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June 11, 2006 June 12, 2006

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Upcoming Features: The promised Affiliation Update is coming, as is a 10Q with Bryant Nelson. I wouldn’t hold your breath for a Deivi Cruz piece, though. I tried, I will say that…

Lancaster Stuff: Eric Crozier will be a Barnstormer…when he can get there. Turns out his car isn’t working at the moment, and it’s delaying his arrival. For now, the team has signed Kevin Wilson, who played today. Travis Hake is reportedly likely to undergo surgery on his elbow, but it may be pushed back. – Mike Ashmore


1. Anonymous - June 12, 2006

Any report on why Brad King (Long Island Catcher) left the game early today in Camden?

2. Sumo Sid - June 12, 2006

Anyway to get an updated Road Warriors roster?

3. BoosterBabe - June 12, 2006

Just an fyi: Any bloggers going to the Bluefish games this week?
Would love to meet up with you and say hello.
Let me know….either here or via email….


4. BoosterBabe - June 12, 2006

Cat update for those interested:
She seems to be responding to the blood pressure meds, vitamins and subQ fluids, though she hates the prescription food and I have to mix it with her regular food. She’s much shinier (her coat, that is) and she seems happy, playful and cuddly. 3 weeks ago she was very quiet,her fur was dull and frizzy (humidity maybe, she is prone to bad hair days in humid weather!)but she slept even more than is usual for a cat and definitely wanted to be left alone. So I’m seeing improvements in her mood which is always a good sign.(and amazingly enough, my mood reflects hers, so I’m in better spirits, too!)

She gets an updated blood test on Saturday and I’m hoping that she’s gained a bit of weight and the test shows decreased levels of BUN and creatinin. Elevated levels=bad, decreased levels=good. If that happens, this course of treatment is having desired results and the prognosis will be better for my furry little friend.

Here’s hoping for the Fish to have a great 13 game homestand, and for my cat to have a great blood test!

5. Jeff - June 12, 2006

Glad to hear the good news about your furry friend, boosterbabe. Good lick with the test Saturday.

6. Anonymous - June 12, 2006

ottawa lynx moving to allentown pa.becoming the phillies aaa team.

b-fish fan

7. DUCK FAN - June 12, 2006

Here you go Sumo…Updated Road Warriors Roster:

Pitchers (13)-
Angelo Burrows
Alberto Castillo
Chris Eickhorst
Kyle Goldwater
Julio Guerrero
Cesar Herrera
Miguel Martinez
Brian Miller
Elvin Nina
Melvin Pizarro
Felix Rodriguez
Matt Scheuing
Mike Ziegler

Catchers (2)-
Sandy Aracena
Manny Mejia

Infielders (6)-
Derek Barrows
Jackson Carrion
Mike Huggins
Felix Martinez
Teuris Olivares
Nick Ortiz

Outfielders (4)-
Jason Bryan
Sheldon Fulse
Bryan Goelz
Bernie Gonzalez

8. dcpolak - June 12, 2006

Is the Brian Miller on the Road Warriors the same Brian Miller who pitched previously in the Chicago White Sox farm system?

9. Amy - June 12, 2006


10. Anonymous - June 12, 2006


i normally try to go tuesdays — but i work at the new haven county cutters games.. and i work tomorrow when the Nashua Pride come to Yale.

– thomas / new haven

11. Surf Voice - June 12, 2006

I will be at the Bridgeport Games this Tues., Wed., and Thurs. I have to be, I’m the announcer

12. AtlanticLeagueBaseball.com - June 13, 2006

Re: RW Roster

Burrows is a converted outfielder with time in the Braves and Cubs organizations…


13. AtlanticLeagueBaseball.com - June 13, 2006

Haven’t heard anything on King, by the way…


14. Sumo Sid - June 13, 2006

Thanks for the help!

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