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July 13, 2006 July 13, 2006

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New Articles: Head on over to MikeAshmore.com to check out this week’s Somerset Patriots articles. There’s a report card on the pitchers and a feature with quotes from Hall of Famer Bob Gibson regarding his son’s tryout.

All-Star Stuff: Clyde Williams had himself a nice night, winning the Home Run Derby and the All-Star Game MVP in a 4-1 South Division win.

I would have liked to have gone, but I’m not going to be spending all that cash just for it to rain. Just because I work for a paper, don’t think I still don’t have to pay for stuff myself…

SomerStuff: I know of at least two players expected to join the Patriots very shortly, both with prior AL experience. There will likely be a few more additions, I’d be surprised if there wasn’t a minor housecleaning over there before the second half got underway.

Wild Card: Just so everyone knows how it works, Bridgeport currently has a five game lead over Somerset and Atlantic City in the wild card standings.

The only way there will be a wild card spot available is if Long Island or Lancaster wins both halves. If one team wins both halves, one wild card spot is available…if both teams win both halves, two wild card spots are available.

Wild card spots are determined by best overall record, REGARDLESS OF DIVISION. So, theoretically, you could have three teams from one division in the playoffs.

Straight from the official league site:

l. If the two Designated Wild Card entrants (teams with next best overall record) are in separate divisions, they shall play the Division Champion in their respective division (regardless of record) in order to ensure each division having a representative in the Championship Series.

2. If the two Designated Wild Cards are from the same division, then and only then would a seeding system come into play, by won loss record with one playing four and two playing three with all ties decided by the tie breakers system described above.

– Mike Ashmore


1. Anonymous - July 13, 2006

Mike, not sure if you’ve seen the paper yet, but the Gibson piece is on the cover of sports. Looks good, wish I’d have known he was there!

2. pawtucketpatriot - July 13, 2006

why would they not say anything about bob gibson being there. the guy is one of the greatest pitchers ever, and he just comes and goes without a trace. wow.

3. AtlanticLeagueBaseball.com - July 13, 2006

Glad you liked the Gibson piece, I actually just got back from picking up my usual four copies, and I thought it came out pretty well. To clarify, I DID NOT take the picture that ran with it, the credit should go to the Somerset Patriots.

Was rather nervous interviewing him, I probably only got about two or three minutes with him, and the best stuff was probably about his basketball career…the audio clip from that is still up on MikeAshmore.com

As for the second comment — nice Family Guy reference by the way — Gibson wasn’t there to sign autographs or make an appearance or anything like that. He wasn’t paid to be there. He was simply a dad watching his son try out for a baseball team, there’s really nothing more to it than that.

My lead might be a little deceiving, but it’s not like the Patriots did the wrong thing by saying nothing. In fact, they would have done Gibson a disservice by promoting it, he really just wanted to be a regular guy and watch his son — that’s something he made clear to me before the interview even started, and it’s something I was respectful of.


4. qwackedup - July 13, 2006

It’s a situation similar to last year with the Ducks. Pete Rose came to see his son play a few times, both at home and on the road, and the visits were unannounced so he can be a regular dad and watch his son play.

5. Anonymous - July 13, 2006

We at Somerset are used to Jeff’s dad being there enough. There are times that kids are around him but we all know that a 7 year old has NO IDEA what he looks like!

6. dcpolak - July 13, 2006

7-year-olds aren’t the only ones oblivious to Graig Nettles in their midst.

Two years ago, on the night before the Yankees’ Old Timers Day, Graig came by Commerce Bank Ballpark to watch his son play.

I left the game in the 7th inning and was walking along the sidewalk behind the outfield fence to my car. when I spotted Graig going in the other direction. He was wearing a golf cap, button down plaid shirt and shorts.

I was amazed to see him walk in through the jam-packed picnic area and absolutely no one else recognize him.

7. Anonymous - July 13, 2006

Lancaster gets the ’07 All Star Game!! Nice.

8. Anonymous - July 13, 2006

sorry, i was misunderstood. two years ago Graig Nettles was trying to leave via the picnic area after Jeff’s last at bat. As he was trying to see the at bat there was a “flock” of kids hanging around him. I am sure that there are a bunch of fathers/mothers telling them that that is Graig Nettles a famous Yankee! I had the opportunity to speak with him and asked if he wished he could just fade into the woodwork and he said there are times YES! No one bothers other family members. Even Jim Burt spent a nice evening watching his son play. I guess it is easier to recognize a baseball ballplayer then a football player out of uniform. By announcing someone’s presence makes it a media circus after all, didn’t the fathers get the attention while playing and now the attention should be on the sons. I recall the day I saw the Yankee World series ring go by my head. I didn’t even see who was wearing it. I did however aske to take a look at it and struck up a conversation with the wearer.
I enjoy ALB and when I visit a mlb park and find a familiar name on a roster, there is some pride that they came thru the ALB.

