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July 11, 2006 July 11, 2006

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Ducks Win First Half: By virtue of their 9-4 win over Atlantic City, the Ducks are in the playoffs.

Patriots Ponderings: The team has released P Justin Wechsler.

Also, there were some interesting happenings last night in Lancaster.

Let’s go back to last year when the Bears had to make up a half an inning in Somerset. Bears manager Chris Jones sent out three pitchers to face Gene Stechschulte. All three pitchers — Pat Daneker, Brent Billingsley and Darryl Roque — did not take the bat off their shoulders. The inning was not open to the public.

Last night, the Barnstormers only had 12 players in uniform. The Patriots were told that all of their players had to be at the game, and some of them had to reschedule flights just to be at the game. Suffice it to say, this did not sit well with many Patriots.

In some good news, P Keith Ramsey made the All-Star team — a likely replacement for Atlantic City’s Lincoln Mikkelsen.

Stanchak’s Take: What happened in Lancaster was an absolute joke. I don’t care if players are injured; at no other point during the season are you going to only have 12 available. At no other point is your pitcher going to play designated hitter or a catcher at second base for the entire game.

Somerset made their players go to the game. Lancaster had their first-half championship wrapped up, so they could care less about what players were in uniform. The game meant nothing to them; they’re happy because they’re already in the playoffs.

It doesn’t matter the outcome of the game, it’s just respect for other clubs. If the day was meant to be an off day, the league wouldn’t have scheduled a game.

I feel bad for Somerset; I think the Barnstormers, especially for being their second season in the league, will be looked down upon. – Scott Stanchak

Rickey To Return?: According to this article, former Newark Bears OF Rickey Henderson is mulling the idea of returning to professional baseball as a player. Could he come back to the Atlantic League for a tune-up? Hmmm…

DiNizio Special To Air: Pat DiNizio, who has made several appearances at Somerset’s Commerce Bank Ballpark, will have his “7th Inning Stretch” special air tomorrow night on ESPN2 at 10 PM. Lead singer of rock band, “The Smithereens,” he took batting practice with the team on several occasions with ESPN crews filming his every move.

I’d assume some of the Patriots footage is still in there, I honestly have nooooo idea what to expect on this one.

Pride Not So Proud: The Nashua Pride, formerly of the Atlantic League, have signed skiier Bode Miller to a one-day contract. Although proceeds from the event will go to charity, I still hate this kind of stuff. Oh well, not the Atlantic League’s problem anymore. – Mike Ashmore


1. Anonymous - July 11, 2006

JUst my opinion but …. Barnstormers beat Patriots mentally. Their heads weren’t in the game when Pats HAD TO BE THERE but Stormer DID NOT!

2. Jeff - July 11, 2006

Swann Flying High:
Pedro Swann is 7-13 with 1 HR and 4 RBI’s at Reading. Off to a great start!

3. Amy - July 11, 2006

The Barnstormer game was a much better game than I anticipated going into. I was expecting more lineup changes than there were but really Lance Burkhart played an outstanding game at 2b and Matt Knox had an outstaning game at DH. Lance told me and a couple friends that he has played 2b before…I think he said he played it in college. Matt Knox was a 3bman in the Indians minor league organization for a few years before switching to pitching so he is not new to hitting. I know he was a pretty good hitter locally at Millersville. I believe he still holds the season rbi record too. Somerset was just not in the game mentally as the previous poster has mentioned. I know the Barnstormers were having fun! I still can’t believe the game was even played at all due to there being no outcome on standings or playoff possibilities. Tom Herr was not even there at all…and half of the team was already gone home. Frank Klebe dubbed the team…”The Dirty Dozen” as that was how many players they had.

4. Amy - July 11, 2006

I can imagine how the Patriots must have felt, being forced to be at this game. I almost felt the same way as a fan…especially after a woman in my section got hit in the chest/shoulder area by a screaming line drive off the bat of Larry Barnes in the 2nd inning . Not a nice feeling when someone you know is wheeled off the field on a stretcher and they have to stop the game to take her off the field….all for a meaningless game…had any of theplayers gotten hurt…well. I was also surprised that Barnes never came over to check on her.

5. Anonymous - July 11, 2006

What’s worse? Having 12 players in uniform or losing 10-0 to a team with 12 players in uniform?

6. Anonymous - July 11, 2006

Well MR. Scott Stanchak
the barnstormer 2nd Baseman was Lance Burkhart and he asked to play secondbase because he did it while playing in Collage ball.

and as far as Matt Knox Being the DH he was a all star 3rd basemen in college with millersville he still hold the college team record for most RBI’s in a season.
So Whats the big deal with these players going back to there Roots of the game.


7. Scott from Lancaster - July 11, 2006

Can anyone tell me why Lincoln M. needs a replacement in the All-Star game?? Just curious, as he has had an outstanding year.

8. Anonymous - July 11, 2006

Hey Stanchak I think that your take on the Lancaster game last night is wrong. The Barnstormers have had only nine position players the last few games and Hake has the injuried albow that he has been playing with so they gave him the day off. Burkhart did play second base before and Knox was a position player before. Everyone that was not there was not going to play anyway. Harriger because of All-Star game; Ortiz, Van Rossum, Taylor, Hake, Smith injuried; Sobkowiak starting pitcher plus injuried; Whitaker, Weatherby pitched the night before; Dooley retired. So it is not the Barnstormers problem it is the Atlantic League’s.

