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July 9, 2006 July 9, 2006

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Drew Gets A Hit: Camden Riversharks alum Stephen Drew went 1-for-3 with a strikeout in tonight’s Futures Game.

Bluefish, Ducks Win: Bridgeport beat Newark tonight, and the Ducks also beat the Road Warriors.

The Ducks are a half game up on Bridgeport, and they play the Surf in Long Island in a makeup game tomorrow night.

I honestly don’t know how the tie-breaker scenarios work, but Long Island is 4-5 against Bridgeport this year. But those will only matter if Atlantic City wins tomorrow against Bill Pulsipher.

Unless somebody from the Ducks wants to save me the phone call and shoot me an e-mail on the tie-breaker scenarios, I’ll find out about this for tomorrow.

Other Bluefish News: Rich Elliott of The Connecticut Post reports that P Eddy Ramos will replace P Kevin Hodges in the All-Star Game. Ramos has only appeared in 7 games this season. I’m pretty much done wasting my time complaining about All-Star selections, so don’t expect anything here.

Swann Flies Away: I might have never known this without a rather helpful e-mail, but Riversharks OF Pedro Swann has been signed by the Phillies and assigned to Double-A Reading. He made his debut last night, going 2-for-5 with 2 RBI.

Swann’s departure leaves Camden with two All-Star representatives.

Dooley Done: According to a source in Lancaster, P Joe Dooley has retired. – Mike Ashmore


1. Riggzy - July 9, 2006

I was at the bluefish game last night,and they were selling all-star tickets at a a table….and they were really pushing ticket sales in between every inning…
I Can’t believe the event has not sold out yet..harbor yard only seats 5500 and i just find it sad that they can’t sell out the ALL-STAR game…. “Bleeping” pathetic.
I guess people in the fairfield/new haven county area just have no intrest in the atlantic league anymore….they were even giving bluefish tickets away if u bought tickets for the all star game…they were practicly begging people to go..

2. Anonymous - July 9, 2006

Happy for Pedro Swann…this will leave the Sharks short in the outfield. Denny Abreu could be next to go.

3. Anonymous - July 9, 2006

why a “duh” after the Road Warrior comment yesterday- they are ahead of Newark in the standings going into this most important last few days of the first half?

4. BoosterBabe - July 9, 2006

I have always wondered why the Long Island and NJ teams have an easier time selling tix than Bridgeport does. I think it’s because historically, we in Fairfield County have not really had our “own” teams….maybe it’s just a case of old habits dying hard? I don’t know. Maybe it’s a case of the suburbanites not wanting to venture into downtown Bridgeport? Although there has never been an incident involving someone attending an event at either venue in Harbor Yard, perhaps the reputation Bridgeport had in the early 90’s (haven for drug dealers and drug related crime) is still alive and well in some people’s minds.

Maybe it’s sociological though. Here’s my theory:
Long Island and the NJ Suburbs are comprised mostly of former NYC residents (maybe going back a few generations…but I’m sure at least 75% of all NJ residents either moved to NJ to raise their kids, or were moved by their parents to be raised in NJ, or their parents were moved there to be raised in the ‘burbs)…so they are NYC-style sports fans, and they are hungry for professional sports without the hassle of schlepping out to Shea or Yankee Stadiums.

While here in CT, although you certainly have a growing number of transplants from other areas, you still have the foundation of “old moneyed” families who have been here for generations. And those rich folks don’t go out to rub elbows with us “commoners” to slug back a few brewskis and watch a minor league, let alone INDEPENDENT minor league, ballgame! It’s just a different mentality.

