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May 28, 2006 May 28, 2006

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Mo-Ducka? Not Quite: After all the Greg Modica rumors, I figured I’d go straight to the source. Modica said that he did receive an offer from the Ducks, but it wasn’t a good “financial or personal decision” for him at the current time. He reportedly received a pretty good offer, but instead chose to stick with the Road Warriors instead.

Click on this link for some audio from my chat with Greg.

Some people might think he’s crazy for not going, but I give the guy some credit for sticking with the team that gave him a second chance.

Ramsey Flirts With A No-No: Somerset Patriots P Keith Ramsey had a no-hitter through six innings today in Somerset. And then people started talking about it. The jinx was on, and the Atlantic League would have to wait for another day to see the third no-no in league history.

Bluefish and Bears Sign One: Rich Elliott of The Connecticut Post reports that Bridgeport has signed C John Nathans. The Bluefish will be the fourth AL team in two years for Nathans, who played for Lancaster and Nashua last year and started out with Newark this year. I actually think Nathans is pretty good, I really like a lot of the moves Bridgeport has been making so far this season.

So, with Nathans gone, those sneaky Bears signed a catcher. C Jeremy Booth signed with the club, himself an AL vet. Booth has played with the Surf and Bluefish in the past. I’ve never seen him play, so I can’t really tell you much about him, but his is a familiar name.

Juan Gonzalez: I’ve pretty much taken a hiatus on reporting anything on this guy anymore, because his plans seem to change quite a bit, and it makes me look like crap when he doesn’t show up “within the week” as I’ve suggested in the past. I’ve heard stuff about it being this week again, but we’ll see. Somerset may not be as out of the running on this one as I thought, either. But, if I had to make a bet on where he went, I’d still say Long Island. – Mike Ashmore


1. Riggzy - May 29, 2006

Is Angel Echevarria injured or did he get picked up…he has not been in the line-up for the B-fish for a while now ,and i never read or heard anything about him…he’s on the main paige of the web-site and on the roster…does anyone know???


2. Anonymous - May 29, 2006

he is hurt.i believe its a hamstring.

b-fish fan

3. Riggzy - May 29, 2006


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