9. Anonymous - July 11, 2006

12 players, total joke. that game will have a bearing on the standings if a wild card spot opens up. Barnstormers should be fined by the league.

Lincoln Mikkelson hurt his ankle (i think his ankle…anyway, he’s hurt)

10. Anonymous - July 11, 2006

the more i read about this york team.the more i think this team is going to be a total disaster for the city of york and the atl.

b-fish fan

11. Anonymous - July 11, 2006

How is the 12 players a total joke if the Barnstormers won the game by 10 runs? Would they have won by 15 runs with a full team? It obviously didn’t affect the outcome because Somerset didn’t care enough to try.

12. number1surffan John - July 11, 2006

Lincoln had a nasty fall off the mound attempting to field a grounder the other night against Somerset (same play where Lunar tore his quad running to 1st). Linc stayed in for a bit longer, but I think they’d want to play it safe for now. Besides, AC has 9 other all star reps…..

13. number1surffan John - July 11, 2006

re: the outcome and it’s significance – for Lancaster it was a break. They are already locked in to post season. For Patriots and Surf it was important as they are now 100% tied if the 2nd half again goes to Lancaster then the team with the next best record moves on – and as silly as 1 game seems it can mean the difference between playoffs or a longer fall/winter.

14. Amy - July 11, 2006

Well then I guess Somerset should have acted like they wanted to win..instead of pouting about having to be there. The Barnstormers played 2 GUYS out of position…not the whole team. Like someone else mentioned they have been down to few position players for a couple weeks and have been making do with what they have due to injuries. The fact that they had 12 players available really had no affect on the outcome of the game…..those other guys weren’t going to play anyway.

15. Amy - July 11, 2006

I do agree w Scott on one thing however….the Barnstormers will take alot of heat on this and that’s the unfortunate part of it.

16. AtlanticLeagueBaseball.com - July 11, 2006

To answer some feedback: I know that that both players have played those positions before, but I doubt the opportunity would have arisen should the team have had a full roster of players at the park. That or a blow out situation.

It’s the fact that Somerset made players cancel flights and bring all their players to the game because they were told to treat the game like any other, while Lancaster did the opposite. I mean, it couldn’t be more obvious with Tom Herr not being there. It was an unfair situation.

The outcome doesn’t really matter. My point is that the situation was unfortunate. I’m sure some guys who don’t play on Somerset had better things to do that night, they still made the several hour trip though. It’s Somerset’s own fault for losing and the situation would have been more of a joke had they won.

17. Amy - July 11, 2006

Actually I agree with you. I think all the players for both teams SHOULD have been there. Its a game and they should have been there no matter what..hurt or not whatever. I am a Barnstormer fan and while the “novelty” of Lance playing 2b and Matt playing DH and then pitching the last inning was fun and I enjoyed watching it, I felt they disrespected Somerset by letting the rest of them go home early. To me that cheapens the league and the game.

18. Anonymous - July 12, 2006

i dont understand why you even play the game.it meant nothing to either team.play the game in the 2nd half of the season.sometime the powers that be in the atl.just dont have a clue.

b-fish fan

19. Amy - July 12, 2006

I know…why bother playing it in the first place…that was my first reaction!

20. Anonymous - July 12, 2006

The game would have had to been made up eventually. The only reason why the game ended up meaning nothing for Somerset is because they lost. If they would have won it could have meant a lot when it came time at the end of the second half choosing the second playoff team. And though the game meant nothing to Lancaster, out of respect, all their players, injured or not, should have been there because if the game did mean something to them you sure as hell know they would have been there.

21. Anonymous - July 12, 2006

the game meant nothing to either team.they cant finish in a tie because lancaster is already in the playoffs.that game cant impact any second half race because each team plays each other 9 times in division,and head to head is the first tie breaker.

b-fish fan

22. AtlanticLeagueBaseball.com - July 12, 2006

A) Lunar did not tear his quad, but did severely pull it. A tear would have him out for the year.

B) Should the game have been played? Yes. Should it have been played that day? No.

The only playoff implications that it has is in regards to a wild card spot, so all you do is play a doubleheader in the second half and include one of the games in the first half standings.

C) Here’s why the Patriots are pissed…they were told that all of their players had to be there, and several of them changed flights at either their own or the team’s expense in order to be there. Apparently, the Barnstormers either weren’t told they had to be there or ignored the message if they got it.

If you’re a player on the Patriots, wouldn’t you be pissed if you were told you had to be at a game and you show up to see that Lancaster has 12 guys on their roster?

Would it have really hammered their point home if they’d beaten Lancaster? Yes, absolutely…no excuse for them to lose that game.


23. Anonymous - July 12, 2006

I thought the Road Warriors should get a little respect, so I have been trying to keep up a website for them. I have updated stats for the Road Warriors up to the All-Star break. It gives you an idea of their current roster. I try to update once a week.
I’m sorry for the pop-up ads. But that’s what you get for free websites. I am working on getting a private site. Have a pop-up blocker ready. The site is at http://paroadwarriors.tripod.com/. I welcome any suggestions at paroadwarriors@yahoo.com

24. Anonymous - July 12, 2006

Thanks for caring about them at least a little…

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