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June 23, 2006 June 23, 2006

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No-Hitter Knowledge:

1) Rod Henderson (LI) vs. Atlantic City Surf – May 25, 2001
2) Joe Gannon (NWK) @ Somerset Patriots – August 17, 2004
3) Lincoln Mikkelsen (AC) @ Lancaster Barnstormers – June 16, 2006

Henderson’s no-hitter was the only one thrown at home.

Henderson’s no-no was witnessed by 5,934 fans, the most of any of the three. The 4,892 fans to see Gannon’s was the fewest.

Henderson faced the fewest batters, 28. Gannon faced the most, 31.

Henderson struck out the most batters, 10. Gannon and Mikkelsen struck out the fewest, 5.

Henderson walked the fewest batters, 2. Mikkelsen walked the most, 4.

Henderson’s and Gannon’s both lasted 2:30, Mikkelsen’s went 2:39

Henderson left the fewest runners on base, 1. Gannon left the most, 4.

Francisco Morales caught Henderson’s no-hitter, Jason Dewey caught Gannon’s and John MacLeod caught Mikkelsen’s.

Gannon’s no-hitter was the only one in which one of his fielders (Jerson Perez) made an error.

Two players who played in the Henderson no-hitter, Will Pennyfeather and Michael Moore, are still in the league — both with Newark.

Chris Jones, now the Bears manager, and Gannon are the only two players from Newark still in the league. Four of the Patriots from that game are still in the league; with Jeff Nettles and Tony Gsell still with Somerset, Manny Santana playing in Lancaster and Norm Hutchins in Bridgeport.

No players have played in multiple Atlantic League no-hitters.

None of the pitchers who threw no-hitters hit a batter in their games.

Mikkelsen’s no-hitter was the only one in which his team made a defensive replacement (Dusty Maddox for Ozzie Timmons in RF)

Each opposing starter (Aaron Lane, Rich Kelley, Cameron Smith) lasted at least six innings, and the opposition has not used more than three pitchers against the team that threw a no-hitter.

Gannon’s no-hitter was the only one in which one of his players (Michael Coleman) hit a home run.

Gannon was the only pitcher to not get a double play in his no-hitter.

Henderson’s was the only no-hitter in which an opposing batter wasn’t walked twice (Edgard Clemente vs. Gannon, Eric Crozier vs. Mikkelsen)

To date, none of the teams involved in no-hitters have made the playoffs during the season in which the no-hitter was thrown.

Bluefish Shunned By League: According to Rich Elliott of The Connecticut Post, the Atlantic League sent out a memo to teams that any of the seven “home” teams wishing to acquire someone from the Road Warriors must give them a player who plays the same position.

“The league won’t let us go get somebody from the Road Warriors so we have to fight with what we have,” Bluefish manager Dave Lapoint told the paper.

No word on if this rule applies to the Ducks.

Nick Ortiz, Greg Modica, Melvin Pizarro and Mike Ziegler were all acquired by the Ducks from the Road Warriors.

Only Bryan Goelz has been assigned to the Road Warriors by the Ducks. And Goelz, an outfielder, was sent there to replace Modica, a pitcher.

Ortiz and Pizarro have since been returned to the Road Warriors.

Transactions: The Ducks signed ex-MLB P Tony Fiore and sent P Melvin Pizarro back to the Road Warriors. Fiore pitched for Tampa Bay and Minnesota in the show, and made one appearance for the Twins in the playoffs…Lancaster has, in fact, signed Jeremy Todd, and activated him for tonight’s game…According to a source in AC, C Joe Nichols has been assigned to the Road Warriors.

Crawford Stuff: I decided I’ll save my slam of Paxton Crawford for print, check out next week’s paper for my thoughts in the Around the Atlantic League section. – Mike Ashmore


1. Anonymous - June 23, 2006

Awesome info Ashmore.

2. dcpolak - June 23, 2006

Mike, why are you going to “slam” Paxton Crawford? I’ll admit there is something unseemly about using steroids, admitting it after the fact and then ratting out others.

But..this is the way that illegal or immoral activity often comes to light…when someone has even slight pangs of conscience after the fact.

If a baseball non-entity like Paxton Crawford was using steroids, you have to believe there were a lot of others. The vast maority will never come clean because they have much longer stat sheets and perhaps business relationships outside of baseball that they need to protect.

Rather than “slam” Crawford, we should be slamming the owners, MLB union reps, sports writers and fans who ignored the obvious for many years.

Why didn’t anyone “slam” Lenny Dykstra when he mysteriously bulked up to unrealistic proportions in the course of one off-season?

3. Fausto Gabon - June 23, 2006

Didn’t Al Sontag have a seven-inning no-hitter as part of a doubleheader in B’port around 2000-2001? It might even have been the first no-hitter in the league.
Anybody else remember that?

4. Anonymous - June 23, 2006

how unfair for the players really trying hard to make it without the use of any steroids or enhancers. there is too much overuse of “drugs” with everyone — not just baseball players.

5. number1surffan John - June 23, 2006

Another interesting night @ Bernie Robbins (Sandcastle) Stadium last night as AC beat Lancaster 3-2. It was “Pride in Education” Night, and the Barnstormers skipper had plenty of new grammar to teach children as he argued a basic strike call. Thanks buddy. I’m really proud to bring children around to your events. NOT

6. Sumosid - June 23, 2006


Sad story out of one of the other Indy Leagues;a 25 year old pitcher, Rusty Begnaud of the Peniscola Pelicans was paralyzed after a swimming accident.

Keep him in your prayers…

7. Anonymous - June 23, 2006

Tom Herr has always had an acid tongue. Sorry you had to witness that.

8. Jeff - June 23, 2006

The Ducks this afternoon signed former MLB pitcher Tony Fiore to a contract.

9. Anonymous - June 23, 2006

Since the Ducks signed Tony Fiore does this mean Melvin Pizarro will go back to the Road Warriors since a Ducks fan said that Pizarro was only on loan.

10. Anonymous - June 23, 2006

bobby darula plays great for a week and gets picked up to play for the double-a braves.

does major league baseball have it out for bridgeport fans? its time they give us something back.

and where the hell is dj boston. i miss that guy.

– thomas / new haven

11. Jeff - June 23, 2006

Pizzaro does go back to the RW. That move was made to put Fiore on the roster.

12. Anonymous - June 23, 2006

The Barnstormers have signed Jeremy Todd and he is playing first base tonight. I think the Barnstormers will win the second half if they don’t win the first. They now have Todd and Gonzalez back to key players from last years second half.

13. Anonymous - June 24, 2006

Paxton’s going to get torched because Sparky Lyle was absolutely right in what he said to Ryan Dunleavy of the Courier News. Sparky essentially said that he just wanted to get his name in the paper.

Nobody gave a crap about Paxton Crawford, 99.9% of baseball fans have no clue who he is…all he wants to do is gain some notoriety and maybe pad his wallet a little more by getting his story out there.

There’s a lot more about his career he could be coming clean about than just steroid use – but nobody cares about those stories any more either.

14. AtlanticLeagueBaseball.com - June 24, 2006

If my AL memory serves me correctly, Sontag took a no-hitter into the 9th in 2000, but didn’t pull it off.


15. Anonymous - June 24, 2006

i was there al sontag had 2 outs in the 9th and he let a comebacker go right between his legs.

b-fish fan

16. Anonymous - June 24, 2006

and good job by atlantic league im a bluefish fan and what they were trying to pull with the road warriors was bad for the league.

b-fish fan

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