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May 31, 2006 May 31, 2006

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Thomas Nystrom submitted this picture from the Barnstormers-Bears game where the benches emptied. No punches were thrown.

ASK ASHMORE, GET YOUR NAME IN THE PAPER: It looks like the 6/8 issue of the paper will feature an Atlantic League mailbag from yours truly. Please submit your questions about the Atlantic League or the Somerset Patriots to mashmore@patriotsbaseball.com or in the comments section with your name and location, and I’ll do my best to answer your question(s). – Mike Ashmore


1. BoosterBabe - May 31, 2006

Barnstormers brawled in Bridgeport tonight, not the Bears!
I left with a tie in the third but i heard it was kind of comical. Friend told me the benches cleared and everyone just sort of stood there looking at each other. Glad no punches were thrown and no one got hurt.

2. AtlanticLeagueBaseball.com - May 31, 2006

Don’t know why I said Bears. Thanks for the fix.


3. Anonymous - May 31, 2006

yea boosterbabe, it was kinda funny — the second the batter got hit he was jawing at Fesh.. and Fesh was off the mound on the grass giving it right back.. the batter took ONE step in at the pitcher and Lancaster jumped the rail and headed out on the field.. the part that i found funny was the bluefish bullpen sprinted — ALL SMILES haha. Angel Echevarria seemed to keep everyone calm.

You left in the third??? i didnt get there till the third! exciting to see the fish tee off on somebody for a couple homeruns and a mess of runs.

4. Anonymous - May 31, 2006

sorry, that last one was from Thomas / New Haven

5. KenD - May 31, 2006

On a similar topic, us Bears fans (both of us) should recognize a name from this press release on the St. Joe Blacksnakes site….

Monday, May 29, 2006
Sioux City, IA—The Blacksnakes and Sioux City engaged in a wild affair that the Explorers won 8-4 to close the four-game series. St. Joe (5-12) jumped to a 4-0 lead but could not hold on as Sioux City (9-8) came back in a game that included four ejections—three stemming from a benches clearing incident in the top of the third.

With a man at second, an 0-2 fastball from Sioux City’s Kieran Mattison hit Wil Quintana in the helmet. Quintana started towards the mound exchanging words with Mattison before catcher Mike Richardson tackled Quintana from behind and both benches emptied. Mattison, Richardson and Quintana were all ejected from the incident.

6. DUCK FAN - May 31, 2006

just a question or a topic for discussion (or both)…. why do soooo many more pitchers get their contracts purchased than position players do in this league???? ( 9 pitchers 1 position player so far in ’06)….no offense but how does a guy like Jean Carlos Granado go out and give uo 8 runs to the Ducks and pitch to a 7.71 ERA for the season get his contract purchased by the Cincinnati Reds the NEXT DAY???? meanwhile position players like bucky jacobsen (.305, 5, 24) and todd leathers (.318, 5, 22) go out and destroy AL pitching and they can’t even get a look…. i love having guys like them in this league but they both deserve better…. i guess life as a pitcher is much better in the AL.

7. Anonymous - May 31, 2006

its easier to fill a position role then a pitching role, no matter the level of baseball. look at the red sox — starting a double-a guy tonight because they just dont have anyone else who can spot start.

8. Jeff - May 31, 2006

Just like in the big leagues, pitching is the hardest commodity to find. There are very few pitchers available. So teams look to the Atlantic League, to fill out rosters on affiliated clubs.

9. Jeff - May 31, 2006

By the way, I think Jacobsen will get a shot soon. Maybe he should have wne to Reading instead of Gary Burnham. However, Burnham had played in the Phillies organization and at Reading previously. I was able to talk to Bucky when the Ducks were in Camden. He was very pleasant and went out of his way to talk with fans.

10. Anonymous - May 31, 2006

jacobsen is not better than burnham.

b-fish fan

11. Jeff - May 31, 2006

Don’t be so sure about that. Burnham barely made it out of Double-A, while Jacobsen has a more extensive background, including big league time. Burnham tore it up in Bridgeport, but I would rather see Jacobsen get another shot.

12. DUCK FAN - May 31, 2006

Gary Burnham’s career minor league numbers: (9 seasons .289, 105 HR 568 RBI)
Bucky Jacobsen’s career minor league numbers: (9 seasons .285, 158 HR, 574 RBI)

very close numbers but i’ll take Bucky’s power any day over Burnham

13. Jeff - May 31, 2006

Thanks C, for the info. We’ll see how long Bucky stays with the Ducks. I think he’ll get picked up by an affiliated team quickly.

