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July 17, 2006 – No More Team Logos July 17, 2006

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Readers (Fans, Coaches, Players, League Officials, Team Officials, Umpires, Other Media):

If you check out any of the original pages of AtlanticLeagueBaseball.com, you will notice that we no longer have any of the league or team logos. We’ve replaced them all because, plain and simply, the league says we can’t have them on here anymore.

Since we’ve always been honest with our several thousand viewers a month, here’s what happened: I received an email today from someone saying that they were referred to Ashmore by Frank Boulton, league CEO and Long Island Ducks owner. He wanted to speak with him regarding use of the “Atlantic League trade marks.”

Being in charge of the business part of the web site, I decided to place the call. On the other end was a lawyer, who proceeded to tell me that we must take down all Atlantic League and team logos from the web site as we are violating trademarks.

I began asking questions like: we’ve had this site live for over three years now and team and league officials, players and fans all view it on a daily basis, so why now is it a problem?

I don’t recall getting an exact answer; however, I do know that, recently, we upset several officials who didn’t like stories we’ve reported, despite us citing other sources that reported it in depth. It caused phone calls and emails, all because it was “negative” press.

That’s the one thing about the Atlantic League most fans don’t realize or probably do. This league is full of people who try their best to keep the news as squeaky clean as possible. Do I blame them? No, it’s their job, but it’s our job to report the news, facts and information we gather to you the fans. If we didn’t we wouldn’t be doing our jobs.

I’ve covered this league for over seven years now and I have never seen anything like this before. For a league that should take as much publicity as it can get, they are sure not that savvy when it comes to promotion. After all, ALB.com has the most comprehensive news coverage anywhere on the league.

I was told none of this has to do with our site and that we do a good job with it. I guess a way to throw some good into the fire so it didn’t blow up even more.

I would like to know if all newspapers, other web sites, magazines and such who use league and team logos go through a process of approval. I highly doubt it as I’m sure that most teams don’t have a problem with us or any other news source using their logo. In fact, I’d guarantee there are team and league officials who are reading this right now and this is news to them. I’d also bet they have no problem with us using their logo.

The logos are down, as I’m going to comply with the lawyer’s request, and that I don’t have a problem with. Since I’ve complied, that’s why I’m telling you all this. We will continue covering the league and all the good and the bad that goes on in it.

Am I mad about what happened? No, I could care less that it’s less publicity for the team and league. Sure, I wasted part of my night changing logos after a long day at work, but hey, that’s what the Atlantic League wants.

What a joke. You just bought yourself more bad press and this time it speaks volumes.

Scott Stanchak

Mike Ashmore placed a phone call in to Frank Boulton around 5:30 p.m. and he will refrain from making any comments on this matter until he discusses it with him. He’s disappointed with this situation, but hopefully will have comments on this later tonight.

Update: It’s 11:55 a.m. on Tuesday morning and I want to thank everyone for their emails and postings on the comment board. We’ve yet to hear from anyone in the league despite several emails and the call to Frank Boulton last night. Unusual since we always get prompt responses. We’ll keep you updated. – Scott Stanchak.



1. Anonymous - July 17, 2006

What a joke this league is turning into. The quality has taken a dive over the past few years. You guys give the best covereage anywhere and they’re stupid for not allowing, you, out of anyone, to use the team and league logos for promotion. Keep up the great work.

2. Anonymous - July 17, 2006

You’ve gotta be kidding me! I’m really saddened that this is what the league focuses their attention. Guess they’re gonna deal with a backlash of fans being disappointed in them now. You guys rock!

3. Anonymous - July 17, 2006

Frankie is very anal over these things. But if I counted the number of times DUCKS INSIDER has ripped me off in the past few years, I’d have to be able to count pretty high.

4. Anonymous - July 17, 2006

Frank is one of the reasons people don’t like the league — his business practices, promotion, media, etc. He can run a team and get the right people, but he makes enemys along the way.

5. dcpolak - July 17, 2006

Unauthorized logos? Frank Boulton should be more concerned about Juan Gonzalez continuing to draw a paycheck but not seeing any playing time.

