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June 2, 2006 June 2, 2006

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You’re With Me, Leathers: Hooray incredibly obscure Chris Berman references.

Anyway, the Atlantic League announced their player and pitcher of the month for April/May. Todd Leathers of the Surf won Player of the Month, and T.J. Mathews of Bridgeport won Pitcher of the Month.

Leathers is hitting .318 with 5 HR and 22 RBI. According to the release, Leathers being named POTM was nearly unanimous, with the Ducks Bucky Jacobsen receiving the only other vote. My next question would be – who votes for these things – but that’s for another time.

Mathews put together a 4-0 record while posting a 1.97 ERA in six games, five of them starts.

Now, I preface this comment by saying I like T.J. and he was very helpful during my time in the visiting clubhouse. But I think Lincoln Mikkelsen got jobbed.

The fact that Linc is coming off a pretty awful season is irrelevant, but still…he’s 1-1 with a 1.08 ERA in six starts. He’s averaging roughly seven innings per start and has 25 strikeouts.

Let’s put their numbers up side-by-side.

MATHEWS: 4-0, 1.97 ERA, 6 G, 5 GS, 32.0 IP, 24 H, 7 ER, 9 BB, 18 K, .209 OBA
MIKKELSEN: 1-1, 1.08 ERA, 6 G, 6 GS, 41.2 IP, 29 H, 5 ER, 12 BB, 25 K, .200 OBA

Mathews does have a complete game to his credit, that’s certainly worth noting. However, it was a seven inning CG. Taking that into account however, that leaves 25 innings for his remaining five appearances. His relief appearance was two innings long on 4/29, leaving 23 innings for the remaining four starts to eat up. Overall, that means he’s averaging six innings a start. Mikkelsen is averaging just under seven innings per start.

Mikkelsen has given up five more hits in nearly ten more innings and two fewer earned runs. His ERA is nearly a run lower, his K/BB ratio is slightly better and his batting average against is slightly better.

However, Mathews is 4-0 and Mikkelsen is 1-1. Let’s take a look at the run support each pitcher received in their starts.


(W)5/07 vs. NWK – 3 runs while in game, 12 runs total
(W)5/13 vs. SOM – 4 runs while in game, 4 runs total (7 inn.)
(W)5/18 at CAM – 3 runs while in game, 7 runs total
(W)5/24 at LI – 9 runs while in game, 13 runs total
(ND)5/29 vs. LAN – 2 runs while in game, 5 runs total (14 inn.)

21 runs while in game, 41 runs total

That works out to 3.78 runs scored for him per nine innings while he’s in there, and a whopping 7.38 runs per nine innings scored in his starts as a whole.


(ND)4/28 at SOM – 2 runs while in game, 3 runs total
(W)5/05 vs. RW – 4 runs while in game, 4 runs total
(L)5/12 at NWK – 0 runs while in game, 1 run total
(ND)5/18 vs. LI – 1 run while in game, 5 runs total
(ND)5/24 vs. RW – 2 runs while in game, 3 runs total (11 inn.)
(ND)5/30 at NWK – 3 runs while in game, 4 runs total

12 runs while in game, 20 runs total

That’s a run support total of 2.59 runs per nine innings while he’s in the game and 3.21 runs per nine innings in games he’s in.

Mathews gets 1.19 more runs from his team per nine innings when he’s on the mound, and a whopping 4.17 more runs per nine innings in his starts total.

On the season, the Surf have scored 118 runs and the Bluefish have scored 125. The Surf have scored 16.9% of their runs in games in which Mikkelsen has started, while the Bluefish have scored 32.8% of theirs in Mathews starts.

Now, with seemingly only his win-loss record being worse, I seem to have made my case for Mikkelsen to have taken home the honors.

What do you guys think? Should it have been Mathews, Mikkelsen or somebody else entirely?

We’ve got a comments section, you know how to use it. Let your voice be heard. – Mike Ashmore.

Ducks Sign A.L. Win Leader: The Long Island Ducks made another addition to their staff today, signing the league’s all-time win leader Tim Cain to a contract. Cain last played in the A.L. for the Bridgeport Bluefish. – Scott Stanchak.

Human Walk Machine Cut: In order to fit Cain on the roster, the team released P Mark Freed. Freed walked 25 batters in 11.2 innings compared to just 6 strikeouts. He had an ERA of 9.26 and recently walked six conseuctive batters on 24 consecutive pitches.

