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April 26, 2006 April 26, 2006

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Pats Axe Three: Ryan Dunleavy of The Courier News reports that the Somerset Patriots have released pitchers Greg Modica, Chris Zallie and Saul Solveson.

According to Dunleavy, the Road Warriors immediately picked up Modica.

I’m a little surprised by the release of Zallie, as he was the first player the team acquired this off-season. The team had a lot of problems filling the lefty specialist role last year, so I would have thought they would have kept him around.

As for Solveson, Dunleavy writes that he came into camp with a stitched-up forearm thanks to a recent biking accident. You’re not going to make a team if you can’t pitch. Solveson couldn’t pitch. He didn’t make the team.

If my math is right, and you should never count on that, the Patriots are bringing 23 players back to Somerset, and that’s assuming Kevin Nicholson is there in time for Opening Day. 11 of them are pitchers and three of them are catchers.

Somerset Patriots 2006 Roster:


Todd Moser
Keith Ramsey
Nick Bierbrodt
Andy Van Hekken


Adam Larson
Jason Olson
Hector Almonte
Billy Sylvester
Mike Johnson
Jason Shiell
Ben Crockett


Travis Anderson
Fernando Lunar
Ryan McDermond


Larry Barnes
Jeff Nettles
Kevin Nicholson (?)
George Sandel


Pat Boran
Jim Burt, Jr.
Tony Gsell
Mike Lockwood
Ryan Radmanovich

I will never understand why a team keeps three catchers with such limited roster space, that’s definitely something I’m going to have to ask some of the GM’s in this league about.

My guess is Hector Almonte is the first Patriots player to get picked up.

Left field and infield depth is where I see this team having some issues. Tony Gsell has played left in the past, but he’s a natural infielder. Same goes for Boran and Burt, both natural infielders.

With the infield, they have absolutely zero bench there, as long as they’re listing guys like Boran and Burt as outfielders. If Nicholson doesn’t show up, then I’d assume that either Patrick Boran or Gsell gets the nod at short. But I’d be surprised if the Patriots didn’t sign a player or two before the start of the season. Perhaps a trade with a team in another league for a player to be named never.

Interesting Transaction: The AP listed the following transaction today – The Gateway Grizzlies of the Frontier League trade to C/OF Ryan McDermond to Somerset.

I was at open tryouts, and so was he. I didn’t make the team, he did. So I’m not sure whether the Grizzlies somehow held his rights or what, but this seems a little odd to me.

Bluefish Sign Wesson: Rich Elliott of The Connecticut Post, following up on his earlier story, wrote today that the Bluefish have signed former big league OF Barry Wesson.

He also notes that team officials are continuing talks with INF Jose Offerman, however there’s “no definitive word” whether he’ll be joining the team at all.

Cuts Update: I’ve been in touch with the Bears, Ducks and Surf front offices to see what players, if any, have been cut. I’m hoping to hear back from them by tomorrow at the latest. All three teams have gotten a hold of me and told me to expect announcements within 24 hours.

Ducks Roster Update: The always helpful Ducks front office got back to me to let me know that they expect to have their final roster set by tomorrow.

Also, word out of Ducks camp is that Bud Harrelson is comparing Mel Stocker to a young Justin Davies. You might remember that Davies was the last player to make the Ducks in 2000 thanks to Ruben Sierra backing out to instead play in Mexico. Now Stocker makes the club because of Davies retirement.

Third Catcher Update: I exchanged e-mails with one of the league’s general managers, and he told me that his particular team would likely be carrying three catchers under the scenario that the second catcher would see some time at DH and the third could catch in the bullpen.

This actually does make some sense to me, as the team would actually have a player they could use on the roster to catch in the bullpen as opposed to someone who’s just a bullpen catcher.

Indy Team After Clemens: The Brockton Rox of the Can-Am League have offered a contract to P Roger Clemens. They offered him $3,000 to pitch in one game, as well as having an intern carry his bags around and noting that he’d only have to show up on the day of a start. I’m a little surprised an Atlantic League team didn’t do this.

However, the only way he’d ever actually make an appearance for a team is if he were intending on signing with the Astros and wanted to stay in shape before he could officially re-sign with the team. With the smart money being on a return to the Red Sox or the Yankees (hopefully Beantown) it seems more unlikely than it already does that “The Rocket” would be with the Rox.

The Great DVD Debate: So the Ducks do have their DVD on sale at their team store. I’ll be getting a chance to review it in a couple of days, I’m sure it’s pretty awesome. In the meantime, head on over there and pick up a copy of your own.

Ask Ashmore. Seriously.: So, yeah, I wasn’t kidding when I said before that if you ask me a question about the league or the Patriots, it just might make it into the next edition of The Hunterdon County Democrat. Title your e-mail “Ask Ashmore” and fire away with whatever you want to know or want my opinion on. Mashmore@patriotsbaseball.com – Mike Ashmore



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