I always wondered what type of baseball executives would be content to trot out a season-long traveling team like the Road Warriors as part of their league season after season. Now I understand. They’re too busy calling their attorneys about nonsense and don’t have time to focus on real problems.

6. Anonymous - July 18, 2006

DCPolak, you’re exactly right. No doubt Gonzalez is pulling down about $3 grand a month and for what, 12 games maybe? He is too worried about additional publicity; then again, what’s he care, his Ducks draw best in the league anyway. Then again, it’s because the team his front office puts together.

7. Anonymous - July 18, 2006

Once again Boulton is more concerned with his own hide than his League. I’ve been a writer for over 3 years and not once has anyone EVER asked me to tone things down, not use something , etc. Logos? He’s concerned about you using Logos? What’s next…he’s gonna take away your media passes? Maybe if he just concentrated on his team and his farm team the Road Warriors the League would be better as a whole. BTW anyone else notice that almost nobody from the Warriors is allowed to go anywhere else except LI? Inquiring minds want to know?

8. Anonymous - July 18, 2006


9. Ashmore - July 18, 2006

Despite the circumstances, I will reiterate what we’ve been saying all year and ask that people use their names or at least nicknames when posting.

TRUST ME that when the time is right I’ll post my thoughts on this. That time is not now.


10. Anonymous - July 18, 2006

Ultimately when MLB allows Boulton to have a Minor League affiliate in LI then what? It will happen. The dollars and cents are there. Why should Boulton Pay Players when he could make more and still draw the same. He’ll screw over his partners and get what he originally set out to acheive. His little Logo bust is nothing but a show of strength in the league however he does not own the copyrights of individual teams logos They are TRADEMARKED to their respective owners not a league and can be used by the league under agreement. Ultimately Screw Boulton he’s all about himself.

11. Mark - July 18, 2006

Mike you are doing a great job keep up the good work. I have been reading this for a very long time and the first question that comes to mind is why all the bloggers are affraid to place a name with there comments. I think if the league saw that the posts do have names behind them is would look more official than just anonymous. It’s just sad that even if a person who works for a team have placed a comment on the board they have to hide it. This is Mark from New Jersey I dont have a blogger account.

12. Anonymous - July 18, 2006

i have said this before on this website and will repeat it.the mgmt and ownership of the atlantic league are clueless,and picking on atlantic league blogger this week, and the sham/stealing of atlantic league all star ticket holders {which i was one} last week just proves it more and more.cmon frank spend more time thinking of ways to save newark,ac,camden and bpt.

b-fish fan

13. Anonymous - July 18, 2006

The red-headed stepchild strikes again….what a waste of time & energy.

14. john from long island - July 18, 2006

what are you referring to b-fish fan?

15. Anonymous - July 18, 2006

Typical Atlantic League bull#@$%

16. John - July 18, 2006

What happened with Greg Modica? I saw him in a park watching a local youth game on Sunday afternoon and not at the Ducks game. He was there briefly, so I didn’t get to ask why he wasn’t at the Ducks game. I know he hasn’t pitched in a while and when I looked at the website he wasn’t on the roster. Just wondering what the story is.

17. Anonymous - July 18, 2006

Is the Atlantic League legally correct?

18. dcpolak - July 18, 2006

On the Ducks’ web site and the official Atlantic League site there are links that say “Contact Us”. When you click on them you can email the team or the league.

Perhaps those who think this logo crackdown is bogus should send Frank Boulton complaint emails.

Frank might never see our emails. But I’m sure the Ducks’ staff or the Atlantic League staff would enjoy reading them.

19. Anonymous - July 18, 2006

Since when has the Atlantic League played by the rules. As of next year, i owner will own 3 teams, one owns 2, etc. How can there be a level playing field with a conflict of interest such as this? Frank Boulton even tryed to change the league rules at the last minute a couple of years ago, to get his Ducks into the playoffs. The logo situation should be of suprise to no-one!

20. Anonymous - July 18, 2006

This is where we get all our info on the Atlantic League, is there some secret that shouldn’t be being told. They should be paying you for the publicity. The truth is the truth. right is right and wrong is wrong — logo or not.

