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July 10, 2006 July 10, 2006

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York Revolution: The York Revolution will begin play in 2007, here’s a look at the final voting total. Dukes of York? Really people?







You can check out their web site: www.yorkrevolution.com

Gonzalez INACTIVE: In a move that virtually ensures my phone bill will be ridiculous this month, The Courier News reports that Ducks OF Juan Gonzalez was placed on the inactive list yesterday. No idea what’s up here, but I shall be busy working on this later today…it’s about 1:15 in the morning at the time of this post. I’ll have updates when I know more.

UPDATE: Sorry conspiracy theorists, but all is well with Juan Gone. I was able to confirm that he simply left a day early to take advantage of the All-Star break. OF Bryan Goelz has been returned to the Ducks.

Stanchak’s Take: I don’t think Juan Gonzalez thought it was going to be this tough making a comeback. Some guys come into the Atlantic League and feel like, after big-league ball, this is going to feel like playing little league again — it’s not. From my conversation with manager Don McCormack, I get the feeling that the Ducks really had no clue when he was going to play on a full-time basis. He would take batting practice and workout with the team, but come game time, he’d not enter the lineup. He was still nursing injuries and, for the most part, using up a roster spot that could have helped them cruise to a first-half championship.

For the most part, any team in the A.L. would have wanted to sign Gonzalez when he was available. This situation could have happened with any of the clubs; I do feel, however, that they’ve put up with his nagging injuries longer than a few teams would have, namely Somerset.

If Gonzalez was let to go home early before the break, it might have been to free up the roster spot for tonight’s crucial game. He wasn’t going to play, so why not have someone, anyone, capable of swinging a bat available. – Scott Stanchak.

Surf To Deal?: In a radio interview with John Leon yesterday, the Surf’s Mario Perrucci said that he’d be in Bridgeport looking to make a deal for a bat during the All-Star break. It looks as if a pitcher could be used as bait since they will have about six starters when Kevin Dougherty comes off the D.L. next week.

Patriots Make Deal: The Somerset Patriots, who’ve been handling three catchers, for the most part, this season, made a deal with the Newark Bears today to get backstop Jeremy Booth. He’s now the club’s third catcher; however, there’s no word if the team will release anyone. – S.S.

V-Rod Cut: The St. Paul Saints released INF Victor Rodriguez today, more or less paving the way for his return to the Atlantic League.

Tie-Breaker Rules: Head-to-head is the tie-breaker used, and therefore today’s game between the Ducks and Surf is a must win for Long Island. Bridgeport leads Long Island, 5-4, in their nine contests this year.

Let me make this statement now, before someone thinks I’m making it based on who ends up winning. I, apparently, dislike the Ducks…so let’s get this out of the way now before people think I’m being biased.

Head-to-head matchups should not be the tie-breaker to determine who gets the playoff berth for any half. The way the current schedule is, each team plays each other nine times per half. Therefore, one team is guaranteed to have a minimum of one more game played at home than the other team will. In this specific case, the Ducks played a two-game series in Bridgeport at the beginning of May, a three game series in Long Island towards the end of May, and a four game series in Bridgeport in mid-June.

That’s six out of the nine games that were played in Bridgeport. Obviously, this will all work out in the second half, but that doesn’t matter right now. With that kind of discrepancy, head-to-head matchups should only come into play if a wild card spot is being determined…and I’m pretty much against tie-breakers determining anything at any time.

So what would I suggest? Simple, a one game playoff. If the Surf were to beat the Ducks, a one game playoff should be scheduled at a neutral site as soon as possible. From a logistical standpoint, it probably wouldn’t make a bunch of sense…but in the interest of fairness, I think it’s the best way to go.

Who do you think is going to win tonight? What do you think the league should do in the case of a tie? We’ve got a comments section, use it.

All-Star Info: According to Rich Elliott of The Connecticut Post, there will be an autograph session starting at 5PM involving the Atlantic League All-Stars. At 6PM, there will be a Home Run Derby, and the game is set to get underway around 7:35 PM.

