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May 19, 2006 May 20, 2006

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Gonzalez Update: OF Juan Gonzalez should be here within a week, but I’ve said that before, so take that for what it’s worth. I keep hearing it isn’t a matter of if, but of when. I’d be real surprised if he doesn’t end up with the Ducks, but don’t count Somerset out either.

As for Michael Tucker, he’s supposedly waiting on word from a few affiliated teams, so that is not at all imminent.

Newark Moves: With the team waiting to activate Jose Herrera and Liu Rodriguez, look for the Bears to make some moves in the very near future. They’re carrying 14 pitchers, so if I had to guess…

Surf Stats: Of the 23 players currently on the Surf roster, 21 of them were in independent ball last year. Of those 21 players, 18 of them were in the Atlantic League last year. Of those 18, 13 were with the Surf.

Davidson Not On The Road: Former Camden INF Cleatus Davidson will not be joining the Road Warriors. If he did, though, he’d join a team with a better record than Camden’s. I knew Camden would be bad – see my league preview – but this is a special kind of awful. – Mike Ashmore



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