21. Jeff - July 18, 2006

Pedro Swann (Camden) continues to hit for the Reading Phillies. He is 17-34 (.500), with a home run and 10 RBI’s.

22. dave - July 18, 2006

Keep-up the good work. As I read your thoughts, Scott, I was really afraid that you were going to conclude them by saying that you were discontinuing it. I don’t care about the logos. I just value the information!!!

23. Anonymous - July 18, 2006

Scott: You’re site is amazing. Thank you for your thoughts and honest reporting. I am sorry that you had to take down all the logos.

24. no biggie - July 18, 2006

It’s silly that the league called about this and it’s silly that you guys got so worked about it.

25. Lem - July 18, 2006

Your web page is the best in independent baseball. I enjoy the info everyday. The Atlantic League should be grateful for the coverage.

26. Anonymous - July 18, 2006

Listening to the Ducks game on friday night, Chris King said he (Modica) was out with a brusied rib.

27. PJ - July 18, 2006

No biggie: I think if you read Scott’s letter, you’d see he didn’t get worked about it. He told us why the images were coming down and some of the stuff that has gone down in the past because of their coverage. I found it facinating. I think it’s amazingly stupid that this is the league’s priority right now, especially right in the middle of the season. I appriciate the honest of Scott and Mike and look forward to hearing an update on this.

28. number1surffan John - July 18, 2006

Funny – I went to the “official” atlantic league site – the one I USED TO get to via a link from alb home, and today, July 18th, I am still awaiting their posting of the player and pitcher of the month for June. Sheesh. No logos here, no info (even 3 weeks later) there. Bet if another LI Duck was being sold, or poached from another (road) team it would be updated ASAP though….

29. no biggie - July 18, 2006

Maybe you guys can reach an agreement with the official site to provide coverage. That site is brutal.

30. pj - July 18, 2006

I think that would be awesome and a win/win for both this site and theirs. The thing is, as Scott wrote, the league doesn’t like “negative” press so in that regard, I’m sure the league wouldn’t be open to something like a partnership.

31. KenD - July 18, 2006

Juan Gone makes deadspin.com


I think they ready to file a missing persons report over there.


32. Ramsey - July 18, 2006

Another joke that’s making the Ducks look bad. What a waste of money paying this guy for no reason.

33. Anonymous - July 18, 2006

Fellow Fans: I just visited the LI Ducks site and sent this e-mail. It’s nothing special but it is the truth. I’m a little fed-up with the league. Maybe it seems like I am blowing this out of porportion, but whatever. Here is what I sent them:

“Good Morning,
Having just heard what has happened to Scott Stanchak and ALB.com, I will not renew be renewing my season tickets next year and will be sure that the two group outings that I sponsor do not happen again. I’d love to put my real name here, but I want to enjoy the rest of the season without being harrassed. I will certainly introduce myself to you at the end of the season. What a joke! The League should ashamed of itself. Mr. Boulton needs to issue a public apology to all the fans and to Mike Ashmore and Scott Stanchak.”

34. Dan - July 18, 2006

That’s great! This little situation kind of just sums up how the league is. I agree, I’m getting fed up with them too.

35. AtlanticLeagueBaseball.com - July 18, 2006

RW is assigned INF David Housel, releases INF Jackson Carrion.

AC releases P Gary Bell.

Have not received a phone call as of 12:00 PM

The point of this isn’t to piss anyone off, although that will inevitably happen. It is, as Scott said, to be honest with everyone and let you know why the logos have vanished off the site.


36. Anonymous - July 18, 2006

any idea of the Ducks are looking to add some infield depth. From what I can tell with Shrager leaving they have no one to backup at second, short or third

37. Riggzy - July 18, 2006

Hey Scott i just wanted to say that i think this is the BEST site fot Atlantic League news and info
and with out it the league would not be fun to follow for me…there’s nothing worse than to go to a atlanic league game without knowing the players and there backgrounds…and i get that here no doubt..please keep up the good work….the logo thing to me is nothing but a smack in the face
to the guys that work hard to bring the REAL atlantic league fans
the REAL news about whats going on in this league…i’ll be honest when i come to your site i could care less if i see a logo for league or a team i’m here for info,people’s views,and the writters opinions…other than that
they can take there logos and shove them up ther @$$..