Home Run Derby Hopefuls: I’ve yet to see any participants announced for the Home Run Derby yet, but here’s who I would expect would be involved…

North: Bucky Jacobsen, Jose Herrera, Mike Huggins, Barry Wesson
South: Reggie Taylor, Ryan Radmanovich, Jeff Nettles, Todd Leathers

This will be the first All-Star Game I’ve ever covered, so I’m not entirely sure what to expect. I’d assume they try to have one representative per team, but Denny Abreu’s only got three home runs and he’s the only position player Camden’s sending. Kind of doubting he gets in there, but who knows.

Rate The Websites: Surely, you guys check out the websites for each team just like I do. I was thinking about where I’d rank them, and while it does me absolutely no good to post that here — I was thinking maybe you guys would like to rank them.

So, in the comments section, rate each team’s site from 1 to 8. Ummm, 1 to 7.

Just trying to stir up some conversation…

Sweet Deal In Newark: Golden State Warriors star Troy Murphy will be in Newark on July 21st, and if you’re going to the game, you’d best be wearing your NBA gear.

Straight from the press release — Fans dressed in NBA apparel will receive FREE admission at the box office. The first 1,500 fans in attendance will receive a limited edition Troy Murphy figurine featuring Murphy wearing a Bears red alternate jersey with his basketball number one, home white baseball pants, and basketball sneakers. The Murphy figurine is holding a basketball in his left hand, and a baseball bat in his right hand.

(Note: The same company that made the Sparky Lyle figurine that was given away earlier this year in Somerset makes this one as well.)

In addition to witnessing Troy Murphy’s first game as a professional baseball coach, all fans will be treated to a pre-game autograph session with Murphy and a post-game fireworks spectacular.

So you get into the game for free, get a free figurine and you get a free autograph from Troy Murphy. Just wear something that has anything to do with the NBA, that’s all.

Murphy was the 14th overall pick in the 2001 NBA Draft by Golden State, and has averaged 11.4 PPG in five NBA seasons. He also participated in the 2002 NBA Rookie Challenge Game, starting for the Sophomores team. – Mike Ashmore



1. ALfan - July 10, 2006

1. Long Island
2. Newark
3. Lancaster
4. Somerset
5. Bridgeport
6. Atlantic City
7. Camden
8. Road Warriors

Love the site guys, great job!

2. number1surffan John - July 10, 2006

1. Newark (yes, Newark). I appreciate the daily email updates (now that they are back, were off for a few…)

2. Long Island. too “busy” when I am on a dial-up (takes too long to load some features), otherwise they could have been #1.

3. Somerset

4. Lancaster

5. Camden

6. Bridgeport

7. (by default) Atlantic City. Nothing like getting the news 2 weeks after you were there to witness it. Then again, notice the 3rd game for a new player who “isn’t” on their roster, or still see the guy they released 4 weeks ago……

8. – Road Warriors. Maybe I should have reconsidered their placement. Sure, the roster isn’t up to date, but less other stuff to trouble anyone….

3. Anonymous - July 10, 2006

I was informed that Juan Gonzalez went home for the All Star break early to take care of some personal business and that he will be returning to the line-up for Friday night’s game. The Ducks took Bryan Goelz back from the Road Warriors and activated him Sunday as a backup.

4. Anonymous - July 10, 2006


b-fish fan

5. Anonymous - July 10, 2006

does anyone know if the story about people who bought all star tix get free bluefish tix.is that story accurate.mike can you help.thanks

6. AtlanticLeagueBaseball.com - July 10, 2006

I’ll ask when I’m up there…I don’t really see anyone being real forthcoming with that info if it is true.

7. Dave - July 10, 2006

I don’t know about the rest of the teams but the Patriots web site is totally useless. The only way to access anything but the home page is thru the site map. Also the roster section is seldom updated.

8. number1surffan John - July 10, 2006

seems reasonable. With last few weeks, Both the Atlantic City Surf and Camden Riversharks had announced that one could return with their ticket stub and redeem it for any future home game (The AC July 4th game, Camden on June 28th) – both announced it was a “reward” for the fans – in A.C. due to looooooong rain delay, in Camden due to parking fiasco (Some retro concert @ Tweeter center that night).

