just had a fairly productive conversation with Frank Boulton, and it appears that there was a bit of a miscommunication in regards to the team logos. The main issue was with the league logo being displayed, not necessarily the team logos, and it would appear that those MAY be returning with some further discussions. Despite the perception from our end and what you guys think, Frank is not a bad guy, although we will agree to disagree on certain issues. I look forward to hearing back from him in a couple days regarding the logo issue, I’m sure I’ll keep everyone updated at the appropriate time. – Mike Ashmore

Stanchak’s Take On Follow-Up: I’m glad to see that Mike was able to finally get in touch with Frank Boulton and am interested in seeing how the situation turns out. The league will be better by making the correct call — as is evident by yesterday’s comments.

I do wish Frank had made the initial phone call to Mike regarding this situation and it could have been resolved without any problem; however, it wasn’t. I’m encouraged by a the positive call the both of them had and will update you should anything change.

Thank you again to everyone for all your comments and emails. We’ve already received a record number of hits on Monday and Tuesday, keep it up! – Scott Stanchak.

What do you want to see on AtlanticLeagueBaseball.com? With so many positive comments yesterday, what could we add to our coverage to make it even better? Let us know.



1. RollTheBall - July 18, 2006

I don’t buy miscommunication. That’s a scapegoat because of all the negativity and backlash he received.

2. AtlanticLeagueBaseball.com - July 18, 2006

All I can do is tell you about our conversation without getting into detail, what you choose to believe is up to you.

If the team logos go back up as it sounds like they MAY, then this is pretty much a non-issue.


3. Anonymous - July 18, 2006

I agree, it’s more about a bigger problem than just logos on the best source for Atlantic League info. I hope the league takes what everyone said yesterday and tries to fix the problems.

4. KenD - July 19, 2006

Has anybody found an audio link to the GBL all star game? Could be a fun listen.

The american assoc / canam game is tonight as well.

5. no biggie - July 19, 2006

Logo-gate: Sounds like a lot of drama and hand-wringing about nothing.

6. Scott Stanchak - July 19, 2006

No Biggie:

Thanks for your comments in recent days. I don’t think “logo-gate” was about nothing, as we obviously were told we couldn’t use the logos. Because of the reaction this caused and how bad it looked, things are hopefully going to be resolved. Was it a misscommunication, possibly, but in the end, we told everyone truthfully what had happened.

Keep posting…


7. dcpolak - July 19, 2006

On this web site, I’d like to see an interview with league CEO Frank Boulton.

We know where he stands on unauthorized use of league logos. As for other matters..

1) Why hasn’t the league moved sooner to once and for all end the black eye of having a traveling team?

2) What can be done about player salaries (revenue sharing perhaps?) to help bring in more established players?

3)What’s the real story about Juan Gonzalez?

4) How healthy is the league financially when so many teams are struggling to draw?

8. Don't Ask - July 21, 2006

While everyone seems to be up in arms about the logo business, I do have to say that it’s common practice to get permissions before using a copyrighted logo.

The MLB, especially the NY Yankees, cracked down on this sort of thing years ago on fan websites. Although it seems like the big guys picking on the little guys, it’s a matter of money.

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