That’s always been my conclusion, anyway. It’s sad, really, because I’m at nearly every home game and I can only scream so much! OH goodness, Friday night, Beech had a shutout going and our bats were HOT! I ran into a friend I hadn’t seen in years in the stands so I sat with him and his family, and in front of us there was this older couple, rather stuffy….and every time I cheered, I got this DIRTY look from one or both of them. We finally moved down a couple seats just so I could cheer my team on. Ok, they were sitting there like bumps on a log, barely clapping, he in his Brooks Brothers Golf shirt and ugly plaid bermuda shorts, she in her Lilly Pulitzer wrap skirt…(in other words, they even dressed “old money”)–I’m sure they were sitting there thinking “how vulgar these people are…” whatever. I wonder if they’ll ever show up again and I’m sorry if I drove them away, but hell, I’m there to cheer and support my team. If I want to sit and clap politely I’ll go watch a golf tournament!

I was chatting with one of the coaches last night after the game and he said he wished there were more fans…and I chuckled and said “I’m yelling as loud as I can!” and he laughed but I know what he means. There were maybe 2500 people there last night. It was a beautiful night, kids are out of school and there’s a pennant race on….there was no excuse for there not to be more people there. Is it marketing? I dunno.

Scares me though.

5. ALabsurdity - July 9, 2006

Did anyone notice Newsday’s article posted on the atlanticleague.com website? Apparenty another privlege the Ducks have is to post their beat writer’s stories on the league site. Funny I haven’t seen anything there from the other team’s writers.

6. Fausto Gabon - July 9, 2006

Are you complaining about the Road Warroir article? That’s not topical for the league site? Guess the RW PR guy just got lazy? See you on the grassy knoll!!!

7. AtlanticLeagueBaseball.com - July 9, 2006

In my seven years covering the league on a weekly basis for print and online media, not once have they posted any of mine.

Then again, it’s the Road Warriors and it’s the one or two articles about them all year. Nice piece though.


8. AtlanticLeagueBaseball.com - July 9, 2006

Why the duh after the Road Warriors comment? Really?

It said something to the effect of: The Ducks play the Road Warriors at home (duh)

As in, where the hell else would the Ducks play the Road Warriors? Did they get a home that I wasn’t aware of?

As for the league website, what’s posted on there is up to the teams, at least that’s what I was told last year. Each individual team can post what they choose on there, so saying that the Ducks have some sort of special privileges is pretty much a non-issue.

9. AtlanticLeagueBaseball.com - July 9, 2006

^ Ashmore ^

10. Weston - July 9, 2006

In today’s game recap for the Barnstormers it says that All-Star Catcher Lance Burkhart will play second base tomorrow. Rob Henkel will get the start.

11. Amy - July 9, 2006

Also I talked to Jeremy todd today and he said he may pitch an inning or 2 tomorrow night. I think there will be a bit of positional oddities tomorrow night for the Barnstormers as this game is totally meaningless!

12. qwackedup - July 10, 2006

I think the fans should understand what they are dealing with. This will illustrate why Bridgeport has no crowds and there are still tickets available for the all-star game. I got a press release LATE THIS WEEK from Bridgeport “announcing” that they are hosting the all-star game. It also said fans can vote for the players they’d like to see in the game. This came AFTER the rosters were already announced. Maybe they should just have let the Road Warriors host the All-Star Game.

13. Anonymous - July 10, 2006

I just recieved an e-mail today (Sunday) from the Fish stating that there is a dinner/dance with the All Stars on Tuesday night. They have known about the All Star game since last year and they give their fans 2 days notice about the dinner? What a joke of an organization. I bet there will be more Ducks fans coming across for the game than there will be Bluefish fans at the game.

14. Anonymous - July 10, 2006

What does Scotty Layfield have to do to get a spot on this team? Eddy Ramos? WHAT A JOKE.

15. Anonymous - July 10, 2006

the day the fish realize that the city of bpt.doesnt care about baseball the better off they will be.start marketing the team to the richer cities in s.w.fairfield county.families with more disposable income are the people who support minor league baseball.bpt is a poor minority dominated city the people there just cant afford to go to games.

b-fish fan

16. Anonymous - July 10, 2006

booster babe a majority of the people in the richer cities in s.w. conn dont even know the bluefish exist.and that also goes for the soundtigers also.

b-fish fan

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