It makes sense for a team that isn’t exactly selling out to offer fans a chance to return and “give them a taste” in hopes they would bring (paying) friends

9. Anonymous - July 10, 2006

Viva la Revolucion!

10. BoosterBabe - July 10, 2006

Anyone know if the Surf will be webcasting tonight from LI?
Or at least doing live updates inning by inning?

The suspense is killing us in Bridgeport!!!!!! It will be torture waiting for the paper tomorrow morning to find out if we won or not!!!!!


11. BoosterBabe - July 10, 2006

Anyone going to the All-Star game Wednesday night, stop by section 15, Row H, seat 2 and say hello!!!
Any other Booster Clubs out there?

12. BoosterBabe - July 10, 2006

RE: Bluefish tix for free when purchasing All-Star tix.

Yes, it’s true.

When you purchased tickets at Harbor Yard for the All Star game this past homestand, they gave you a voucher for a free Loge seat good for any game in September. (however many all-star tix you bought, you got that many vouchers for September, a one-for-one deal).

Not sure if they did it before this past homestand, but that’s what they were doing.

I think it’s smart because September is traditionally a low-attendance month, its a nice way to get butts in the seats then. The real money is made on concessions anyway. (or they will bring extra people with them and pay for those seats). And they probably only get a 40% redemption on those vouchers, anyway, so it’s not big deal.

13. Anonymous - July 10, 2006

Question: How come the York ballpark is only going to be a 4,260 seat facility? Half the teams in the league average more fans a game than the stadium can hold.

14. Anonymous - July 10, 2006

the AL’s website states that stadiums will have a minimum capacity of 5,000-7,000 seats.
good point. plus, the York stadium’s price tag is pushing $30 million. how will it ever make $$ in that city and that area???

15. Anonymous - July 10, 2006

4260 seats is just the lower bowl. Doesnt include skybox / function room level and doesnt include +/- 500 seats in picnic area or any lawn seating. Totals out at about 6000+.

The $29.5M is committed funding – no debt whatsoever. State grant of $13.5M, plus team “up front” and private donations of $16M cash. No cost to the City or County – no bonds, no debt!

16. a curious mind - July 10, 2006

Long Island 5,786
Lancaster 5,250
Somerset 5,167
Camden 3,242
Bridgeport 2,891
Newark 2,457
Atlantic City 1,805
Road Warriors

ummm – Three out of Eight teams are “averaging” 5,000 or more, 4 teams averaging 3,242 or less, 1 team averaging whatever number of fans show up to support their own home team. All 7 added together and then divided would average just about 3,800 per game

Then again, how in the world did Atlantic City claim close to 7,000 for July 3rd when that stadium is only designed to hold 5,900? don’t tell me they counted people on the (Unfreaking believable) LONG lines for tickets and food twice?

I also went to Newark last year where we could fit the entire crowd into a bus or two – but the attendance was shown the next day as over 2,000. Impossible. They can’t have that many season ticket holders. Somebody lied.

17. Anonymous - July 10, 2006

As a Duck fan I’m pretty confident with Bill Pulsipher on the hill tonight. He’s come up big numerous times before and I expect the same tonight.

18. qwackedup - July 10, 2006

Attendance numbers are tickets sold for the game. That includes season tickets, group sales, etc. So if there are 1500 season tickets sold, 1000 group sales for the game, 500 day of game sales and there are only 1200 people in the stands that game, the announced attendace will be 3000. Used to be that way in majors also but they now do actual fans in seats and show capacity with actual attendance.

19. Surf Voice - July 10, 2006

The attendance for July 3rd was LEGIT 7,000 and it was SRO…The game will be broadcast on the net tonight. http://www.wlfr.fm

20. Anonymous - July 10, 2006

ticket sales mean nothing.if there are 4000 people at a bluefish game i bet 1000 people got in using a buy get one free coupon.i know people who have never paid full price for a bluefish game.

b-fish fan

21. BoosterBabe - July 11, 2006

Thanks…I found the webcast. GO SURF!!!!
If the Surf win tonight, I will go up to any and all Surf players at the All Star Gala tomorrow night and give each and every one of them a great big TIGHT hug!!!!!