14. AtlanticLeagueBaseball.com - May 31, 2006


Anyone? Anyone? Bueller? Anyone?


15. Anonymous - May 31, 2006

Any steroid testing in the AL?

16. AtlanticLeagueBaseball.com - May 31, 2006

Stick a name and a town on that question and I can answer it in the paper. The short-term answer to that question is yes, although – to my knowledge – no player in the league has been busted for steroids since they started testing in 2005.


17. Anonymous - May 31, 2006

Mikey, your Red Sox count is at 29. David Pauley got called up and is pitching tonight.

18. Anonymous - June 1, 2006

is there any truth to the rumor the atlantic league and the can-am league are going to form a partnership for players.i heard the can-am league will act as a feeder system for the atlantic league.

19. Anonymous - June 1, 2006

And the fan goes wild at the game!

20. DUCK FAN - June 1, 2006

just a thought but if the road warriors could ever figure out how to pitch they could be a pretty decent team…they were beating up on the ducks again 14-4 in the 8th. (i left when don mccormack put in 1st baseman rob cafiero to PITCH)….anyhow they have three of the leagues top 10 hitters and if anyone besides modica and goldwater could figure out how to throw strikes they could be a half decent team….. also a side note to the ducks game tonight….ducks reliever mark freed walked six straight batters on 24 BALLS IN A ROW. that right IN A ROW!!! pretty sad huh???

21. BoosterBabe - June 1, 2006

Burnham watch continues:
He was 3-5 today, with a double. Avg is up to .267
I think it took a few days for him to hit his stride there….announcer said he had hit 5 times in his last 13 at bats…might have gone to 6-14 with the double in the 9th.
(gotta love listening to the webcast at work!) LOL
(yeah, i know how dirty that sounds!)

I left the Bluefish game in the 3rd last night b/c I needed to get home and take care of my cat who’s been feeling lousy. I think it’s getting worse…bringing her in to the vet tomorrow and I’m soooo worried about her. Worried enough to leave a Bluefish game in the 3rd inning…what does that tell you? The only thing I love more than (Bluefish/Red Sox) baseball is my cat!

I’m Pres of the Bluefish Booster Club this year. Anyone wanna come on the trip to Camden with us Saturday???? We’ve got some seats on the bus still unsold…..email me at boosterclub@optonline.net if interested.
And send out healthy kitty vibes if you’re so inclined!

22. AtlanticLeagueBaseball.com - June 1, 2006

Hope your cat gets well, I’ve been down that road before. Not a fun one…


23. DUCK FAN - June 1, 2006

just heard ducks 2B carlos hernandez suspended indefinantely pending a meeting with the league for throwing his bat in the direction of home plate ump bob price tuesday night…BIG LOSS FOR DUCKS

24. BoosterBabe - June 1, 2006

Dropped the furry girl off at the Vet’s this morning…am a wreck today. No game to distract me either and work is not doing it! Waiting to hear from the Doc, ‘nother couple hours before I can call….Had her 10 years, she’s probably at least 11 years old, don’t really know, they guessed at her age when she she adopted me over 10 years ago. Love at first sight, lemme tellya. Anyway, hoping it’s “just” a bit of arthritis and nothing worse. She’s my family, I’m just so scared to lose her.

Glad the Ducks lost…so did the Bluefish yesterday. We need to pick up some ground on them if we want to win the first half. 🙂

25. Jeff - June 1, 2006

Here’s hoping you get a good report on the little girl. We lost our first female cat after 7 years, which had become part of our family. That was one of the worst experiences of my life. We immediately replaced her with a little guy we adopted from the shelter. Now he is the mainstay of the family, after only 2 years.

That is what baseball/sports is really all about, for us people. It gets our minds off the day to day issues and problems of life.

26. DUCK FAN - June 1, 2006

former patriot billy sylvester made his debut for AA Harrisburg last night… his pitching line…(Pats fans look away) 5 IP, 5 H, 9R, 8ER, 11 BB, 4 SO… EWWWWWWWWE

27. Jeff - June 1, 2006

That pitching line hurts looking at it …. I wonder what his pitch count was?

28. Anonymous - June 1, 2006


29. Anonymous - June 1, 2006

We need some Newark, Camden and Lancaster people posting on here. It seems as if everyone is from Bridgeport or A.C.

30. Jeff - June 1, 2006

I am a Rivershark fan and post here often.

31. barnstormin - June 1, 2006

I am a Barnstormers fan and read this all the time. I finally registered and will definitely post now.

