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April 30, 2006 April 30, 2006

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Mike Lockwood steps into the batters box in the bottom of the 1st.

Hector Almonte came in to face one batter in the 9th.

Patriots Live Updates:

5-3 Surf, Final.

It’s currently 2-1 Surf in the bottom of the 10th after another extra inning home run by Todd Leathers, this time off of Hector Almonte. George Sandel’s RBI double tied it in the bottom of the ninth. AC scored on an RBI groundout by Ozzie Timmons in the first, nothing too spectacular. Jason Shiell and Ryan Schurman are your pitchers for the game.

Bottom 10th

The Patriots have runners on 2nd and 3rd with one out and Ryan Radmanovich up.

Rad is being intentionally walked to load the bases for Travis Anderson.

Anderson, on a 1-2 count, grounded into what looked like a double play ball, but he beat the throw to first, scoring the tying run.

Two outs for Jim Burt, Jr. Runners on the corners. Burt strikes out swinging, way in front of the ball.

2-2 tie going into the 11th.

The Surf have runners on 1st and 2nd in the top of the 11th with two outs. Hector Almonte is still in the game for Somerset.

Todd Leathers is up again.

Almonte got Leathers to ground out to second, thanks to a nice play from George Sandel.

PH Ryan McDermond is leading off for Somerset. The Patriots are now out of position players.

McDermond struck out looking on a pitch from Grezlovski that hit the outside corner.

Sandel is up. He grounds out to second. Two away.

Lockwood is up. Gsell is on deck.

Lockwood popped out to shortstop. The game goes into the top of the 12th tied at two.

The Surf have scored a run in the top of the 13th on an RBI single by David Housel. But the Patriots scored as well, this time on an RBI single by Lockwood. Ryan Radmanovich is now 0-for-6, rough day for him.

AC has just taken the lead in the 15th on a sac fly by Gary Johnson. They now lead 5-3 after another run crossed the plate on a Demetrius Heath steal of home.

It took nearly four hours and 45 minutes, but the Surf have finally beaten the Somerset Patriots, 5-3. The decision to give up the DH by Somerset proved costly, as pitcher Ben Crockett was the second batter in the bottom of the 15th.

Hope everyone enjoyed the updates, don’t expect that all the time.

Cap Stuff: I spoke to two of the league’s general managers, and they both told me that the $3,000 number is more of a guideline than it is a finite number. If a team expects to field a 25 man roster, I’m told, that it would be near impossible to do that with a player making over the $3,000 guideline. Keep in mind both of the teams involved here have roughly the same budget for player salaries.

It seems to all depend on the team’s budget, so a team like the Ducks that has a bigger budget would be able to spend more money to get a deal done, although there appears to be an understanding amongst the GM’s not to go over a certain amount. – Mike Ashmore



1. southpaw - April 30, 2006

thanks for your updates

2. Anonymous - April 30, 2006

I really enjoyed the updates…thanks.

3. Anonymous - May 1, 2006

didnt jim burt jr have the best day of the team as far as hits go? i think he had a double and 2 singles…i dont see any mention of that?

4. Anonymous - May 1, 2006

It’s obvious Mike wasn’t recapping the whole game, just as it was happening. Anyway, Burt did have a good game, so your mention will go noticed.

5. Anonymous - May 1, 2006

Jose Conseco was getting $40K per month with the Bears. His salary was underwritten by other teams in the league. Suspect they won’t do that again.

6. AtlanticLeagueBaseball.com - May 1, 2006

Take out a 0 and you’re closer to the truth…


7. Anonymous - May 1, 2006

the $3000 “cap” may in fact exist, but do folks also realize that MOST players are personally responsible for their own expenses? From $5 a day in clubhouse fees, to housing, meals, transportation……and for guys who are making $1500 a month ($375 a week) this leaves little to nothing left.

THEN – you get those who get “perks” from free equipment (some things you might not even consider such as $150 cleats, $75 bats, designer sunglasses, etc), ‘housing allowances’ (read – free rent), use of vehicles, etc – and the $3000 (or $3500 for those who are ‘special’) becomes pure spending money…..

Like the rest of society, the haves and have nots are FAR divided.

8. Anonymous - May 1, 2006

Jose Canseco also got a percentage of the “gate”-therefore boosting his salary. Also, some clubs pay for housing – others do not. Camden did 2 yrs. ago & discontinued the practice last year. One particular player from Puerto Rico could no longer afford to play in Camden & still send money home so he made the move to Bridgeport where he got a good deal on housing. Such is life here in the U.S.-we recruit these guys from other countries & they barely make a living playing in the Atlantic League. It’s sad, really.

9. Anonymous - May 1, 2006

Talk to ten different people and you’ll get ten different answers on what Canseco did or didn’t get. Who cares, though. He was, let’s face facts here, a bit of a jerk for the way he slammed the league after he left. However much he made, it was too much.

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