Oh darn…I may have spoke too soon….5-3 Ducks. Grrrrrrr

Still, the offer stands!!!! 🙂

22. Anonymous - July 11, 2006

boosterbabe the game means nothing to the fish.the only way the fish dont make the playoffs is the rw or the bears win the second half which is almost impossible.the bears and rw have no pitching at all.the fish own a 16 and 17 game lead over both teams.the fish as well as the ducks would both have to collapse in the second half for the fish not to make the playoff.take a look at the bears sept schedule not one game against the rw and only 8 at home.

b-fish fan

23. BoosterBabe - July 11, 2006

How can you say it meant nothing?

Whether we can win the 2nd half is not the point. We didn’t win the FIRST half. If we had won the first half, there would have been NO STRESS the entire second half. Our guys would just have to stay strong, stay healthy, keep thier minds in the game and keep focused on late September.

Long Island reminds me so much of the Yankees. And I hate them, too.

Not having the playoffs locked up now also puts a damper on what I need to do as Booster Club president, but that’s another story.

It does mean our trip to Long Island for that last game on Sept 17th has HUGE playoff inplications, which hopefully will increase interest in the trip and we will bring a huge crowd on the Pt Jeff ferry that day! And b/c of the way the sked is this year, we finish at home. Which is fun but it gives me a problem with an annual event we usually do for the players for their last road trip. Their last road trip is 3 games in LI, and they come back to play for a week at home. Makes no sense to do the event before their last road trip. If LI had lost last night, I could have definitely planned that event for the first post season road trip. But we won’t know if they make the playoffs now until the last day of the season. And if they don’t make the playoffs, then what happens to the event? The opportunity to have it passes and we can’t have it. Which stinks.

So maybe last night’s game meant nothing to YOU, but it meant a LOT to a lot of us Bluefish fans.

24. Anonymous - July 11, 2006

boosterbabe what implications are you talking about?you have no stress in the second half already you have a 16 game lead on the rw for best record.not to mention the bears and the rw would not only have to beat the bluefish for the division they would have to beat the ducks also.the bluefish are in the playoff.unless you think a thousand to one shot might happen.relax boosterbabe the fish are in.

b-fish fan

25. AtlanticLeagueBaseball.com - July 12, 2006

Here’s a fun little misconcecption about the Atlantic League. You guys seem to think that the wild card spot has to come out of the division.

It doesn’t.

The one or two wild card spots that would be available go to whatever team has the next best record.

So if you’re going to say that Bridgeport has a big lead on Newark and the Road Warriors…yeah, that’s great.

But how big is their lead on Somerset and Atlantic City? That’s what you need to pay attention to.


26. BoosterBabe - July 12, 2006

Exactly! Thank you for clarifying that for b-fish fan. Let’s face it. No one is in the playoffs for sure at this point except for Lancaster and LI. Everyone else has to play the 2nd half to find out who else makes it. And it’s anybody’s half. Like one of the Newark pitchers said to me last night “we’re tied for first place right now!” (and I laughed..yeah, everyone is in a 4 way for first as far as the 2nd half goes).
Having been a life-long Red Sox fan…I have learned not to get too comfortable with a 16 game lead! I don’t relax until we’re there.

The thing that bothers me is, I’m remembering all the games we lost by 1 or 2 runs…when someone grounded into a double play with 1 out in the bottom of the ninth….or struck out for the last out when a double could have scored the winning runs…or a weak reliever came in and blew the lead,etc. But the one game that keeps coming back to me–the one game that stands out in my mind that we DIDN’T HAVE TO LOSE was on May 19th, when someone who normally doesn’t bunt BUNTED into a game ending triple play. We were down by 1 lousy run to the Road Warriors…2 men on (1st and 2nd) and he bunted right into the glove of the pitcher for out #1–and it only got uglier after that. Had he done what he does best, hit a nice liner into the gap for a double…we would have won that game on May 19th. And that’s all we needed, one more lousy win! Had he gotten a double instead of bunting into a triple play, the BLuefish would be coasting through the 2nd half with no worries but showing up on game day.
Whatever, it’s over. New beginning. But I can’t help but think of that night and the horror I still feel at having seen my first triple play in all my years of watching baseball games.

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