32. barnstormin - June 1, 2006

Oh yeah…what is the problem with mark Freed…he had a bad game against Lancaster on sat night too..9 batters 3 walks 2 hbp and 1 wp…he did manage to get enogh ground balls to get those guys out but he looked horrible!

33. DUCK FAN - June 1, 2006

looking at freed’s career numbers he has always walked quite a few batters but this is rediculous…. 25 walks in less than 12 innings… last night was sad. he just could not find the plate.. 24 straight out of the strike zone is unbelieveable… no one on the warriors even swung the bat. no pitches were close to the plate.

34. LancFan - June 1, 2006

I’m a Lancaster follower. I sure was skeptical about their success in Lancaster, but for now, people are going to the game.

35. BoosterBabe - June 2, 2006

Re: What baseball is about. You are so right. I wish i had known Reading and Binghamton were playing another 10:30 am game today. Listening to that would have kept my mind busy while I was waiting to hear from the vet. Although…now that I see the box score, maybe not. Burnham didn’t start, only came in to pinch hit. he’s the only reason for me to care about a Reading vs Binghamton game!

Anyway, we’re waiting on lab results. Mandy is down to 5.8 lbs. 15 months ago, she was about 8 lbs. That’s a lot of weight for her to lose. Almost $300 later…they gave her a vitamin shot, some subcutaneous fluids, and then took blood and urine and sent them out to the lab. We’re waiting on a complete blood chem, a T4 thyroid level and the urinalysis. Doc told me it’s most likely: Hyperthyroidism, Diabetes, chronic renal failure….or any combination of those 3. And if this set of labs is unconclusive (Inconclusive? whatever–doesn’t lead us to a diagnosis) then we go hunting for worse things. I can’t even say the word….C—–r.

I’m rooting for hyperthyroidism. I asked the vet “what am I rooting for?”–which is the least life threatening and easiest and least expensive to treat? Come on, overactive thyroid!!! I honestly don’t think she’ll turn out to be diabetic. although she has the weight loss and increased thirst…she was never fat except for a short period of time. When the vet told me she should not be 10 lbs, I put her on light food, watched her portions and threw the ball down the stairs a lot and made her chase it. It worked. That was probably 8-9 years ago. Fat cats tend to develop diabetes more than normal weight cats. The renal failure…cats with that tend not to have an appetite…and she has been eating very well. All signs in my opinion lead me to think it’s her thyroid….but the labs need to prove it. One of the symptoms is increased vocalization and she became very, very talkative in the past 9 months-year. I thought it was cute, I had no idea it was a symptom of her being ill. And I noticed her meowing was a lot weaker the past few days….which makes sense b/c the thyroid gland is on either side of her vocal chords. if it’s swollen, that would account for it.
Of course, i’m waiting for the labs to come back and the doc to interpret them. But reading this stuff and thinking it thru is giving me hope and getting me thru the evening. She is mostly hiding under the bed, but comes out to snack every so often and comes into the other room where my computer is to say hello. I wanted to lay with her all evening but she decided to stay under the bed most of the time. When she’s not under the bed, she acts like she is not sick at all. In fact, until she went under the bed yesterday, something she hasn’t done since the first few months I had her 10 years ago, I was in denial that there were any symptoms at all. her hiding is what made me realize “she might be sick”…

When she is up with me, she is happy, asking for head butts, eating, cuddling…then she quickly just jumps down and hides. It’s like she doesn’t know she’s seriously ill.

Anyway, hopefully, she will have something easy (and inexpensive) to manage and will live another year or two, at least. I’m just not ready to let her go yet, even though we’ve had 10 years together.

Mandy is very much my baby girl, the only family I have, and i am just SO worried about her. it will be very hard to sleep tonight, especially if she opts to sleep UNDER the bed rather than on top with me.

Thanks for letting me go on and on. Were the ‘Fish off tonight?
Yeah, travel day….3 games in Camden Fri-Sun then home for 3 games against the Road Warriors. Booster Club is taking a trip to Camden Saturday. If you think I wouldn’t prefer to be home with my sick cat, then you need to re-read this post! LOL But it’s paid for AND I’m the president of the Booster Club. I have to go, how would it look otherwise?

Pray for Mandy to have ‘just” an overactive thryroid.
(I draw the line at praying for baseball though! I’ll pray for a player to stay or get healthy, but I will not pray for a win or a hit or a homerun. Even though I honestly DO think God is a baseball fan, i just don’t think it’s cool to pray for a win!)

36. Anonymous - June 5, 2006

Is it me, or do the stands look almost 99% EMPTY????

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