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June 27, 2006 June 27, 2006

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Patterson Talks Steroids: In a feature in The Trenton Times, former Atlantic League P Scott Patterson had this to say about the Atlantic League.

“The next level, I don’t know. They are a lot bigger in the Atlantic League,” Patterson told the paper.

“Here you have more speed. There is a drug test thing, but half those guys that are in that (Atlantic) League, they got kicked out (of organized ball) because of drug abuse — steroids — so they are huge guys.”

Painting with a broad brush like that isn’t necessarily a great idea, and really only adds to people’s theories that there’s no testing in the league, etc. I’ll have to ask him about this next time I see him.

Sanchez Back: Bridgeport Bluefish DH Tino Sanchez is back in the lineup tonight.

Patriots Moves: C Ryan McDermond was released, P Jason Olson was placed on the DL and the team has signed P Tony Mounce. Mounce pitched for the Texas Rangers in 2003, and has also pitched in Japan. He’s a lefty coming off shoulder surgery, not too uncommon a tale for the AL.

The whole McDermond thing absolutely baffles me. Baffles me. – Mike Ashmore



1. BoosterBabe - June 28, 2006

Yeah, was listening to the webcast off my friend’s computer over the phone (I can’t get the webcasts on either of my 2 computers, let’s not even go into why!) and heard Tino’s name…got all excited! Welcome back, Tino!

Oh, cat update for anyone who cares: Results of the follow-up blood test are in. She’s not getting any better but she’s not getting any worse, either. She’s holding her own. Fluid injections have been increased to 3x a week though. She’s well into kidney failure. All I can do for her now is make sure eats, try to get some weight back on her. She hates the Rx food but maybe I’ll try reintroducing it in a couple days. I give her a pill for her heart and blood pressure every morning (wrapped in Boar’s Head turkey so she doesn’t know she’s taking it), plus vitamins and I sprinkle this new supplement that’s widely used in Europe for pets with kidney disease on her food twice a day. Whatever it is, she seems to like the flavor of it because she eats all the food that has the powder on it and leaves some of the food that doesn’t. It’s just begun being marketed to vets here in the States. Supposed to slow down the progression of the kidney disease. We’ll see how it goes. It helps to get her to eat, which is half my battle right now. Meanwhile, scrawny as she is, her coat is shiny and her eyes are bright, she smiles and purrs and meows and cuddles and gives head-butts…then takes off and hides for hours on end. In other words, she’s acting like a normal CAT! (those of you with feline friends will understand what I’m talking about!) Overall, she doesn’t seem to know she’s dying. Which helps me to cope with the fact that I know she is. (sniffle)
Thank God for baseball….I lay on the bed last night in my Varitek t-shirt, scratching my cat while watching my Red Sox cream the Mets last night…hoping what I saw last night was a preview of what we’ll be watching in Late October!!! Oh, and getting updates by phone of the Bluefish from Somerset! About 10:15 last night, I realized both of my baseball teams were in 1st place as my cat purred contendedly on my tummy….and at that moment, it was good to be me! Nothing else mattered. God I love baseball!

2. AtlanticLeagueBaseball.com - June 29, 2006

Good luck with the kitty!


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