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May 18, 2006 May 18, 2006

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Sharks Release Davidson: The Camden Riversharks released Cleatus Davidson yesterday. – Scott Stanchak.

Ashmore Note: Davidson was hitting just .150 at the time of his release, with no home runs and four RBI. I’m always a little surprised to see a big league guy get released, so I’m wondering if he’ll pop up on the Road Warriors roster.

Camden has several other players who have to be wondering whether a pink slip will be hanging in their lockers – OF Mike Floyd (.105-0-0), C Randy McGarvey (.182-0-0), and P Chris Fussell (0-1, 12.15). – Mike Ashmore

Herrera Heads To Newark: Former Oakland Athletics outfielder Jose Herrera finally got his Visa and will be with Newark tonight, or at least very shortly, according to a source. Herrera played with the Bears last season. – Scott Stanchak.



1. Anonymous - May 18, 2006

nice pitchers dual tonight in a.c.
wish i could be there tonite.
b-fish fan

2. number1surffan - May 19, 2006

Quintessential Baseball moments last night. Good pitching, some outstanding defense from Long Island – particularly Hector Almonte @ 3rd. Some sloppy moves by Surf. 0-0 in bottom of the 8th.

Clyde Williams who hit a homer on Tues, a homer on Wed, gets his streak to 3 homerun games in a row. Score 1-0 Surf, 3 outs and we win.

Wait – LI batter tips one CLEARLY in fair territory, Catcher goes to pick it up and UMP yells “FOUL”. The fans erupt. We even question why they bother with those white lines down the basepath – since this “hit” dropped on the pitcher’s mound side but was Foul???

Reliever Domingo Acosta is clearly shaken. He walks 2 even though between them we only counted 2 balls (the Ump is now CLEARLY not even pretending to be impartial – it seems unless LI swings it is impossible for the pitch to be a strike). A mound conference w/ the entire infield and Manager is broken up after less than 5 seconds by the Ump – who knows why. I guess he had to leave or something.

Long Island ends their half of the 9th winning 4-1. Sandcastle fans are heartbroken.

BUT WAIT – bottom of the 9th, we are able to defeat the “not” impartial man behind the plate. New rule is if the catcher gets his glove on the pitch against the Surf, it is a strike – even if it bounces off the plate first. NO KIDDING.

Anyway, we get a few runners, Todd Leathers hits another homer, and Surf win 5-4.

Excitement, heartbreak, sour grapes, REAL questionable officiating (should have seen the glare when one loud fan asked the ump how much Boulton was paying him to screw the Surf), and finally that joyfull thrill in the end.

Looking forward to this weekend in Somerset – they are slumping and “we” are un an upswing.

3. Anonymous - May 19, 2006

bottom of the ninth win.dont get any better than that.
b-fish fan

4. Anonymous - May 19, 2006

ashmore –

AAA newsletter, the “Connecticut Traveler” has a short article on the Bluefish and used a picture of yours on the front page. It’s one of Stephan Larkin, prob off google.

If you’d like me to mail you a copy just so you can check it out, let me know. my email is mediaoverwires@hotmail.com

– thomas / ct

5. AtlanticLeagueBaseball.com - May 19, 2006

The league has used that picture, too, if I’m thinking of the right one. In the header of their site. The Ryan Minor shot is mine, too.

If I’m not mistaken, Pat Ahearne grabbed my camera and started shooting and took that shot, and I think he’s credited for it on the site in the Larkin 10Q.

But I’d definitely like to check that out, yeah.


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