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May 17, 2006 May 17, 2006

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Surf Make Cutbacks, Sign One: I’ve heard rumblings from several sources that things aren’t going well with the Atlantic City Surf and yesterday the club axed Assistant G.M. John Kiphord, who was with the club since day one. No word on why; however, word is there might be more firings to come.

The club also signed pitcher Jamie Steward, who was with the Camden Riversharks last season. He’s taking the roster spot of fellow arm Jeremy Ward, who was picked up recently. – Scott Stanchak.

Quantum Leap To Retirement: P Shaun Babula retired today.

Zallie to Can-Am League: The Sussex Skyhawks of the Can-Am League have signed former Atlantic League pitcher Chris Zallie to a contract. Zallie went to camp with the Somerset Patriots this year before getting the axe before the team headed north. – Mike Ashmore



1. number1surffan - May 17, 2006

Whatever the reason(s) for losing John Kiphorn, he is already missed and hopefully will move on to something better.

While there are some more changes coming, no doubt, I suppose any time there is a change in ownership there will be rumblings and comings and goings. I would think that with the positive experience of the owner in other cities this is a short term hurdle leading to longer term benefits? At least that is my hope….

2. Anonymous - May 17, 2006

i see only 852 at last nights game.jeez you think the casinos would buy tickets for their employees and families to go to games.

b-fish fan

3. number1surffan - May 17, 2006

nah – that’s a fallacy. Same with the (now gone) Boardwalk Bullies hockey team. They might buy a handful of tickets on occasion, but they really prefer to keep their patrons on site.

4. Anonymous - May 17, 2006

surffan i understand keeping the patrons in the casinos,but you think for the employees of the casinos they would give out tickets.i know at least 4 companies in conn give out 4 tickets for every home game in bpt to employees.

b-fish fan

5. Jeff - May 17, 2006

I would think/hope that the number one goal of the organization would be to have people in the seats, no matter how you get them there

6. Riggzy - May 17, 2006

I’m suprised that the surf don’t
draw well…the stadium is nice
the casino point that everyone brings up is a good one..and jersey
is a great summertime attraction”wildwood , cape may, and the beaches”you would think they could atleast put 3500 a night
after mid june….another thing is i don’t know how they market or sell there team…if thats poor …you will have poor turnouts

7. Anonymous - May 18, 2006

i go to the shore every year and i go to atleast 2 games a year in ac.i think the sandcastle is much better than bpt,newark,L.I.i have noticed every surf game i have gone to most of the people were tourist.also i have always been there when the place had 3500+ fans.

8. Anonymous - May 18, 2006

You had me until you said AC was nicer than Long Island…

9. Anonymous - May 18, 2006

stadium ranking in which i have visited.
b-fish fan

10. AtlanticLeagueBaseball.com - May 18, 2006

This is actually an interesting debate. I guess if I had any questions for you on that – seeing how I’ve only been to Somerset and Newark and am making a trip to Long Island on Friday – is why did you rank them the way you did?

Knowing Somerset’s Commerce Bank Ballpark inside and out by now, I really can’t think of any complaints I’d have – although I’ve never been able to have the true fan experience there.

Based on what I’ve heard about Atlantic City – and no offense to anyone in the organization who reads this – but the reviews of the stadium have been pretty varied, so I suppose I’m most perplexed at you having AC over Somerset.


11. Anonymous - May 18, 2006

i took ac for the skyline in centerfield as well as the old baseball cards that you see as you go up the main entrance.
b-fish fan

12. number1surffan - May 18, 2006

Honestly after Memorial Day and until Labor Day the Sandcastle DOES draw – but without Fireworks they don’t sell out. This year has been their worst by far – the new “lease to buy” owners have a lot of work ahead of them to make up for bad blood between Surf and local power (CRDA) in the past. With sweeping changes in staff and a struggling (Brand New) promotions department they have a lot of ground to cover, but I am hopeful things will turn around.

Despite atlanticleaguebaseball.com constantly stating that playing field conditions aren’t optimal, I’ve never heard such from home or visiting players. The Stadium itself is very similar to Somerset and Camden, but the concessions area has less of a “mall food court” feel to it, and more like ballparks of olde.

based on ease of access and parking Sandcastle is an excellent place to go. You really can’t match the spirit of Somerset for on field promotions and the smooth way they work them into the game time. Camden was narrowly dug out of bankruptcy by the State a couple of years back, and truthfully I’ve only been there on marquis (fireworks, other main promotions) nights which were never sell outs either. Before the end of the season I will try to make it to Newark, and possibly Lancaster for some more variety.

13. Scott - May 18, 2006

I polled a bunch of players last year as to what their take was on certain topics regarding the league, including stadiums. Here’s what they said:

Click Here

14. Anonymous - May 18, 2006

Been to them all. Several are pretty similar to each other (Newark, Bridgeport, Somerset). I live near AC and have logged hundreds of games there, at least 15 at other ballparks (10 at Lancaster). Here are my rankings:

1. Camden – what a view
2. Somerset – nice
3. Lancaster – why is the sun in my eyes? Nice place though

These three are real nice

4. Long Island – too crowded. Seriously. Nice though. Could do without the Duck calls.

There’s a drop-off from here.

5. Atlantic City – beautiful view, stadium is a little run down
6. Newark – umm, its OK
7. Bridgeport – also OK, but the views behind the stadium could be used as a setting for a Freddy Krueger movie. Why does it always rain here?

And a final note on wonderful Historic Holmann Stadium in Nashua. Horrible place for the players (some little league teams have better clubhouses). But for a fan this place was amazing. Tall pines ringing the outfield and lines. Would be #1 on my list if they were still in the league!

15. AtlanticLeagueBaseball.com - May 19, 2006

The reason that we…or I, at least, keep saying that the playing surface in AC is substandard is because that’s what I keep hearing from players around the league. I heard one story about there being rocks in the outfield. Rocks!

16. Anonymous - May 19, 2006

The Surf are going through some growing pains right now but I think that this will be a “lets’ see what works and what doesn’t” period until after the All-Star break for the new management team. There is still some turmoil; but it’s MUCH better than last year already

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