DiNizio, ESPN, Vickers in Somerset on June 8th: Seems like if you’re going to pick a day to go to Commerce Bank Ballpark, June 8th is the day to go. First off, it’s NASCAR Night, and Hendrick Motorsports driver and 2003 Busch Series Champion Brian Vickers will be on hand, along with his #25 GMAC Chevrolet. Vickers will throw out the first pitch and sign autographs for fans during the game.

As if that weren’t enough, ESPN will be on hand to film a live performance by lead singer of The Smithereens, Pat DiNizio. DiNizio will be performing “Take Me Out To The Ballgame” and also work out with the Patriots prior to the game. The Goo Goo Dolls have a killer rendition of this that ESPN used for a while, if his is anything like that, everyone in attendance is in for a treat.

Barnstormers News: According to the Jason Guarente of The Lancaster New Era, the Barnstormers plan on signing INF Kris Dufner. This would be an interesting turn of events for the infielder who announced his retirement just several days ago. Dufner, a Philadelphia native, was drafted by Tampa Bay in 2003 and attended the University of Delaware.

Also, Guarente reports that INF Alex Hernandez is still away from the team due to personal reasons and may be deactivated. – Mike Ashmore



1. Jeff - June 2, 2006

Who would you think has a better shot at getting signed by an alliliated team. Considering T.J. has a lot of big league time – Think that matters to the ‘voters’?

2. Anonymous - June 2, 2006

Great breakdown Mike!

3. number1surffan John - June 2, 2006

not wanting to take anything away from Matthews accomplishments, OF COURSE Lincoln got screwed.

There is absolutely NO WAY that “whoever” is voting was going to give BOTH honors to the red headed step child whipping boy team in this league.

4. Anonymous - June 2, 2006

im taking t.j because of the quality teams he has faced.linc has 2 rw and 2 newarks.plus im a bluefish fan.and someone change the header date it is only june 2 not july 2.

b-fish fan

5. DUCK FAN - June 2, 2006

MY top three
1. Todd Leathers .318,5,22 (AC)
2. Bucky Jaconsen .305,5,24 (LI)
3. Nick Ortiz .318,6,18 (RW)

1. Lincoln Mikkelsen 1-1,1,08, 42IP (AC)
2. TJ Mathews 4-0,1.97,32IP
3. Scott Patterson 1-0, 1.08, 12SV

i think as well as mikkelsen pitched it’s tough to give the award to a guy with just one win. i think mathews 4 wins helped alot . but regardless mikkelsen did get screwed but if you ask these guys i don’t think the award means that much to them anyway

6. Anonymous - June 2, 2006

i think matthews got the nod because the surf’s logo is so terrible.

no, but seriously.. those are pretty similar stats, so its a toss up. but numbers don’t always show you what the pitcher is actually doing to hitters. assuming its coaches or someone of that nature doing the voting — i’ll take there word for it.

that said, jaun gonzales is going to get shut down by both guys at sometime in the next month.

– thomas / new haven

7. Amy - June 2, 2006

I think Scott Patterson’s stats are being overlooked here too. 12 saves and one win as a closer are pretty lights out if you ask me. I know he’s “only a closer” but hey come on!

8. Amy - June 2, 2006

And I wouldn’t mind seeing Scott pitch against “Juan Gone” next week. Looking forward to those 3 games in Lancaster!

9. Ashmore - June 2, 2006

Well, if it does come down to who has the better chance of getting picked up – which it absolutely should not, but I could understand why it would – then Mathews is clearly the guy who’s going to get it. The unfortunate fact is, is that Mikkelsen could put up those numbers for the entire season and not get picked up, which is similar to what he did in 2003.

And, I think we all know I’m not opposed to showing some love to Luke Danes’ alter ego, he does have a 1.08 ERA to go with those saves and a .169 batting average against.

I think you could certainly make a case for him – in fact, it’s entirely possible Mikkelsen didn’t even finish 2nd in the “voting” as a result.


10. Anonymous - June 2, 2006

Ducks signed Tim Cain today to bolster the staff

11. LAN-caster - June 2, 2006

The Yankees are looking closely at Scott Patterson. He might not be around the Atlantic League much longer.

12. Anonymous - June 2, 2006

Yeah I don’t think Scott will be with us too much longer. I can’t imagine there isn’t some team in affiliated ball that need him!

13. AtlanticLeagueBaseball.com - June 3, 2006

Patterson would likely go to Double-A Trenton if the Yankees signed him, and I can almost guarantee he wouldn’t be the closer there. Pitching hasn’t been the problem in Trenton this year, the bullpen has been exceptional.


