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July 3, 2006 July 3, 2006

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More To Pulsipher Drug Story: It looks like ALB.com was right on the money again as a paper in Taiwan is reporting what we did last week: former Long Island Ducks pitcher Bill Pulsipher was suspended in the CPBL for “drug use.” Read the article.

I recieved a lot of comments about this and it just goes to show, we report the news, facts and any other information relating to the Atlantic League in a fair and honest way. This is why ALB.com is the exclusive source for all Atlantic League news. – Scott Stanchak.

New Attendance Record: Congratulations to the Somerset Patriots, who broke their own single game attendance record tonight in an 8-3 loss to the Road Warriors. No good can possibly become from me even getting into how the game was, but surely the 8,062 in attendance had a good time checking out the fireworks after the game.

Road Warriors Add Several: Some of these guys have probably been there for a while, but nobody can ever produce an accurate Road Warriors roster — here’s the new guys I noticed, all pitchers.

Benito Baez, Chris Clem, Kelvin Garay and Chris Steinborn

Baez has freaking big league time! Can’t believe nobody would have mentioned this…but yeah, he pitched in eight games for the 2001 Florida Marlins.

Clem went to Maryland and started his career as an infielder in the Indians organization.

Garay was drafted by the Mets in the 11th round in 2002, but he never advanced past rookie ball and was out of baseball last year. He’s just 21.

Steinborn was a 36th round pick of Detroit in ’02, he made it up to Double-A with the Padres organization last season. He also has played in the Rockies farm system as well.

Feature Schedule: In this Thursday’s edition of the Democrat, (Wednesday nights if you’re desperate for your weekly dose of Ashmore) I’ll have a report card style feature for Somerset Patriots hitters, while Scott will have a Juan Gonzalez feature.

Look hard enough on MikeAshmore.com and ScottStanchak.com, and you can find them now.

The report card for the pitchers is scheduled to run on July 13th, hopefully accompanied by the feature on Bob and Chris Gibson.

And on July 20th, a yet to be decided on player feature and a feature on former Milwaukee Braves, Washington Senators and Philadelphia Phillies infielder Bobby Malkmus. Malkmus, now a scout with the Indians, grew up in New Jersey and was a member of the 1957 World Championship team with Milwaukee.

If I can’t do a good job with that feature, I can’t do a good job on anything, that’s a piece that practically writes itself.

Walk In Sparky’s Shoes: It’s entirely possible that there isn’t anything you can’t find on eBay. Nothing made this more evident to me than this auction, which is selling game worn spikes from Somerset Patriots manager Sparky Lyle’s playing days.

So, you know, if you ever wanted a pair of Sparky’s shoes…you can, ummm…own them. I do remember a few years back, a guy walked in with a game worn uniform of Lyle’s from his days with Texas…was pretty cool to check out a piece of history like that.

There were a bunch of neat cards of Sparky’s on eBay as well though, but the one I’ve always wanted — and for some reason have never bought — is his 1975 Topps. That set is easily my all-time favorite, more for it’s uniqueness than anything else.

It’s the epitome of the 70’s and baseball in that era, a very colorful set of weird looking Technicolor cardboard featuring names…names! Guys like Jay Johnstone and “Spaceman” Lee and even my friend Ellie Rodriguez are in there. Rookie cards of George Brett, Gary Carter, Fred Lynn, Robin Yount. Dream set.

I haven’t collected cards in a few years now, mainly because ever since I took this gig I don’t really follow big league ball that much anymore, weird as that may sound. I could probably tell you more about Victor Rodriguez than I could about Alex Rodriguez. And that’s fine. – Mike Ashmore



1. number1surffan John - July 3, 2006

random ramblings…..

many of the AL players cards are regularly available on ebay or through our friend chuck @ homeruncards.com – but usually they are listed by the players name, not AL team….

With 6 games to go (7? rain make up) it doesn’t look particularly hopefull for my guys the AC Surf being 5.5 games out….more dumb luck plays and “creative” officiating (i.e. league ACE pitcher Lincoln Mikkelson being thrown out of the game in the 3rd inning on Sat after 4 perfect DOWN THE MIDDLE pitches were called balls and he said something). What he exactly said is only known to him, but the home plate ump made a BIG show about tossing him out.

One would think that Lincoln knows what Not to say, and fan belief is this was another B$ move from the officials.

