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June 20, 2006 June 20, 2006

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Articles Posted: Head on over to MikeAshmore.com, and you can check out this week’s articles. Two Atlantic League pieces, and one Thunder piece for you Yankees fans, too.

Patriots Talking to First Rounder: I’ve been hearing some talk that the Somerset Patriots are in negotiations with former New York Yankees first round pick OF Brian Buchanan. Buchanan has five seasons of big league experience, and has played for the Padres, Twins and Mets.

I spoke to Adam Gladstone of Baseball and Sports Associates, and he told me that the team is negotiating with another “position player” and if all goes as planned, he’ll be arriving in Somerset tomorrow night but will not be active for that night’s game.

He said that the player is not Buchanan, but did confirm that he has had conversations with Buchanan’s agent to gauge the interest of both sides.

Somerset Loses Another Squeaker: It was another pitcher’s duel tonight in Somerset, and one mistake was all the Riversharks needed in their 3-0 win over the Patriots. Pedro Swann hit a solo home run in the sixth inning off of Ben Crockett, and that’s really the only offense they needed.

But, just to be safe, Denny Abreu hit a two run home run off of Jason Olson that should be landing sometime within the next few hours. It was an absolute bomb over both walls of advertising in left field.

Going into the game, Somerset was averaging exactly four runs a game, second worst in the Atlantic League. The worst? Camden.

Team In Talks With Todd: According to a source close to the situation, the Lancaster Barnstormers have talked to Jeremy Todd about a possible return to the team. Todd was recently released by the Dodgers organization.

Stocker Stopped at 25: Billy Hall’s record is safe. Ducks OF Mel Stocker went 0-for-5 tonight, ending his hitting streak at 25 games, two short of tying Hall for the league record.

Patriots Make Moves: Ryan Dunleavy of the Courier News reports that INF Jared Sandberg signed with the Cleveland Indians and will report to the Double-A Akron Aeros of the Eastern League. Sandberg spent last year in that league with the Portland Sea Dogs.

Also, the team has signed P Andy Pratt. Pratt has pitched in the show for the Braves and Cubs and was recently released by Milwaukee. He has a career MLB record of 0-1 with a 15.00 ERA

Pratt is expected to arrive in Somerset tomorrow. – Mike Ashmore


1. ATLeague - June 20, 2006

Heres an interesting question for you Mike.

Who is your prediction for who the first catcher called up will be from both divisions?

2. Weston - June 20, 2006

I know this question is for Mike but I think that the first catcher to be called up would be Lance Burkhart or Manny Santana of the Lancaster Barnstormers or Fernando Lunar or Travis Anderson of the Somerset Patriots. But a long shot would be Manuel Mejia of the Road Warriors. I don’t think he will go to a minor team but I do think that he may go to a different atlantic league team.

3. Amy - June 20, 2006

Truthfully, as a fan of the Barnstormers who sees them on a nightly basis…neither Lance or Manny Santana have stats to create an interest in them. Lance just hasn’t hit much yet… and Manny has played mostly at first or DH. I just don’t see them moving anywhere affiliated right now!

4. ATLeague - June 20, 2006

Thanks for your opinions, I’d agree with your comments, Meija (who is listed as a DH) I think has a better chance of taking over for one of them if they get promoted, but I really think you have to look some of the Catchers who have hit at the AA and AAA levels.

The Ducks have Brad King hitting .294 with an .885 OPS

The Bears have Marcos Sanchez hitting .273 but it’s only in 22 AB, but he does have potential.

5. Weston - June 20, 2006

I don’t think that the atlantic league has catchers that really have a chance to move up and I agree that Santana and Burkhart don’t have the numbers right now. I also think that Burkhart, since he is 32 years old now think that last year was his chance. Also Sanchez and King are 32 so I don’t think they would get the call. The good think about Santana is he is 26 years old and can play C, 1B, and DH. So if he starts hitting better I think he should get the call.

6. Amy - June 20, 2006

yeah…Lance Burkhart really is more towards the end of his career and I don’t see him any higher than this league. Not to put a damper on what he has done with the Barnstormers either! He fits here and I think he fits well here right now. And Manny Santana, I think just needs more playing time regularly…recently he has gotten more playing time and is starting to come around.

7. AtlanticLeagueBaseball.com - June 20, 2006

None of them are going anywhere. If Lunar could get his numbers going, he’d be gone, because he’s the best defensive catcher in the league…Kuilan is up there too.


8. Amy - June 20, 2006

Agree Mike…defensively I like both Kuilan and Lunar!

9. Anonymous - June 21, 2006

anyone know who won tonight bluefish ducks game.thanks

b-fish fan

10. Anonymous - June 21, 2006

LI 4, BB 2.

Stocker went 0-5.

Gonzalez with a solo blast.

11. BoosterBabe - June 21, 2006

Am going to the Bluefish game tonight. I hope they win! We need to salvage the series if we want to have the edge in head-to-head competition, in case of a tie-breaker!!! I was really nervous when they won 7 in a row…I would have rather they lost to Camden and took these last 2 from LI…law of averages. They’ve been really getting it done the past week…shame the last 2 nights have shaken them. Hope not for long though.
Anyone coming to tonight’s game at Harbor Yard? I’ll be in section 13, row E right behind the dugout and first base. Come say hello!!!

12. Anonymous - June 21, 2006

Don’t be surprised if Jeremy Todd surfaces on another team.

13. Weston - June 21, 2006

Why would Jeremy Todd go to another team. The Barnstormers could have Jeremy Todd play first and have Eric Crozier play in the outfield or DH. They would be deep if Reggie Taylor gets picked up!

14. Anonymous - June 21, 2006

Just wait and see.

15. Anonymous - June 21, 2006

Do you mean another Altantic League team or affiliated team?

16. Chris - June 21, 2006

Since there has been a lot of talk about the Barnstormers, does anyone know how Scott Sobkowiak’s MRI was? Is he going to miss his next outing?

17. Amy - June 21, 2006

I haven’t seen or heard of results of his MRI yet….I keep looking and listening however!

18. AtlanticLeagueBaseball.com - June 21, 2006

I wonder if he’s who Gladstone was talking about…


19. Amy - June 21, 2006

Yeah that’s what I am thinking too!

20. Amy - June 21, 2006

Just heard the report on Scott Sobkowiak…he WILL miss his next start which was Friday night at home. He is still being affected by the collision he had a few weeks ago w/ catcher Lance Burkhart. No other info on this but i speculate that MRI results were neg.

21. Anonymous - June 21, 2006

Amy Just Heard The Same News From Dave Collins. Scott will miss his next start on friday. but should return for his next start.

i’ll be at the game this friday against Somerset

RLP Barnstormer Fan

22. Amy - June 21, 2006

Yeah that’s exactly where I heard it!!! I am at every home game!!!!

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