14. BoosterBabe - June 3, 2006

Just fyi, since a couple of you posted in reply to my worrying about my cat.
Labs came back today….it’s chronic renal failure. In other words, Kidney disease. No, they don’t do kitty dialysis, unfortunately and I can’t afford a transplant! 🙂
Course of treatment will only slow down the inevitable, but I’m willing to try it. Special diet, high blood pressure pills (ACE inhibitors), vitamins and subcutaneous fluids injected (by me, if she and I can handle it) couple times a week ought to bring her weight up and relieve the stress on her little failing kidneys. We’ll see. Right now, she does not know she’s sick…she’s hungry (but probably not absorbing nutrients, hence the weight loss) and eats a lot, w hich is good. She wants to cuddle and play, which is normal. Now if only I could stop crying!!! LOL

I’ll get through this–suddenly though, I’m thinking I’d rather listen to the games on the radio than go to them…wanna be home with her as much as possible. Poor thing is an orphan during Bluefish season usually. Not this season. 🙂
The Bluefish need me but my kitty needs me more.

Fish lost again….tonight to Camden. AUGH. What’s going on with them? They started out on fire and then…fizzled out. Yeah, we lost Cunnane, Burnham and Boeringer (he’s got an “h” in there somewhere but I’m not sure where to put it!). But they weren’t the only good guys on the team, were they? If losing 3 guys hurts that much, then perhaps we need to put together a better TEAM. 2 Pitchers and a left-fielder/1st baseman/DH should not make that tremendous a difference, should it? Pitchers…maybe. Burnham is a huge loss to us, but I feel the loss more in the comraderie and the professionalism he brought to the game. He was a very dependable fielder….and I love the guy…but let’s face it….he got the last out(s) with men on base in quite a few games that we lost by 1 run. How many times did i watch him walk off the field cursing himself for getting the last out, hitting into a double play to end the game, etc. How many times did i hear him say “I failed” in situations like that? It damn near broke my heart one night…I called out to him “Burnham ya did good”, thinking he sac’d a run in, not realizing he’d hit into a double play and the run didn’t count. He had slammed his helmet down in front of the dugout, said some bad words (which I didn’t hear but the look on his face told me some four letter words were coming out of his mouth–and I’m fairly certain none of them were “love”!), and after I called out ‘It’s ok…you did good” he actually looked up into the stands and addressed me by name : “No I didn’t, I failed”. Broke my heart. It’s his intensity, his taking it so seriously, that we miss now (in my opinion). Because that attitude is contagious (in a very positive way) and it rubs off on the other guys.
So maybe that’s what’s missing now with the Bluefish. We can’t blame it on a manager who doesn’t seem to care, like we did last year. I think LaPoint is doing a great job…we’ve got a great pitching coach this year, all the guys seem to like Brian Warren. So we can’t blame the leadership.
What’s missing this year? I wish I knew.
We’re off to Camden tomorrow and for some reason people are calling me asking me what happens if it rains? We get on the bus and we go to Camden as scheduled. Hopefully we get to see them play a baseball game when we get there. if not, the tickets will be good for any other game, but the bus is paid for whether we see a game or not. I have enough things in my life that I can’t control that I need to worry about…I cannot start worrying about the weather in Camden for this trip. But I do hope they play the game and i hope it’s not raining for the duration of the game if they do play it. We’ll see what happens.

15. Shark Girl - June 3, 2006

Hey BoosterBabe-See you tonight in Camden-I’ll come find you & intro. myself. Sorry about your kitty but come to Camden & leave your worries behind for a few hours. You need to take care of yourself, too!

16. BoosterBabe - June 4, 2006

Hey SharkGirl!!!!
it was GREAT meeting you last night and I’m glad you came over! Bus pulled into Harbor Yard at 1:30. By the time we off-loaded, cleaned up and got home, it was about 2am. Am EXHAUSTED today but i have to do a little baking for a certain Reading Phillies’ player’s next homestand! LOL

Next time you’re up in Bridgeport, give me a heads up and the Booster Club will roll out the welcome wagon!

That goes for any of you, btw. Anyone planning to come up for the All star game or any other game, let me know.

Are there any other Booster Clubs out there? Would love to exchange ideas. Email me at bptbluefishfan@optonline.net or boosterclub@optonline.net.

Kitty is doing better today. Seems to be responding to treatments, seems happier, we’ll see how it goes.

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