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July 6, 2006 July 6, 2006

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Pulsipher Returns: Not surprisingly, P Bill Pulsipher has returned to the Ducks. Pulse was more or less booted out of Taiwan for what was reported as a drug-related violation, and the Ducks are obviously going to welcome him back with open arms. It is, however, an interesting choice on their part considering their recent issues with being associated with players with drug-related issues.

Raines Was This Close: I’m in Trenton, and I spoke to Harrisburg OF Tim Raines, Jr. According to him, he was a day or two away from wearing a Somerset Patriots uniform, and he said he was actually packing his bags to head over there when his agent called informing him of the deal with the Washington Nationals. You might remember his father played with Somerset while trying to show he was ready for the 2000 US Olympic Team.

Rivera To Big Leagues: Former Atlantic City Surf C Mike Rivera was called up by the Milwaukee Brewers today.

Mendez Sold To Twins: The Newark Bears have sold the contract of SS Donaldo Mendez to the Minnesota Twins.

Earnest Goes To Camden: Camden has signed P Bo Donaldson, whose actual first name is Earnest. He’s got some Triple-A experience.

Persails No-Hitter: Did anyone at the game see this play that’s referenced in the Press of Atlantic City?

“First baseman Todd Leathers dove, getting a piece of the ball but was unable to come up with it. Leathers threw his hand up in the air, asking for the error to be put on him in support of his pitcher. Leathers got his wish. The play was ruled an error.”

Because I look at that and think there might have been some hometown scoring helping him out here…if the guy has to dive for it, it’s not a routine play.

UPDATE – Fan Account: DeMarco hit a ball that Todd Leathers went prostrate on that just tipped off the end of his glove. Meatball Heath then snagged it as it bounced toward him but didn’t have enough time to get DeMarco after all this. Pete Rose and Joe Morgan couldn’t have pulled this play off in their prime, yet the scorer ruled it an error. This was in the sixth inning and probably the worst scoring decision I’ve ever seen. The Sharks bench was really upset and Dwight Maness actually came out of the dugout and yelled at the press box “Have a little respect for the game” and “show a little respect.”

Patterson Back To Trenton: It turns out that P Scott Patterson never actually went to Single-A Tampa, although he was assigned there. He was simply taken off the roster for a few days to let his sore shoulder recover. As for the misquote…yeah, he was definitely misquoted. I spoke to someone who was right next to Patterson for the interview, and he never said that. – Mike Ashmore

(Update: Patterson was re-activated today after the Yankees put top prospect Philip Hughes on the temporarily inactive list so he can pitch in the Future Stars Game. – Scott Stanchak.)



1. Anonymous - July 7, 2006

Scoring in the Atlantic League is generally questionable. That’s why it’s difficult to take ERAs too seriously.

There was a questionable error in the Bridgeport-Lancaster game Wednesday that ultimately saved Mathews four earned runs. His ERA was thankful.

2. Anonymous - July 7, 2006

Pulse throws a shutout in his return to the Atlantic League.

3. Anonymous - July 7, 2006

Still shouldn’t take away from the game Persails threw. Clearly, he still had a phenominal game and should be credited with that.

4. number1surffan John - July 7, 2006

many a time in this league I am reminded that it doesn’t matter whether a player is “really” safe or out, what matters is the umps call.

Much like that, the declared No-Hitter stands. The play in question was not a clear cut call – it was, well, questionable. It did go off Leather’s mitt. Could he have made a spectacular play for the out? Doubtful. Was it a “clean” hit? Not a chance.

Hope this helps

5. AtlanticLeagueBaseball.com - July 7, 2006

No one is taking anything away from Pulsipher. He’s a solid ballplayer, who was huge for the Ducks when they won the Championship a few years ago — many players and coaches have acknowledged that.

I want to reiterate something, ALB.com’s job is to report all news related to the Atlantic League. Whether it be good or bad, you are going to find it here. If everything was nice and clean the teams would get what they want — no bad press. But that’s their job and we respect that; we have a job too though.

