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June 18, 2006 June 18, 2006

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What Were The Odds: OK, so I knew that the odds of me seeing Lincoln Mikkelsen’s no-hitter were very long. But how long were they?

Going into the game, there had been just 2 no-hitters in the history of the league. There had been somewhere in the vicinity of 3,803 Atlantic League games played before the games of that night, give or take a handful. Do the math, and the odds were a little more than 1 in 1,900 that I’d be seeing an Atlantic League no-no.

Now, when you factor in that I’d never been to Lancaster before and I just so happened to pick that day to go, I’d have to say that the odds were actually a lot longer than that.

I’ve been close this year, but this was the first I’ve seen since Joe Gannon’s in 2004. Gannon had another one going through six and two thirds, Keith Ramsey took one into I think the 7th as well. Trenton’s Tyler Clippard was perfect through seven innings in the Eastern League, but he lost that one too. So it was nice to finally see another no-hitter.

Scott Sobkowiak, who’s been in baseball for eight years, told me after the game that this was the first one he’d ever seen live. Some people never get to see one, so I feel very fortunate to have been able to see two, no less cover both of them.

Be Like Ashmore: If you want to be like me…and God, who doesn’t, click on this link to pick up one of the awesome Road Warriors shirts I got while I was up in Lancaster. Big thanks to John Farrell for taking care of me while I was up there, you should definitely check out their team store and pick up one of the new baseball card sets or other various items they have in there.

You can only get these in Lancaster, unless you’re a Road Warrior, of course.

Barnstormers DVD Review: I picked up a copy of the Lancaster Barnstormers 2005 Inaugural Season DVD a few days back, and I got a chance to watch it last night. It was OK, I personally liked the Ducks DVD a good deal more than I did this one.

The opening shows a little girl taking a ball from a local field and then running around town with the kids who she took it from chasing her – which is apparently what they showed prior to the inaugural game since she delivers the ball to Scott Patterson before the start of the game.

Barnstormers radio voice (the underrated) Dave Collins hosts the DVD, which takes you through the process of getting the stadium built and then shows highlights from the inaugural home game and then some footage from throughout the season.

I would have liked to have seen some more player interviews and less game footage, as I thought a lot of the game footage dragged on at times.

It wasn’t bad, and I’m always happy to get my hands on anything related to the Atlantic League, but I’d ask someone who has it if this is something you should buy before you pick it up. It’s $20, and is available at a table on (I think) the third base side.

Ten Questions with Bryant Nelson: Finally had the time to sit down and work on this. Check it out by clicking here.

Dunleavy Snags Gonzalez Interview: Make sure you check out Courier News writer Ryan Dunleavy’s interview with Ducks star Juan Gonzalez. This is the first extended interview with Juan I’ve seen so far, and you’re going to want to check it out.

Ducks-Patriots: What was the biggest story to come out of Citibank Park today? That Long Island won, 12-5? That Ryan McDermond actually played? That Ryan Radmanovich hit his 9th home run of the year? Nope, it’s that the Ducks Mel Stocker got a hit, extending his hitting streak to 24 games. That leaves him just three games short of tying the record set by Somerset’s Billy Hall last season.

Stocker is on pace to tie the record Wednesday in Bridgeport and break it on Thursday, also in Bridgeport.

Will Pennyfeather has the next-longest active streak at 10 games. Bridgeport’s Tino Sanchez had a 13 game hitting streak snapped in late May, the longest one this year behind Stocker’s.

Stocker also has a 27-game streak of consecutive games getting on base.

Happy Father’s Day: Happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there. I’d recommend sitting down and watching Field of Dreams with your dad, I guarantee you that you guys will go out in the yard and play catch after you do. – Mike Ashmore



1. Duck fan - June 18, 2006

Not only did Stocker extend his hitting streak, but he accomplished this on his last at bat in the eighth by hitting his first homerun of the year after he worked deep into the count.

2. BoosterBabe - June 19, 2006

Burnham Watch:
Gary Burnham is working on a 10 game hitting streak. He went 2-4 today and is now hitting .300. Good Luck, Gary…keep pounding ’em out there in Reading!

3. KenD - June 19, 2006

Shreveport: Released C Jason Torres.

4. Anonymous - June 19, 2006

mike — thanks for posting that interview with bryant nelson. as a sox/fish fan, he’s obviously a guy i watch closely.

– thomas / new haven

5. Anonymous - July 15, 2006

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