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June 8, 2006 June 8, 2006

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Having a Blas: The Bears have signed P Blas Cedeno to a contract. Cedeno was with Camden in 2004.

Gonzalez Debuts: Juan Gonzalez, held out of the lineup due to bad conditions the past few days, debuted in Lancaster for the Ducks and hit a double. He also scored two runs.

Radman Hurt: Somerset Patriots OF Ryan Radmanovich appeared to injure his lower back or hip late in tonight’s game and had to be helped off the field. The infield was absolutely saturated, no way that could have helped.

Covais To Sign Anthem: Kevin Covais from American Idol, who looks absolutely nothing like me by the way, will be singing the national anthem twice in Long Island. Check out the Ducks site for more info. – Mike Ashmore

Surf Make Waves: Atlantic City Surf catcher Steve Torrealba was suspended before today’s game for signing with a Mexican League team for more cash. The club is left with two catchers, John MacLeod and Joe Nichols, both of whom don’t have a ton of experience behind the plate. – Scott Stanchak.

Clipper Magazine Stadium: Hey, I’m thinking about heading up there next week…anyone have an address for the stadium they can post? – MA



1. Anonymous - June 9, 2006

Clipper is at 650 N Prince St


2. AtlanticLeagueBaseball.com - June 9, 2006

Muchos gracias.


3. Anonymous - June 9, 2006

Ash, is that you on Jayski? Wow.

4. number1surffan John - June 9, 2006

While they aren’t quite acknowledging Stev Torrealba’s dismissal yet, the local newspaper did, in addition to mentioning that his “roster spot” will be filled by new signing 3B Matt Imwalle.

Roster spot? They’ve had Kevin Dougherty disabled for over a week, and still had another 2 or 3 “open” spots to make 25. To leave this many openings for much needed position players is inexcusable

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