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June 6, 2006 June 6, 2006

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Deja Vu All Over Again: If anyone remembers what Bears P Joe Gannon did against Somerset in 2004…well, he’s doing it again through six innings in Somerset for Newark.

I’ll do live updates for you guys…

Bottom 7th: Kevin Nicholson grounded out to short.

Travis Anderson was hit by a pitch.

Jim Burt walked on a 3-1 pitch.

George Sandel flied out to center.

Pat Boran walked on four pitches.

Mike Lockwood hit an 0-2 knuckleball over the right field wall for a grand slam, Pats up 4-2.

Ashmore out.

Ducks Get Their Man: In a somewhat surprising move, the Ducks have agreed to terms with P Greg Modica. Modica was pitching well with the Road Warriors at the time of the signing, and turned down what was a reportedly very lucrative offer to join the team a week or so ago.

Also, the team has officially activated OF/DH Juan Gonzalez and gotten rid of anyone with the last name of Goelz, sending OF Bryan Goelz to the Road Warriors.

Super Donovan Gone: According to Rich Elliott of The Connecticut Post, the Bridgeport Bluefish have lost a second pitcher to the Kansas City Royals. This time, Donovan Osborne is out, but he’s been replaced by a former big leaguer. P Matt Beech has signed with the club, according to Elliott, and he brings big league time with the Phillies along with him. Beech has pitched for the Ducks before, and I can guarantee you I’ll call him Kris Beech (the hockey player) before the year is out.

I’m a little surprised that Beech went to Bridgeport instead of Long Island, I would think the door would have been open for his return over there. Again, nice job by the Bluefish front office to replace a big leaguer with a big leaguer.

Bear Tracks: They have quite the roster at the moment. Nine active pitchers and two new additions. C Marcos Sanchez and P Enemencio Pacheco are the new additions, and the addition of Sanchez gives them four catchers.

Also, they suspended P Joey Cole, released P David “Primetime” Glick and deactivated P Nick Maness.

Cole was suspended by the league as a result of an incident where he made contact with an umpire. The suspension is indefinite.

OF Doug Devore has announced his retirement as well.

Seven Words: Joe Winkelsas is on my fantasy team. – Mike Ashmore.

Bow-ing Out: The Lancaster Barnstormers lost shortstop Jason Bowers today, as the middle infielder signed a contract with the Baltimore Orioles. He was batting .267 with four home runs and 18 RBI on this early season. Kris Dufner is taking his place on the roster after being released by the Tampa Bay Devil Rays organization.

The team also re-signed pitcher Joe Dooley, who was released near the end of Spring Training, and released reliever Steve Hassett, who’s ERA weighed in at 13.50 in six appearences. – Scott Stanchak.



1. Anonymous - June 6, 2006

the exodus continues in bpt again.

b-fish fan

2. Anonymous - June 6, 2006

mike –

i mailed out that paper with your photo in it yesterday, you’ll prob get it tomorrow or thursday.

thomas / new haven

3. DUCK FAN - June 6, 2006

Beech probably went to Bridgeport beacuse manager Dave LaPoint was his pitching coach when he was with Long Island the last two seasons…..that’s how the guy he is replacing (Donovan Osborne) ended up in Bridgeport too.For some reason it seems like pithcers really like LaPoint….anyway Bridgeport is losing a great pitcher but they are getting a great one as well

4. Riggzy - June 6, 2006

The Whole league is losing pitching…At least the b-fish are
getting decent replacements..big homestand comming up we have a
shot at the 1st half title if we can play well on the homestand..
big 4 gamer with the ducks comming
up…hopefully we won’t choke this year..

5. Anonymous - June 6, 2006

no team in the atl has come close to losing the players bpt has.the only saving grace we have is the north div.is a 2 team league.bears and r.w are terrible.

b-fish fan

6. number1surffan John - June 6, 2006

keep an eye on the Bears, they are beginning to shake things up now with releases, and I would think that some guys who have been, ahem, *under-performing* will either step up or be moved out as well.

7. Riggzy - June 6, 2006

Your Right b-fish fan…but we have to take advantage of a weak division this year and grab one of these 1/2 season titles…i think even with the talent left over and with the amount of games left in the 1st half it is achievable…i know we lost 3 good starting pitchers(probably the best 3 in the league back to back to back)..
but thats what the league is about
getting guys back to affiliated ball..the key to success is to replace the talent you lost with RESPECTABLE talent and then try to make it gel.guys like hodges and journell need to step it up along with beech when he gets here..no excuses you still have to go out
and play ball…

8. Amy - June 6, 2006

I agree with you…Bridgeport HAS lost alot of talent off their roster but as the last poster has also mentioned…this league is about getting guys back to the affiliated clubs. Getting reliable talent to fill the spots left vacated is the key to your success. this makes the other guys have to step it up and do their respective jobs. You certinly have a point about losing your pitching but you have to play with the hand you are dealt !! You want your guys to get to a better situation for them…

9. Jake - June 6, 2006


10. LancFan - June 6, 2006

Lancaster continues to swing the bats. Is anyone surprised that Reggie Taylor is still in the AL? Of course, Lancaster’s attendance is slipping. The games I’ve been at actually have about 1,000 less than the league shows on its site.