38. Anonymous - July 18, 2006

Mike and Scott-Really enjoy viewing the site, catching up with the player’s info/stats, your observations, etc.
It is very clear you do this for ‘the love of the game’…
Keep up the great work! We LOVE you guys!!

39. Sumosid - July 18, 2006

Mike & Scott;

Love the website. Keep up the good work. It is greatly appreciated.

Now if only Boulton & his cronies new that REAL AL fans read this site, The fans who want AL news, warts and all! We support our teams and we not be easily swayed by AL news that isn’t sugar coated!


40. KenD - July 18, 2006

Here is something you won’t see on the official site until tomorrow:

NEWARK, NJ – July 18, 2006 – Road Warriors center-fielder Sheldon Fulse hit his fifth home run of the season, a solo home run to left field in the top of the 11th inning to beat the Newark Bears 7-6 Tuesday afternoon at Bears and Eagles Riverfront Stadium.

Another loss for the Bears. 9 in a row.

41. Ken Hastings - July 18, 2006

Makes the switch up here in Nashua to the Can-Am a lot easier to take with this type of petty bs going on. You guys are bookmarked for a reason. I check this site every single day. BTW attendance is much better up here know that there’s an owner paying attention (no knock on Chris English).

42. Anonymous - July 18, 2006

Juan Gonzalez is now activated

43. RollTheBall - July 18, 2006

Only a week after the A.S. break. Doesn’t mean he’ll play though.

44. BoosterBabe - July 18, 2006

To B-Fish fan: What are you talking about, “the sham/stealing of atlantic league all star ticket holders {which i was one} last week” ?????

Make yourself clear… you are making a pretty powerful accusation but no one here seems to understand what exactly you mean.

Are you making a comment about the rain? It rained torrentially before 5pm. And it rained during the home-run derby, but once the game got underway, it was muggy and overcast, but it did not rain again until after the fireworks. I was there too (and I’m not ashamed to reveal my identity…I have said numerous times here that I am president of the Booster Club. Anyone who goes to Harbor Yard could ask whoever is staffing the booster club courtesy table, or in fact ANYONE on staff there, including most of the players, and they could easily point me out to you, without you even knowing my first name.)

I’d really like to know who you are. You express some strong opinions here, you make accusations that are extremely inflammatory, but you hide behind a nickname and that to me is cowardly.

45. dcpolak - July 18, 2006

Juan Gonzalez is activated?

I guess that with the great logo issue now solved, the Ducks have found time to address other matters…or…

…Maybe someone in their front office learns things by reading this site.

46. Anonymous - July 18, 2006

I don’t think the logo issue is solved.

47. Anonymous - July 19, 2006

booster babe please you are a pom-pom waving fan who never says a bad thing about the fish.the all star game should not have been played because it not only poured but in the first time in years lower fairfield county was under a tornado warning.one of which hit in westchester county causing major damage.secondly the game did not start until 8:20 at night due to rain noah would have been proud of in front of no more than 3500 people,yet they sold 4800 tickets so alot of people had my same view on the game.then to make up for their stupidty of playing the game they give every person there a free ticket to another game admitting they were wrong to play the game in the first place.please booster babe i have been going to bluefish game since day one.if you have not seen a complete change in the way this team has done business in the last few years you my friend are blind or a total fool.i am not only only one who thinks so just check there attn on a nightly basis.from a owner threating to stiff the city which he did by the way to get a new deal for himself.a new deal that included him not having to pay the back taxes he owed to the poorest city in ct only his fan base,or maybe its the fact that he was about to let the team go belly up and steal the season ticket holders last 1/3 of the seasons money last year while harbor yard went dark.which is the main reason I WILL NEVER BE A SEASON TICKET HOLDER AGAIN.or maybe booster babe its the charming young men and women working the concession stand who take 15 mins to get you a soda and a dog.i believe the honor student who was working the stand i went to last week had a earing in her nose and a tattoo of some sort on both of her arms.not to mention the parking attendant who need a freaking calculator to give you correct change of a 20 while you wait 10 mins to park.bathrooms with piss all over floors by the 5 inning.and what would a game be without a few drunks hooting and hollering with 3 beers each in front of them.why make the beer man come back?how thoughtful.what happened to baseball and family entertainment.i repeat look at the attn figures over the last few years people just dont want to deal with the garbage the bluefish have become,and i cant blame them.
b-fish fan

