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July 16, 2006 July 16, 2006

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Sunday Ashmore Photo Journal:

Robert Averette

Jeremy Booth

Jim Burt, Jr.

T.J. Mathews

Jeff Nettles

Andy Van Hekken

Bluefish Stuff: Rich Elliott of The Connecticut Post reports that P Matt Montgomery has left the team to sign with an American Association team. He also writes that the team is interested in P Jose Jimenez, INF Desi Relaford, OF Carlos Rodriguez and INF Pete Rose, Jr. – Mike Ashmore


1. Amy - July 16, 2006

Mike…what is the status on Pete Jr…has he been sentenced to any jail time and if so has he served it yet?

2. AtlanticLeagueBaseball.com - July 16, 2006

Rose was sentenced to one month in prison and five months of home detention on May 1st. He was to start his sentence on June 5th.

I have no idea how the home detention thing works with playing baseball — I would assume he’s allowed to go to work (i.e. play baseball) but that’s about all the assuming I’m going to do on this one. Going to try to avoid some phone calls this time…


3. AtlanticLeagueBaseball.com - July 16, 2006

Just to update things…

A) Don’t expect any miracles on the Burt feature.

B) The Bobby Malkmus piece got pushed back a week and is now set for 7/27

C) If you liked my tryout piece, I’ve got an idea for a feature that would blow the doors off of it. That would tentatively run somewhere in early August.


4. Anonymous - July 17, 2006

what does “dont expect any miracles” mean? lol Im confused.

5. Jake - July 17, 2006

what tryout piece?

6. Anonymous - July 17, 2006

pete rose jr was released from prison on 7/4.bpt.please use some sense here do not sign rose jr.

b-fish fan

7. Anonymous - July 17, 2006

Mike & Scott,

Is there a team in organized baseball anywhere that is worse than the Bears? Caught a couple of games this weekend and the bull pen melted down both times.

8. Riggzy - July 17, 2006

Well i don’t know if there worse,but the road warriors got
beatdown 20-1 on sunday night by the ducks…granted its about 95 degrees out on a team that has been traveling since spring workouts..and playing a team like the ducks who have more former mlb guys
than anybody..its almost not even fair…But i saw the bears twice this year and the last time i saw them against the bluefish there bullpen couldn’t get a soul out..
and when you have will pennyfeather hitting clean-up for ya the future is not too bright..
no knock on him he’s a better ball player than i’ll ever be, but that team just dosen’t have the dept to
compete for a playoff spot this year….

9. Anonymous - July 17, 2006

I’ve seen a few Bears games this year. To me, the bullpen wouldn’t be as bad if it was better managed. there have been more than a few instances where a pitcher was left in to face someone they shouldn’t have.

10. Anonymous - July 17, 2006

I agree, Saturday was a prime example where he left Delgado in too long. At least Santora is swinging better and I liked the way Chris Torres caught the game. (First game with the Bears and he has to catch Joe Gannon knuckle balls.)

This series with the RW’s is huge!!!! Go Bears

11. Anonymous - July 17, 2006

Pete Rose Jr. is a great clubhouse guy, dedicated player, and an overall great guy to have around the ballpark. If not for his problems in the courts he probably would’ve been back with the Ducks this year!

12. Anonymous - July 17, 2006

i felt bad for the roadwarriors last night. to make things worse the official scorer was more than favorable to the ducks as the starter wore 11 or 12 er’s. there situation is worse enough you dont have to kick them when there down

13. AtlanticLeagueBaseball.com - July 17, 2006

Don’t expect any miracles means I don’t think it came out that great.

The tryout piece refers to when I tried out for the team for my 4/6 article.

I’m under the impression that Rose could return to the Ducks if he wanted to…


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