If a hot dog vendor goes out and wins the lottery — and I hope they do — we will put it here. Very rarely do we have stories outside of the players, coaches and front office officials, but if it’s interesting, newsworthy and has Atlantic League ties, you’ll find it here.

Mike and I sometimes do give our opinions on things and that’s why the comment section is here. Sure, there’s times he and I don’t agree on things, but that’s the nature of game.

The comments section is for you fans, front office officials and players who post to express yourself, whether it be agreeing or disagreeing. You’d be suprised to know who some of these anonymous posters are. Fans, you don’t know how many players say they found out news on here or check it out all the time.

I’ve covered this league longer than anybody and Mike has done so for over three years now. A majority of the information on this site is done through our own newsgather; however, there’s also a portion that fans contribute information we miss and I’d like to thank everyone for that.

When ALB.com started, it was because there was not one news source out there to get news on the entire league. Well, here it is. Whether you like it or not, what is reported here is always going to be Atlantic League news — good or bad.


6. NOTaBoultonFan - July 7, 2006

Scott – well said. Rather than read the blathering of another Mike-basher I’d just as soon skim the readings of steroids and mexican league or taiwan departures, it IS ALB related when it has to do with ALB players – past or present. Don’t stop because one person takes offense. Maybe force all to be “Registered” posters instead of anonymouse?

7. AtlanticLeagueBaseball.com - July 7, 2006

I’ve thought about making everyone register or use a name, but then I don’t think many of these people will post anymore. Players, front office, coaches don’t want to be known on here, so it’s an avenue to be heard without anyone knowing who they are. I do encourage people to at least post a name, real or a screenname, it doesn’t matter. I’m glad we get feedback, whether it be positive or negative.

This isn’t stemming from one incident; it seems as of recently people don’t understand OUR JOB here at ALB. It’s the report news relating to the Atlantic League.

Thanks for your response.

8. Amy - July 7, 2006

I appreciate all the work that both Mike and Scott put into this site. I, for one, am glad that there is a site dedicated strictly to the atlantic league where we can find out all this information and have a chance to post our feedback and comments. I think that hearing about all aspects of the league …good or bad…is important and it is great that we can read about guys who are no longer here but were former players here. Like it or not, there are negatives in the league but it is responsible journalism to report all these as well as good stuff. Mike and Scott’s comments are always insightful no matter whether you agree with them or not. thanks guys..you do a great job…

9. Amy - July 7, 2006

Also…I agree..if you ask some of the posters to have a name some of them won’t post. I think it’s cool knowing that players or officials are actually reading this!

10. DontAsk - July 7, 2006

“No one is taking anything away from Pulsipher. He’s a solid ballplayer, who was huge for the Ducks when they won the Championship a few years ago — many players and coaches have acknowledged that.”

Just curious where that is coming from, no one seemed to say anything bad about Pulsipher.

11. AtlanticLeagueBaseball.com - July 7, 2006

It’s coming from the emails and calls received about “reporting” the Pulsipher drug story, which we linked to other sources. It was like we were saying bad stuff about him. No, we weren’t. We reported the news and that was it. We backed it up with where we got it. After showing the facts, we’re allowed an opinion on the situation, it’s just been an eye-opening experience how everything needs to be hush hush even more than it already is.

12. KenD - July 7, 2006

Scott & Mike,

I think you guys do a great job. You report facts, good and bad. When you give opinions they are clearly marked as such. The Pusipher news is news. This may be the end of the line for him. I certainly hope not. It’s weird that you hope that your favorite players don’t have to play for your team anymore, but move on to something better. I guess that is the beauty of indy baseball.

That goes for you two guys as well, but until then keep up the good work.


13. AtlanticLeagueBaseball.com - July 7, 2006

Thanks Ken, Mike and I appriciate your’s and everyone’s comments to my posting today.