9. qwackedup - July 14, 2006

The best part of the Atlantic League is that the players appreciate baseball and being here for the most part. These guys, even ones who played in the majors, are so down to earth and friendly. And while most people who pass through this website dislike the Ducks, the players on the Ducks are very fan friendly. Try to find Henry Rodriguez, who played several years in the majors and played in a major-league All-Star Game, without a smile on his face. So many people loved Micheal Jordan and he was notorious for blowing off fans seeking autographs. That rarely happens with the Ducks or for what I’ve read here, Atlantic League players for the most part.

10. MelWearingsGhost - July 14, 2006

Back from the deluge of rain, and the festivities at Harbor Yard. In my book, the Bridgeport groundskeepers should be co-MVP’s from the All Star Game. They kept putting that tarp on the field…and dragging it off….and overcame a tough weather with heroic efforts. Great to see Clyde Williams get the ball up through the humid air, in the HR Derby, and in the game itself. But why was there no trophy for him, when he shook hands with the Prez afterwards near the South’s dugout? Biggest error in the game: The scoreboard didn’t operate. There was NO linescore of of the game, in-progress. (Blame the rain for shorting it out.) Balls, K’s and Outs were noted on the center field video screen, which has been on the fritz (with vertical lines streaking it) since the start of the season. The Atlantic League should have chipped in to fix it. Is it Bridgeport’s (the CITY’s) responsibility to keep it working? Or does the team bear some responsibility. This is the league’s showcase event, and something as basic as a scoreboard &/or video screen SHOULD be working at the park chosen for the All Star Game.
Not to jump on politically-wounded mayor John Fabrizi of Bridgeport, who threw out the first ball, but couldn’t the league
find some players…..maybe former AL All Star Game MVPs to do the honors? Or maybe there’s a relative of Jim “Orator Jim” O’Rourke….who could have been honored with the first pitch. (O’Rourke, was from Bridgeport…..a Hall of Famer, who got the 1st hit in Major League history….on 4/22/1876.) It was great to see players sign. ALL did, avoiding puddles before HR Derby. Joe Gannon took digital pix. Others had video cameras. Kids joined their All Star dads by the dugout, during the hitting exhibition. I rooted for Mike Huggins of the Road Warriors to win the 500 bucks in HR Derby. THAT would sure help his meal money situation. We saw Ducks fans who came over on the ferry boat from Pt. Jefferson, braving the storm.

Told Pat Mahomes that this was one night that ‘Fish fans will root for the Ducks. Denny Abreau sure clocked one off the Arena facade, past the high netting in Lf….that 3-run shot to make it 4-0, South. The team mascots were great. Cylo from Lancaster was the most energetic & had fun with the fans when he went into stands.

On the concourse: former Bluefish closer Mike Guilfoyle: He says he could still pitch, and recently told Bridgeport GM Charlie Dowd he’s available later this year.
Guilfoyle’s a police officer now in CT, and still plays in a senior league where he admitted he’s “kicking Butt.” Guilfoyle said if he had to, RIGHT NOW….he would be able to go in and take care of 3 guys he’d face…..in relief.

As for ‘Fish pitching, Guilfoyle said reliever Eddie Ramos “is smart.” –Ramos pitches in Mexico, “where he makes his money,” then heads North again, to Bridgeport a couple months into the AL season….to join the bullpen.

Finally, the Bluefish announced that all fans at the game would get vouchers for a free ticket for a game later this season…as a thank-you for braving the elements. With TONS of fans still exiting, they ran out of vouchers. What do we do? Call the box office & present our All Star Game ticket stub?
Overall, it was a fun night. Anyone who came early and stayed through the fireworks…..is a real trooper and comes away with an All Star experience that few fans could match.

11. Anonymous - July 14, 2006

Thanks for the info on the game…

12. Anonymous - July 14, 2006

i was at the game also and the atl as well as bpt bluefish brass should have never played the game.as far as the scoreboard goes it has never worked properly and is always on the fritz.i believe the city does own it and have told the fish “too bad” when they say it needs repairs.

b-fish fan

13. Fausto Gabon - July 14, 2006

A couple of posters (or maybe just the same guy over and over) have said “the (All-Star)game should not have been played”. When exactly would it be rescheduled? Thursday 7/13? First all-league day off? Mon. 9/25, before the playoffs? Cancelled altogether? Of a series of bad options, probably the only one is to play the game as scheduled, sorry to say.

14. Jake - July 14, 2006

Hey M-

The two new Pats players… what are they? Position or pitchers?

15. Anonymous - July 14, 2006

the game should have been played the next day thats why they take that day off.the place was half empty.these guys are going to lancaster pa or a.c. not to la or seattle,they can travel there on game day and make it to tonights game.it was a joke to play.

b-fish fan

16. Ashmore - July 14, 2006


17. Anonymous - July 14, 2006

duck players are great with their fans but if they dont know who you are or just a regular fan and not a groupie they will blow you off.

18. Amy - July 14, 2006

Cylo is awesome!

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