48. SharkGirl - July 19, 2006

Scott & Mike, when you took the team logos down I had to go to the home page because seeing is believing. What I could not believe was that Frank B. let you keep the ALB logo. Now I understand the “miscommunication” because it did not make sense to me taking team logos away & not the league logo. In any event, please keep doing exactly what you both are doing…giving us “all the news, all the time”. You do it so well-I wouldn’t know anything about this league if it wasn’t for your devotion to your work!

49. Anonymous - July 19, 2006

b-fish fan:

If they postponed the All-Star game, you seem like the type of person who would have been on here hootin and hollerin about how they didn’t play the game and how the league is a disgrace for it. The offering of tickets to another game is a good gesture by the Bluefish. They can not control mother nature. There is only one day to pull off the All-Star game, and they made it work the best they could.

The fact remains that people will always complain about something. None of us work with the league, so how do we know that they aren’t dealing with some sort of major crisis behind the scenes while little ones get complained about greatly. I know at my job people call in to complain all the time, and each complaint I get does not really phase anyone, because we are all working hard at keeping the bigger problems contained. Then, when there is actually enough time to do so, we start tackling the minor problems.

Don’t attack the people who work there, they are just trying to earn a buck or two. Judging them purely on apperance just brings you down to low level.

50. BoosterBabe - July 19, 2006

It never ceases to amaze me how people judge others based on their appearance, and comment about the parking attendant making change when he himself (I assume it’s a man…but maybe I’m wrong about that, and since b-fish fan refuses to identify themself, there’s no way to know) cannot write a cogent sentence and appears to be allergic to punctuation and capitalization.
Me? A pom-pom waving fan? Definitely not. I am more in tune with the reality of running the business that is the Bluefish than most fans, and sometimes I wish I weren’t quite so aware of what goes on in the front office.
But being who I am, being as involved as I am, and this being the internet and not knowing who reads this, I am careful what I say in a public forum. You have no idea what I think, and more importantly, what I say to people I KNOW and who know me.

I think b-fish fan is just one of those people who is never happy with anything. You’re right, he would have been pissing and moaning if they hadn’t played the game “Whahhhhhhhhhh, they didn’t play the all-star game….wahhhhh it was just a little rain…wahhhhhh”

You keep focusing on the attendance figures and the fact they gave out vouchers for tickets. Why do you care? It’s really of no consequence to you whether attendance is up or down.

Giving away free tickets to people, especially new people, is smart business because the real money is made on concession sales and gear shop paraphernalia. Not to mention, show them a good time once for free, they might like it and come back a few more times.

If you thought the game shouldn’t have been played, then why did you bother to come down to the ballpark? You are just a blowhard who likes to read his thoughts on the internet. That’s my take on you, anyway. You have a miserable existence and if you had nothing to be unhappy about, you wouldn’t know what to do with yourself.

How do you like being told what kind of person you are based on a few words you’ve posted on the internet? Thing is, you were dead-wrong about me but I have a feeling I’m spot-on correct about you!
Have a nice day!

51. john from long island - July 19, 2006

I think booster babe has b-fish fan figured pretty well. I came over on the 4:00pm ferry with several other Duck fans, hoping the game would be played, and was suprised and relieved when we were told they would be playing. The bathrooms I used were fine.

As far as his superior attitude toward concession stand workers and parking attendants, my please and thank you attitude yielded quick and courteous service from the people behind the counters.

I will be using my complimentary tickets next Wednesday when the Ducks come back to visit, thank you very much Bluefish.

It sad to see people like b-fish fan, who have to carry the weight of the whole world being against them, but we all know way too many people like him.

Just glad I don’t have to live with that guy.

Keep up the great work on this site

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