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April 29, 2006 April 29, 2006

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Exclusive Audio: Following up on the story that you’ll only find here, this is an audio clip from my conversation last night with Joe Klein. You can listen to my amazement at the fact that the $3,000 salary cap I’d been hearing about for years didn’t exist.

Klein does mention that there are guidelines in place, but there is no cap.

Click here for the clip.

I think that there’s a possibility that the teams have mutually agreed to not break the $3,000 mark in player salaries, and I can’t say I blame some of them for that considering that some teams don’t bring in as much revenue as others, and that can level the playing field. So basically, if there is a cap, it doesn’t seem to be a league mandated one. – MA

Road Warriors Roster: We have been waiting for the Road Warriors roster and here it is:

Alberto Castillo
Kyle Goldwater
Julio Guerrero
Casar Herrera
Miguel Martinez
Jose Mieses
Brian MIller
Greg Modica
Elvin Nina
Melvin Pizarro
Felix Rodriguez
Mike Ziegler

Sandy Aracena
Manuel Mejia
Marcos Sanchez

Derek Barrows
Arsenio Carrion
Mike Huggins
Felix Martinez
Teuris Olivares

Jason Bryan
Sheldon Fulse
Bernie Gonzalez

Also, according to someone in attendance last night in Lancaster, R.W. manager Jeff Scott seems to be taking charge of the pitching coach role. When former Barnstormer Ryan Minor came out to change pitchers, he got a nice ovation.

Interesting Matchup: Keep any eye on the Barnstormers/Road Warriors game tonight (7:05 p.m.) On the mound for Lancaster will be former Somerset Patriots starter Scott Sobkowiak and he’ll be countered with his former backstop Chris Eickhorst, who will be making his first start as a R.W. pitcher. – Scott Stanchak

Be sure to check out yesterday’s Opening Day coverage to find information out about: there is no $3,000 a month max on player salaries, when will the Somerset Patriots see Kevin Nicholson, is Juan Gonzalez coming and a whole lot more. Read Now

Told You So: Rich Elliott of The Connecticut Post reports that P Eddy Ramos has left the team to pitch for Mexico. To replace him, the team signed P Matt Montgomery.

I blame the Bluefish front office for this one. Ramos leaves every year to pitch overseas. If teams would stop signing him, this would stop happening.

Elliott reports that the team also signed 3B Brian Rios, who was a teammate to Tim Raines, Jr. who Elliott mentioned the team was talking to.

Ducks Get Ortiz: Well, it isn’t Big Papi, but a look at the boxscores from last night shows that the team has picked up INF Nick Ortiz, who was slated to play with the Road Warriors this year. – Mike Ashmore



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