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June 26, 2006 June 26, 2006

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Fun With The Draft: Damian Rolls becomes the second player selected in the first round of the 1996 draft to put on an Atlantic League uniform. The other one? Nick Bierbrodt, who pitched well for Somerset in 2005, but struggled mightily before his release this year.

Hmmm…let’s take this back to 1989. Let’s look at what first-round picks have played in the AL since the ’89 draft. This includes players taken in the supplemental first round.

1989: Jeff Juden, Greg Blosser, Tom Goodwin
1990: Donovan Osborne
1991: Allen Watson, Jeff Ware
1992: Michael Moore
1993: Wayne Gomes, Mark Lukasiewicz
1994: None (Although Travis Miller agreed to terms with Somerset but never played)
1995: Reggie Taylor, Juan LeBron
1996: Damian Rolls, Nick Bierbrodt
1997: Geoff Goetz, Jason Dellaero, Kevin Nicholson, Troy Cameron, Jason Fitzgerald, Shane Arthurs
1998: Jeff Austin, Mamon Tucker, Jeff Urban
1999: Nick Stocks
2000: Justin “Fountains Of” Wayne (Aaron Herr never played a regular season game for Lancaster)
2001: None
2002: None
2003: None
2004: Stephen Drew (Jered Weaver dressed, but never played for Camden)
2005: None

Wayne Gomes and Jeff Austin, both selected 4th in their respective draft years, hold the record for AL player picked highest in the draft.

Technically, Justin Wayne should hold the record for AL player with largest signing bonus since Stephen Drew used the league while holding out for his. Wayne got nearly $3 million for the 26 appearances, five wins and ERA over six he gave Florida.

Let’s see the other signing bonuses AL first-rounders received. In some cases, bonuses of supplemental picks were not available.

Source: Baseball America

12th, Astros, Jeff Juden, $185,000 (Nashua ’04)
16th, Red Sox, Greg Blosser, $180,000 (Somerset ’00-01, ’03)
22nd, Dodgers, Tom Goodwin, $168,000 (Atlantic City ’05)

13th, Cardinals, Donovan Osborne, $240,000 (Bridgeport ’06, Long Island ’05)

21st, Cardinals, Allen Watson, $225,000 (Long Island ’02)

4th, Phillies, Wayne Gomes, $750,000 (Camden ’05)

14th, Phillies, Reggie Taylor, $975,000 (Lancaster ’06)
19th, Royals, Juan LeBron, $650,000 (RW ’04, Somerset ’04)

23rd, Dodgers, Damian Rolls, $695,000 (Bridgeport ’06)
30th, Diamondbacks, Nick Bierbrodt, $1,046,000 (not a typo) (Somerset ’05-06)

6th, Mets, Geoff Goetz, $1,700,000 (Nashua ’05)
15th, White Sox, Jason Dellaero, $1,056,000 (Camden ’05, Newark ’05)
27th, Padres, Kevin Nicholson, $830,000 (Somerset ’05-06)
29th, Braves, Troy Cameron, $825,000 (Camden ’04-05)

4th, Royals, Jeff Austin, $2,700,000 (Long Island ’05)
39th, Orioles, Mamon Tucker, $650,000 (Somerset ’04)
41st, Giants, Jeff Urban, $650,000 (Somerset ’06)

5th, Expos, Justin Wayne, $2,950,000 (Newark ’05, Somerset ’05)

15th, Diamondbacks, Stephen Drew, $4,500,000 (Camden ’05)

Camden Signs One: The Riversharks have signed INF Shaun Skrehot to a contract. Skrehot spent eight years in the Pirates organization, and went to Spring Training in 2006 with Toronto.

Lancaster Gets One Back: The Barnstormers have re-signed INF Kris Dufner. OF Chris Van Rossum was placed on the DL.

Nava To The DL: The Newark Bears have placed INF Lipso Nava on the DL.

– Mike Ashmore


1. Anonymous - June 26, 2006

hey mike wanted to let you know mike moore from the newark bears was a first round selection out of ucla i am almost positive. please find out and post if you can thanks

2. KenD - June 26, 2006

Mike, great job putting this together, very interesting. We know how you spent your rainy weekend.

Wouldn’t Bobby Hill qualify for the list? Or is it signing?

3. Anonymous - June 26, 2006

Awesome job Mike Ashmore! I love you.

4. Anonymous - June 26, 2006

Lancaster’s Newspaper is reporting that Chris Van Rossum will be placed on the Disabled List and the team will bring back Kris Dufner.

5. Anonymous - June 26, 2006

Last day to vote for the team name for York’s team. Have until midnight to vote.

6. Fausto Gabon - June 26, 2006

Van Rossum is out, but it is Van Note (hip flexor) who goes on the DL.

7. Anonymous - June 26, 2006

The paper says OF Steve Van Rossum. It is wrong it is to be Chris Van Rossum. Van Note is not injured. Van Rossum goes on the DL.

8. Amy - June 26, 2006

Yep…Steve Van Note played all weekend and is not hurt. Chris Van Rossum injured himself diving flat out horizonally for a ball to his right on Saturday night, injuring his hip. Van Rossum will be put on the dl and Dufner returns.

9. Fausto Gabon - June 26, 2006

The Intell this morning say Van Note, not to be contrary. Guess you can’t believe everything you read.

10. Anonymous - June 26, 2006

Well fausto gabon I should know who is injured bewteen Van Note and Van Rossum because I’m around the team. I work in the clubhouse.
Van Rossum is the one injured. Now I did not know they were bring back Dufner until I read the paper.

11. Amy - June 26, 2006

yes faustocabon…the paper said “OF Steve Van Rossum is out with a hip flexor”,blah blah blah. Obviously a misprint. Van Rossum is the one who made the diving catch NOT Van Note. This was just a error in iding players.

12. Fausto Gabon - June 26, 2006

Amy,thanks. Hey tough guy, I know the chicks all dig your clubhouse confidential stuff, but if you drop something important here, you might not be “around the team” for long.

13. Anonymous - June 26, 2006

hey fausto thanks for the warning! I have not said anything on here that has not already been reported in the Lancaster papers or website.

14. Ashmore - June 27, 2006

Michael Moore is listed in the top section, and was a supplemental first rounder.

Bobby Hill was a second round pick in 2000.


15. number1surffan John - June 27, 2006

Another triple play by the Surf last night. Excellent.

16. Amy - June 27, 2006

Wow..what is with all the triple plays everywhere?

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