It is quite amazing how 99.9% of “close” plays are called against us at home, even stupid ones like a batter called out @ 1st even after the 1st baseman on the opposing team drops the ball. Grumble !

But enough sour grapes. The team just hasn’t been able to make enough breaks fall on their side – the pitching has overwhelmingly been strong, with rare mistakes. The batting has but ONE consistent performer (Todd Leathers), and a rash of others who sometimes, maybe, can connect.

At least we have fireworks to watch for a couple of nights.

2. Sumosid - July 3, 2006

Does Ellie Rodriguez still show up to Atlantic League games? I would love to meet him.

3. number1surffan John - July 3, 2006

addendum to above – http://www.naxcom.com also has quite a few Atlantic League player cards, and with a 10 cent price for most (shipping starts @ $1.50) it can certainly be quite a savings when buying in bulk.

I believe that Ellie Rodriguez was present for the All Star game in 2005 @ the AC Surf Sandcastle (now Bernie Robbins) Stadium, unsure if he attends ‘regular’ games, but he still has an important position in the league. He was one of the calls made (Joe Klein the other) in complaint of the officiating during the Surf / Bluefish game on July 1

4. Anonymous - July 3, 2006

what was with lyle having a kid bunt with no outs and no runners on during yesterdays game when they are down 1? It like he wants them to lose those one run losses. weird.

5. qwackedup - July 3, 2006

Ellie Rodriguez attends games. He was at the Ducks’ game against Atlantic City last week, as was a scout from the Yankees.

6. qwackedup - July 3, 2006

Sounds like he was trying to make something happen, like getting a possible tying runner on base. Seems like a good strategy in baseball when you’re down a run.

7. AtlanticLeagueBaseball.com - July 3, 2006

Yes, Ellie is still very visible in the A.L.

8. Chicken Parm - July 3, 2006


I enjoy the site…but it wouldn’t kill you to tone it down a bit on trumpeting your “scoops,” as you did with the Pulsipher bit. Openly patting yourselves on the back (“ALB.com was right on the money again”) gets to be obnoxious.

And, seeing as how you went several years incorrectly reporting that the league had a salary cap, I’d be careful in proclaiming yourselves the be-all, end-all in AL news.

9. Anonymous - July 3, 2006

Find me somewhere else you can get the Pulsipher story, and then we can talk. Salary cap, salary guidelines…call them what you want, they still exist.


10. Sumosid - July 4, 2006

For those Atlantic League sets collectors; there a seller would put a few Atlantic League card sets up for bid.


Good stuff; but starting bids of $9.50 are more than I want to pay.

11. AtlanticLeagueBaseball.com - July 4, 2006

I did show you somewhere else where you can get the Pulsipher story.

The only reason I mentioned about being right on the money again was because of the emails and calls I received on the news was getting out of hand when it was facts, not just an assumption.

As for the salary cap: everyone, including myself, has been told there was one. Many G.M.’s still claim there is one; however, when Mike talked with Joe Klein and was told differently, it was worth noting. Not our fault, just something we may never know an answer to.

12. chicken parm - July 4, 2006

“Salary cap, salary guidelines…call them what you want, they still exist.”

There’s a HUGE difference between a hard cap and “guidelines.”

13. Anonymous - July 4, 2006

It’s really just the wording of it that throws people off, both are designed to accomplish the exact same thing. Keep in mind that a salary cap can be exceeded…


14. Anonymous - July 5, 2006

Thanks to chicken parm for calling these ABL.com guys out on the Pulsipher story, I thought the ABL.com was the exclusive source for all Atlantic League news…not news from the Chinese Pro Baseball League.

15. Marc - July 5, 2006

I’m glad you can tell this isn’t news about the CPBL. These guys report on A.L. news and, if you followed the league, you’d know Pulsipher pitched for the Ducks. I, for one, like knowing what’s going on with former players.

16. Anonymous - July 6, 2006

I follow the league and Pulsipher and this isn’t about the ABL. I made the comment because they claim on this website to be the exclusive source of ABL news, if Pulsipher was playing here and failed a test, then post it.This story was not confirmed before it was posted. Pulsipher is a “former” ABL player, who, from what the article mentioned, has a family to take care of, so maybe people shouldn’t have the need to hear of a “former” player’s misfortune.

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