11. Anonymous - June 6, 2006

Bowers was assigned to the Orioles’ Triple-A affiliate.

It’s Kris Dufner.

Attendance figures are based on tickets sold, not actual seats in the bleachers — according to the Barnstormers.

12. Jake - June 6, 2006


13. Anonymous - June 6, 2006

let me ask all my fellow fish fans 1 question.what makes you think the bluefish can replace the talent they have lost.i have watched this team lose ton of players and fall apart during the season last 5 years.i dont care about getting guys out of the league i care about watching a winning baseball team.i’m sick of the summer swoon the bluefish go through every season.
b-fish fan

14. Riggzy - June 6, 2006

The only way i can answer your question about replacing the talent
that the bluefish have lost is that THEY CAN’T my whole point is
that in minor league baseball
independent or not the best players ussually don’t stay put long….I Feel the sameway you do i get fustrated everytime we get plucked like a chicken i want to see a winning team here just like you..i’ve had a season ticket mini-plan since they opened so i know were ya comming from..its obvious your team has to have plan B,C&sometimes D to get the job done… KEEP THE FAITH 🙂

15. AtlanticLeagueBaseball.com - June 6, 2006

Yes, Somerset is getting a new player, but that’s not my story to break. Check out Dunleavy at around 1 this morning for the name.

I can tell you that the team has 10 days to release a player as a result of signing this guy.


16. BoosterBabe - June 7, 2006

I’m beginning to wonder if the very thing that this league is “supposed to be about”, that is, getting players back into organized ball, isn’t the very reason attendance is slipping. Just when you think you have a good team, some affiliated team comes along and cherry-picks the best players away from you.

I’ve been a Bluefish fan since 98 myself…and I have watched it year after year, more so the last 5 years or so, as the league begins to make a name for itself.

As a fan, it’s frustrating. You start to follow these guys, you start to follow the team, you go to the games, you read the paper, you talk it up with your friends…you’re INVESTED with this team — and next thing you know, we lose 4 key guys, three of them pitchers… to affiliated teams, the Bluefish are decimated, AGAIN.

Look, I have only missed 3 home games this season, and 2 of them were “camp days” when I had to work. The other i was home getting ready to have some of the guys over for dinner so I listened on the radio….but I got news for you, I feel like I don’t recognize at least a third of our team any more. And I am most certainly invested in this team. Imagine how a casual fan must feel?

Maybe I’m not the only one feeling frustrated by losing all of our best guys by mid-June and having an entirely new team to get to know. Maybe I”m not the only fan tired of the revolving door on our clubhouse.

When this league started, a lot of fans saw it as a much more affordable way, and a more personal way, to enjoy professional baseball. But you know what? Maybe people are beginning to feel that trying to keep up with all the roster changes is more trouble than it’s worth. Maybe people are hesitant to invest themselves in this league, because anyone good is gonna leave anyway, so why bother?

I’m not saying I’m at that point–yet. But I honestly don’t know how far away i am, either.

What do you all think about this? Does the revolving door have any bearing on the fans willingness to get involved with the team?

17. BoosterBabe - June 7, 2006

For Tom in New Haven…
Re: Bob (Super Fan) at Bluefish games.

Bobby is a riot! He’s fine, he came with us to Camden Saturday. I think he has a new job or something like that which conflicts with a lot weeknight games.

I love him, he’s so free-spirited. Ya know, if he weren’t deaf and spoke like a hearing person, rather than a non-hearing person, no one would bat an eye at him! He just really loves this team and that’s his motivation for jumping around and yellling and dancing!

18. Jake - June 7, 2006



19. Anonymous - June 7, 2006

boosterbabe i dont think the players leaving affects the attn.i think the quality of play does,they just cant replace the quality players that leave every year.i have said it before the bluefish enjoy cashing those checks from affiliated teams for their players a little to much for my liking.no team or fans in the atl.go through these roster changes like bpt.does.

b-fish fan

20. AtlanticLeagueBaseball.com - June 7, 2006

Doesn’t do me any good to speculate on who gets canned considering I have to hang around these guys. I think you can look at a roster and come up with the same names I would. I think it’s unlikely it’ll be a pitcher, and it most likely wouldn’t be McDermond again either. With that said, again…you can make the same speculative guess I could.


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