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July 2, 2006 – Juan Gonzalez Interview July 2, 2006

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Photo Journal:

Erick Almonte

Tony Fiore

Todd Moser

Jeff Nettles

Henri Stanley

20 Questions with Juan Gonzalez: In a feature you’ll see only on AtlanticLeagueBaseball.com, I was able to sit down with two-time American League MVP Juan Gonzalez for ten minutes, asking him twenty questions about his impressive career.

The Long Island Ducks outfielder was very friendly throughout the process, answering (what ended up as) several steroid related questions without a hitch. He even said “thank you” and “God bless you” after it was over, something I’m certainly not accustomed to.

I thanked him for answering the steroid query before I asked my next question, and he extended his hand for a handshake — I think he kind of understood that I had to ask a question like that.

In any event, you’re going to want to check out this wide-ranging conversation with one of the top players of the 1990’s. And you’re going to have to click here to do it.

Gonzalez told me he’s unlikely to play during the series, and I’m kind of disappointed I’m not going to get to watch him play. I’ve never seen him play before, but I guess watching him take BP isn’t so bad.

Good Job By Him: The Courier-News‘ Ryan Dunleavy was able to interview St. Louis Cardinals Hall of Famer Bob Gibson the other day, and you’re going to want to check out his Q&A with the All-Century Team member. Check it out here.

Gibson was in attendance at Commerce Bank Ballpark for the past three days, on hand to watch his son, Chris, showcase his skills for Atlantic League officials.

Scott and I were also both fortunate enough to spend a few minutes with the living legend on Friday and Saturday, respectively, and you can (hopefully) look forward to a feature in the July 13th edition of the Hunterdon County Democrat

For now, you can head on over to MikeAshmore.com for a 50 second audio clip of my chat with the 1968 NL MVP.

Two MVP’s in one day for me, not a bad day’s work…

As for Dunleavy, he brings the goods in today’s paper. Pick it up, and you’ll find an excellent feature on Patriots catcher Fernando Lunar on the realization of his dream for American citizenship.

Patterson Article: I don’t think I ever posted the link to the complete Scott Patterson article from the June 27th Trenton Times, so here it is. For those of you who didn’t check out the site yesterday, I spoke with Scott on the phone yesterday, and he was upset about being mis-quoted in the story, saying he never said anything about steroids. Check out yesterday’s stuff for that.

I do plan on doing a Thunder feature that will at least involve Patterson in the very near future, but I’ll keep you all posted there.

Also, I’m not the only one making the Gilmore Girls connection with the dueling Patterson pitchers, this guy’s doing it too. – Mike Ashmore



1. Anonymous - July 2, 2006

Hey Mike,

Who was the scout at the Patriots game you were chatting up. He and the other gentleman with him seemed to be checing out Modica.

2. AtlanticLeagueBaseball.com - July 2, 2006

A part-time scout for the Cleveland Indians, he comes often. I’m actually working on a feature on him for the paper, or else I’d be a little more open with the information. Should run 7/20.


3. Amy - July 2, 2006

Mike…nice interview with Juan gonzalez…I found it very interesting!

4. AtlanticLeagueBaseball.com - July 2, 2006

Thanks. As I mentioned on the site, I thought he was a pretty nice guy. I grabbed some pictures of him today, I’ll update the interview sometime today or tomorrow.


5. Amy - July 2, 2006

Mike..what position does Chris Gibson play….pitcher?

6. AtlanticLeagueBaseball.com - July 2, 2006

Chris is actually an outfielder, he attended Southeast Missouri State. It appears highly, highly unlikely that he’ll be joining the Atlantic League.


7. Amy - July 2, 2006

Thanks Mike for the info!

8. Anonymous - July 2, 2006

Nice pictures, Mike. Aren’t we multi-talented…

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