By the way: both of us work on other things other than just Atlantic Leaugue stuff, so be sure to visit our web sites:

Scott: http://www.scottstanchak.com

Mike: http://www.mikeashmore.com

14. Anonymous - July 7, 2006

i will be very disappointed in the atlantic league if they allowed a player to rejoin a team who might have a drug problem without first getting him some help.

b-fish fan

15. AtlanticLeagueBaseball.com - July 7, 2006

You’re right about a quick signing, but only if there is a problem. If he does have a problem, which no one can say for sure, it was a quick decision to sign him after his release from the CPBL. He was pitching very well over there — he had about half the team’s wins — so there seems to be no clear cut answer. I’m just going off what was reported.

The paper said the team released him so he could come home to help his wife who was injured in a car accident. If that’s the case then we wish her the best. The “unofficial” report was where it said the release had to do with a failed substance test.

The Ducks seem to think there is no problem, so it could be the latter.

16. Vic Xipfos - July 7, 2006

Bo Donaldson a Rivershark? He’s even older than Julio Franco. Don’t be a hero, Bo.


17. qwackedup - July 7, 2006

I happen to live in the same town as Pulsipher and there was never any news here about his wife having a “serious car accident” so we can deduce that the marijuana story is true. He’s thrown smoke his entire career and now he’s blowing smoke too.

18. M. Pulse - July 8, 2006

I’m replying to qwackedup…who says because he lives in the same neighborhood as me that he would have heard news that I was in an accident…no one in my neighborhood knows me well enough to know any of my business, and I really never thought that so many people would need to know the real reason as to why my husband has returned home.
I think that some fans don’t realize that these players are human, not zoo animals that you pay $20 a ticket to yell anything you wish at them, and when I’m sitting at a game with my children, whether it be at Citibank Park or Shea, it just amazes me that some fans just feel the need to be the judge and jury, the umpire, the pitching coach, or flat out just yell things that are just so unnecessary; if you can’t just go to a game and enjoy it, then don’t go. If you think my husband is washed up or has been “throwing smoke his whole career” because he’s playing for the Ducks and not the Mets, maybe you shouldn’t come to a game when he’s pitching. The Atlantic League is full of extremely talented players that have come here for all different reasons and all with different goals.
The Ducks have a great organization, with alot of great people running it, they signed Bill quickly because he has always come through for them. Bill just wants to play baseball whether it be for the Ducks or the Uni Lions in Taiwan.
I will say that the majority of fans are very supportive, and fans here in New York are like no others in baseball. I know the Ducks fans will again support Bill as he tries to help the team get to another championship.

19. AtlanticLeagueBaseball.com - July 9, 2006

To clarify my original statement, I was speaking more towards the public relations ramifications of the move more than anything else.

I don’t think anybody would question what Bill has done not only during his tenure with the Ducks, but in professional baseball as well.

Pulsipher is one of the best pitchers in the league any time he steps on the mound, and the timing of his return couldn’t have been any better considering the Ducks and Bluefish are locked in a tight race for the North Division’s first half title.

As for why he returned back to the United States, we originally reported that it was a drug-related issue, as did a Taiwanese newspaper — a report to which we provided a link to. It’s a published report, it would be irresponsible to ignore it…just as irresponsible as it would be for them to report it if it turned out to be false.

I think any sort of debate as to whether someone’s been in a car accident or anything of that nature probably belongs on another site.

Regardless of why he’s back, he’s back. The guy was in the big leagues just last year, and his first start with the Ducks this season shows he’s clearly got some gas left in the tank. Hopefully his pitching will do the talking, and this will become a dead issue…trust me when I tell you I’d much rather focus on what’s taking place on the field as opposed to off of it.

My contact information is pretty readily available if anyone wishes to talk about this story.

-Mike Ashmore-

20. Anonymous - July 11, 2006

Persails no-hitter: Was there and saw the play in question. I didn’t envy the official scorer… I think that in the first inning that’s a probably a base hit, but with 6 outs to go in a no-no that is a tough call to make. It was in-and-out of Leather’s glove. Maybe it should have been a hit. Certainly the Fan who called it “probably the worst scoring decision I’ve ever seen” is guilty of rampant hyperbole

21. Anonymous - July 18, 2006

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