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June 3, 2006 June 3, 2006

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Here’s To You, Mr. Robinson: Hall of Famer Brooks Robinson announced the five finalists for the name of York’s franchise. CHOPPERS, DUKES, REVOLUTION, STEEL HORSES and WHITE ROSES are the final five, and you can vote on those atrocities at http://www.NameYorksTeam.com

I personally plan on voting for Revolution, if only so the team’s logo can be Prince’s symbol. If I cared more, I’d work in a Purple Rain reference right about now.

Actually, I like White Roses the best, but that’s kind of a soft name for a baseball team. – Mike Ashmore



1. Anonymous - June 3, 2006

Mike…I agree with you the name choices are pretty lame. White Roses goes back to when York had a team before in the 50s and 60s…much as when Lancaster had a team at that time…it was the White Roses and the Red Roses. I believe the Steel Horses and the Choppers are in reference to the Harley Davidson plant which is located in York. I think, given the weak choices I would prefer Steel Horses…I just hope they come up with a cool logo for all this. I bet the only reason that White Roses is a finalist is because of the “vintage”….same as when Lancaster was choosing a name and Red Roses was chosen but clearly did not win!

2. DUCK FAN - June 3, 2006

ummmmmm what’s a chopper????

3. Anonymous - June 3, 2006

Motorcycle…again the harley connection!

4. So-Co Kid - June 3, 2006

Those choices are better than Blue Crabs. So that’s something.

5. Anonymous - June 3, 2006

brooks robinson is going to have 2 teams in the atl.league.

6. Anonymous - June 3, 2006

Three! He is involved with Keystone Baseball, the ownership group of Lancaster, York and southern Maryland. But he’s technically not an “owner” in any of these groups..just an advisor or consultant.

7. Amy - June 3, 2006

Brooks title is “special assistant and advisor”.

8. DUCK FAN - June 3, 2006

i thought a chopper was a helicopter???

9. Amy - June 3, 2006

It is but in this case a chopper is a motorcycle.

10. sharksfan12 - June 4, 2006

What two franchises are being moved to the new cities. Obviously the Road Warriors. Whose the other one? The Surf?

11. DUCK FAN - June 4, 2006

you guys down there in Somerset have one HELL of a pitcher in Keith Ramsey….i’ve never seen a better breaking ball in this league than his…he only struck out a few Ducks last night but he made quite a few look REALLYYYYYYY foolish on alot of swings…the guy he pitched against last night Pat Mahomes has a pretty nasty one too but he can NEVER throw it for a STRIKE…Ramsey can. ..enjoy him while you can Somerset because with the way pitchers get picked up in this league he should be gone soon….

12. Anonymous - June 7, 2006

Whatever your favorite is for the name of the York team – don’t forget to VOTE! http://www.nameyorksteam.com.

One of the coolest features will be the new park – regardless of the name of the team….A 37-foot high wall in left field with a manual scoreboard…..The York Monster !

13. Anonymous - June 25, 2006

Harley makes american motorcylces, not choppers, those come from california

Choppers is a referring to Dentsply that makes fake teeth in the town.

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